8 Most Worn Things Tag!

Hello ladies (or gentlemen, although I sorta doubt that), happy Valentine's day to those of you that celebrate it, happy chinese New Year's and καλό καρναβαλικό ξεφάντωμα για όσους θα ντυθείτε!

This is going to be a totally un-festive post: a tag I should have done ages ago (I 'm beyond late at these kind of posts, we all know that, I 'm getting there guys...)!

The beautiful and lovely Michelle @Mup North tagged me for the "8 Most Worn Things" tag and I must say it was really fun taking pictures of something other than makeup for a change! :)

Off we go:

1. Most Worn hair product(s):
Frederic Fekkai Straight Away straightening balm. I never consider straightening my hair after I 've washed it without this product. I have naturally curly/messy/frizzy hair and I think this is the main product that I use, which actually keeps the ends fairly straight even after a few hours of going out in the extremely humid outdoor air (I honestly live inside a cloud some days). Definitely going to repurchase.

2. Most Worn lipstick/lipgloss:
MAC Myth. No surprise here. Great nude for my naturally pigmented lips, and I can use it with a light hand even during winter, when I 'm at my palest and can still get away with it. I love it's finish (satin), and I don't find it really drying (although I use lip balms religiously).

3. Most Worn earrings:
These super simple crystal studs from Accessorize. They 're quite large (about 1cm in diameter) and go with everything, so no styling effort needed!

4. Most Worn shirt/top:
It would have to be this black & white light knit sweater top. I 'm shamefully going to admit that I started looking for one after watching the first GG episode for the millionth time - Serena is to blame! But it's been a lifesaver since, perfect for spring or fall and super easy to wear (with leather jackets, denim waistcoat, scarves, trench coats, etc)!

5. Most Worn nail polish:
Impossible to pick just one. So, for the fingers it's Chanel Lotus Rouge and the infamous Metro Chic and for the toes a mini Shu Uemura, labeled "Beige Gold", and Essie Great Expectations, which surprisingly enough is hideous on my fingers, but amazing on my toes! Go figure!

6. Most Worn shoes:
Ok, so, since I wasn't sure if my silver Chuck Taylor ones would fit in this category, I 'm going to show you my second most worn pairs. The brown flat ankle boots I got this fall and I immediately loved the stud detailing (from Bershka), not to mention they 're super sturdy and can survive a bit (or a lot) of rain. The black suede ones are from Replay, a couple of years back, and I like to refer to them as my "slouchy pirate boots". I love them with skinny jeans (which is what I wear most of the time anyways).

7. Most Worn pefume:
Britney Spears Believe. It's category is floral/oriental, but if you expect me to accurately describe you what it smells like, you 've come to the wrong place. What I can say about it though, is that it's a warm, moderately spicy perfume, that's not very heavy or headache -inducing. I easily wear it from day (with a light spritz) to night, and I think it's ideal in this colder weather!

8. Most Worn handbag/purse:
Huge and expandable (I simply can't do small or medium sized handbags except for night-time), black patent leather that's durable in the rain or for travel, I wear this handbag almost every day. It's really simple in it's design - probably not the bag that you 'd eye on another woman, but it's perfect for me!

And there you have it, those were my 8 most worn things!
I understand that this is quite an old tag, so I 'm not really sure who has done this already.

But, if you haven't and would like to do it, consider yourself tagged! After all, it's really fun learning about non-makeup most-worn items! ;)

Make sure to let me know if you do this in the comment section below, I will definitely check it out (I 'm nosey like that)! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. That chanel red varnish looks gorgeous, id love to see it on next time you wear it if you get chance! xx

  2. I love Myth. It's also nice as a base for other lippies.

  3. I would love to try the britney perfumes, haven't even used a single one...

    I would love to do this tag...I consider myself tagged!! Infact I would love to do many tags now..they are light and fun and relaxing...:)

  4. nice collection you got there!
    where did you get the britney spears perfume from, i cant seem to find it anywhere!

  5. I love this tag too, I did it a long time ago but I kind of want to do it again :) It's fun!

    I love seeing all of your most worn things, I am kind of in love with your style as you probably already know :) Those ankle boots are beautiful and I love that striped top too! The clothes on GG are amazing, Vanessa is my fave I think.

    Happy Valentines Day! xoxoxox

  6. is that bag by kooba? and wow, do you use your nail polish! good for you! i love those short boots..i could imagine myself wearing them every day with leggings :) and those earrings...i used to have a pair like that, which i practically slept in. they really go with everything, so why even take them off?!


  7. That's a fun tag!
    I've only bought one Fekkai product which is the glossing cream. It's not bad but I'm not keen on the smell...I heard they have some great products though!
    I love MAC Myth too and I always have crystal studs on when I'm not out :)
    I also love striped shirts. The whole sailor look is really flattering and easy to wear.
    I carry large bags around too - I always carry so much in my handbag!

