MAC Warm&Cozy and Love Lace haul and EOTD/N

Oh, yes, much belated Warm&Cozy and Love Lace haul, I know, but blame my MAC counter that only brought these in last week!

This is mainly why I don't do these MAC "new collections" haul type posts - here in Greece we always get everything light years after the rest of the world (not to mention in almost double the price, but that's another story) and I 'm sure that for most of you that are already shopping the most recent collections, my slightly outdated MAC hauls can be a bit boring...!

Nevertheless, this is what I purchased from those two collections:

Now, except from Raven kohl power pencil, none of the rest had caught my eye when I first learned about their release - I didn't take as much as a second look at the Love Lace eyeshadows, and I thought that the Warm&Cozy ones looked very dupable.
But as I kept looking at swatches and blog posts, I did a total 180.

(swatches from l to r: Hypnotising e/s, Raven kohl power pencil, Fascinating eye kohl)

Hypnotising eyeshadow is a mauve/grey shade, and I can see wearing this a lot. To me, it was by far the prettiest of the Love Lace eyeshadows and since I 'm trying to start a taupe/grey/mauve palette, this one would fit in nicely!
Raven kohl power pencil. Gorgeous dark burgundy shade, this is the only one that didn't fail me when I swatched it (call me "Sense of Style"). The shimmer in it is very fine and doesn't stand out. I believe this is an older repromote (Starflash maybe?), but in any case, this is one that should be permanent.
Fascinating eye kohl. Now you 'll laugh because I didn't know that this was part of the Love Lace collection up until I walked in the store. I was just looking for a white pencil for my waterline and this one does the trick - easy to apply, makes my eyes look awake in 2 seconds.

(swatches from l to r: Chamomile, Model
ette, Mulled Cider, Embark)

Well, it's true that I 'm not new to the neutral shades, in fact most of my collection consists of neutrals.
But that's also what I go for 90% of the time anyways, so I figured that these ones (unlike other LE eyeshadows) would get a lot of use from me. I also don't own any matte or satin neutrals, so this was the perfect excuse!
And to be quite honest, this could easily become my go-to quad, it's great for daytime looks, as well as the more dramatic ones...

And voila - my simple daytime look:

(Modelette all over the lid, Mulled Cider in the crease, Chamomile as inner corner and brow highlighter, Fascinating on waterline)

...and some added drama for a night out:

(Modelette and Mulled Cider blended on inner 3rd, Mulled Cider on rest of the lid and lower lashline, Embark on outer v and crease, as well as upper lashline, Chamomile on browbone)

Now, I 'll probably remain in hiding for the next 6 months or so, lol!

So, do let me know, did you shop from these collections, and what?
And what are your favourite looks with those items? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. WOAH! FAntastic eye with the warm and cosy haul. So smokey yet so brown! Love it!!!!!!

    I depotted the 3 i got and put them in a much easier that way.

    Also love that sparkly shadow.. i must pay more attention next time collections come out. I skipped Love Lace. Maybe because it interfered with my 'bronze tan gddess' thing im trying to achieve right now! lol

    And no missy no hiding for 6 months! Post again and SOON!!


  2. you look fantastic as always!! x

  3. Um hello beautiful girl! You need to show your face more because you're gorgeous :) Love that fascinating kohl on you!

    And those shadows look gorgeous. I haven't bought anything myself from mac collections in so long, sorry I'm not helpful in that regard! That hypnotising shadow really looks gorg! and the raven pencil is such a unique color!


  4. Gorgeous! That's a lovely look you created. I only bought Raven from Love Lace but want Hynotizing now. I hopefully should be able to get it from mail order when I order my Lilyland blushes tomorrow.

    I bought a couple of shadesticks and By Candlelight MSF from Warm & Cozy I'm sure there was other stuff I bought, butI can't remember now!

  5. I love your haul! I'd love to get Raven pencil too but I kept debating with myself about that one. I have both Modelette & Mulled Cider, but you make me want to get Chamomile & Embark now after making them into a quad! Gorgeous looks, I agree these colours are great for every day! ♥

  6. Every thing is cool..look is lovely..but thing that I noticed and kept looking was your skin....
    FLAWLESS...u are blessed with such a lovely skin.

  7. At least you get MAC products :) We don't even get that :/

  8. Fantastic haul & your FOTD is gorgeous!!! I absolutely love colors like this! More posts please! =) xx

  9. Fantastic haul.LOVE the colours!!And you look gorgeous!

  10. LOVED your daytime- and nighttime look! You look gorgeous :)

    I live in Norway so these collections come out at the same time in Greece, so I do not mind reading your haul :)
    Speaking of.... you live in Greece!??? I had no idea! lol
    Are you Greek too or just living there?