  8. @Tabitha Sheridan: Thank you dear! Post coming up very soon! ;) xoxoxo

    @legseleven7: Definitely, a great nude! :) And, agreed, you can layer it with lots of lipsticks and lipglosses! ;) xxxx

    @resham: I 've tried Fantasy and Curious and I hated them both. Believe was the only one that I couldn't stop sniffing, lol! It's also considered the more "mature" one of her perfumes...
    By all means, do the tag! They 're so fun and easy to make or read! ;) xxxx

    @fashion written with a lipstick: Thanks girl!
    The perfume I got on ebay, like you I couldn't find it anywhere... Hope you 're lucky though. Britney's perfumes are by Elizabeth Arden, so perhaps you could check that too..? Filia! xxx

  9. @ellamarie84: Oh, good, ok, cos I was thinking of tagging ppl and you were one of them, but didn't have enough time to check who had done it! But, feel free to do it, I know I 'd read it! ;)
    Lol, thanx honey, and the feelings are mutual, you know! ;)
    Ah, GG, love all of the looks, even the ones that aren't to my taste (Blair)! Jenny's style has improved SO much on season 3...can't wait for the next episodes...! ;)
    Mwah! xxxx

    @fantastic: Hehe, yes, the bag is kooba, love a girl with ID skills, lol! ;)
    The nail polish thing... I have a LOT of nail polish, so, I tryyy to wear my older shades too.. I usually buy one, wear it once and store it! Lol!
    The boots have been a wise buy this fall, a great alternative to the classic longer boots that you tuck your jeans into! ;)
    Btw, you neeed to take off the earrings, they 'd squish your earlobes during sleep, wouldn't they? Haha!

    @Karen: I 'm using the glossing cream at the moment too, quite on the fence about it, can't seem to make up my mind...the smell is ok, but I 'm not convinced it actually works, especially for that price...
    By the way, sounds like you have great taste there (not that it's any news to me)! ;) Hehe! I 'm thinking that your casual style is probably quite close to mine!
    And who doesn't need an extra large handbag? I just don't get it...! :)

  10. Hello again! Since you mentioned that the non-makeup pictures was fun AND of course, I love your blog I wanted to let you know that I tagged you :)

  11. Hi miss!
    Lovely post! I never tried Myth befor... (shame on me!!) But every time I see someone rave about it, i really want it!!
    I think I might do a most worn post! They're fun to read :)

    ♥ Feline

  12. love your post!! So much fun reading this - it lets you know a little bit more about that person ;)

    Love the earrings! I have to go look for them!
    Where did you get the striped sweater? I love it :) You should do a OOTD with it :)

    Hope you're doing good sweetie!


  13. Same. I didn't like clogs at Chanel at first-go and now I'm obsessed! LOL.. sometimes its love at 3rd sight! ;)

    I want to try that MAC nude lippy. Really pretty. And agree about: those earrings. Classic!


  14. Oh my gosh, I LOVE this tag. Seems fun. I think I might have to do this one! I bought Mac Myth too because I wanted to do a nude lip and it was recommended, but unfortunately it just makes me look dead. Some people can pull off a nude lip, and I am not one of those people. :D

  15. I did have some fekkai hair gel but my brother stole it off me before I got to try it out :(

    lots of love,

  16. @Karen: You 're so sweet Karen love and thank you for tagging me! However I have no photos of me as a child where I am (at my school town place), everything's neatly placed in albums at my parents'!!! Will definitely try to make this tag post at some point though, it sounds like fun! Thanx! xxxx

    @FELINE.: Hey hey girlie! Yes Myth is a pretty basic nude, however it can give the nasty concealer lips effect if used excessively or if say, you have very pale lips to begin with!
    Please make a most worn post, I 'd love to read it! xoxo

    @Michélle: Lol, well, glad you liked it then! ;)
    The earrings are from those basic silver collections that Accessorize carry, dunno if they have them still, but they should probably carry something very similar!
    The striped top is from a store called S.Oliver, I don't think they have these anywhere else... Sorry I 'm not much help there!
    Funny that you 've mentioned the OOTD, cos I have a photo of me wearing it around somewhere....! :)

    @Fashion Chalet: Haha, yes, or even...fourth sight! Lol! It's gonna be hard finding a pair that's not too... folklore looking, but I 'm determined! :)
    And happy you liked my post, nude lips and crystal studs are staple items! :) Mwah! xxx

  17. @Girl With The Golden Touch: Thanx sweetie! xxx

    @Asami: It's one of the most entertaining tags I think, and surprisingly easy to make!
    Regarding Myth, perhaps you can use it with a very light hand? Or paired with another lipstick, that's more intense, in order to tone it down? Hope you can make it work! xxxx

    @Katie Hayward: Boo, we need the brother to give it back! Lol! Or even better buy you a new one! :) xxx

  18. Thanks for the advice! I tried what you said and put it on light paired with something else, (a tinted Buxom Lip Balm on top,) and that really made it more wearable for me. :)

  19. @Asami: Glad that you could make it work dear! :)
    It's a waste when we have products that we don't like and never use, we should all be more inventive (that said, I know I 'm totally not, but anyways, lol)! :) xxxx

  20. Love this tag, I really need to try more Fekkai products and Those nail polish colors are classics - I can see why you couldnt pick just one (I wouldn't be able to either)

    I need to rediscover my ankle boots - yours look so wearable, I think I need something similar!

  21. @ladyb: Well, I find that the simplest shades/designs are the easiest to wear/pick when in a hurry...!
    I should probably start making more of an effort though...! :)

  22. i am utterly obsessed with metro chic nail polish!!!

  23. @As Young As You Feel: It's turning out to be quite a classic shade! :) xx

  24. hello to every one - hope yous had a good xmas - pity we didnt get snow was all prepared wi sledges kids loving it any ways , all the best for new year -
    micky buely


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