  11. Love the makeup you created with these shades! Looks very pretty! I love Hypnotizing and Raven as well, very much! :-)

  12. Lovely post - glad you did a little haul post ;o) x

  13. Lovely post - glad you did a little haul post ;o) x

  14. It's nice that someone other than me is still enjoying the Warm&Cozy collection!!

    Also, I tagged you with the Beautiful Blogger Award!

  15. Gorgeous looks. The second smokier one is my favourite, you have beautiful eyes xx

  16. You look great, you have nothing to worry about!Get silly with the camera, I love your looks, you should present more! I'm so sad that I missed all the latest collections from Mac but I can't afford to buy make up right now, especially Mac! I have so many anyway!
    I'll be a bit late with the Ski Post, it's been hectic around here, did you go yet?

  17. both eyes are so cute! i love them.

  18. I love your day and night version on the eye quad! I bought Modelette and Mulled Cider from the collection and from previous I had Embark. I love Embark. Modelette and Cider aren't unique but I still bought them since staple matte browns are always good to have :)
    And I've been thinking about MAC Fascinating. I'm so use to lining my eyes in black or dark brown. I keep hearing it works wonders to brighten the eye so I might have to give it a try!

  19. @Tali: Haha, yes, I DO have a thing for smokey brown eye looks, you might have noticed...! ;)
    The depotting thind makes it so much easier and keeps things organised for my mildly ocd self...! Lol!
    The "bronzed tan goddess" look will be definitely my look for summer, it's imspossible to get into spring mode atm, but at least I 'll have sth to look forward to! ;)

    @Cat: Thank you so much! I just wish I could do such amazing looks like yours...! xx

    @ellamarie84: Aww, you 're super sweet, thank you!!! Although, trust me, I hate all my photos, even on a good day! Lol!
    Fascinating is becoming sth like an obsession, I 've been wearing it constantly...
    But I know how you feel, we all need some... "detox" every once in a while! ;) xoxo

    @VexintheCity: Thank you honey! Yes, By Candlelight looks amazing, it looked lovely, but then again I have Blonde and Redhead msf sitting unloved on a shelf somewhere...
    They 've been really coming out with TONS of stuff lately, it's not easy sorting which looks good and which doesn't... if only they could just release...LESS!!! ;)
    Did you get Hypnotising? I think it would be very pretty on you! xxx

  20. @Princesa Livia: From what I can tell, I think you 'd really like Raven, it might look subtle, especially on a very dark look, but it's a gorgeous colour!!!
    The quad thing... yeah... I kinda have a habit of turning LE shadow collections into quads...kinda ridiculous, means I just can't choose! Lol! But this is definitely the most wearable quad I 've put together, so, no regrets! ;) xoxo

    @resham: You are extremely extremely sweet for saying that, but I fear it's not the case... the breakouts are there, as are the dry patches... wish I did have flawless skin though...! <333 xoxo

    @Parisky: Oh no! :( Bummer! So, I 'd guess the only option is ebay huh? There are a couple of websites that sell authentic MAC, however they only have permanent items... hope you do get a MAC soon, I know how it is, I don't have NARS here! xxx

    @CocoBella: Awww, thank you so much hun, glad you liked my post! And... I will do my best! ;) xoxo

  21. @lovelyviolet5: Thank you for that sweet comment dear! :) xxx

    @Michélle: Love palettes that you can use all around the clock, makes traveling/carrying with you so much easier, although I still suck at packing!
    Cool that I 'm not the last one to get these collections, guess that we can start "round two" of the MAC LE haul posts with each release!
    And yep, I 'm greek, born and raised, lol! xxx

    @Blusherine: Aw, thank you! Happy that you liked it! :) xx

    @fordgredial: Yep! ;) Guess a little bit of motivation was what was needed, huh? Hope you are well hun! xxx

  22. @Kajal Couture: Oh yes, enjoying it and... wearing it every day cos it's made my life so much easier...! Lol!
    Thank you for the award tag, although I think I 've received it already...(aka I don't really know what else to write about myself)! But thank you, you 're really sweet! :) xoxo

    @Tabitha Sheridan: Love the smokey one too (surprise surprise), only problem is, I don't get to wear it that often! I 'm sure that this look would look beautiful on your eyes as well! ;)

    @Marietta: Ax Mariettaki, the camera shyness is a remain from years of hating! Slowly trying to fix that though! ;)
    I know what you 're saying about MAC and I should probably become more aware of my spending habits as well... or I 'm heading to broke-ville! Lol!
    No chance to go skiing yet, exetastiki is killing me!
    Hope you 're better though! Filia! xxx

    @Viva La Fashion: Thank you so much ! xx

  23. @Karen: Yes, agreed, these shadows definitely lack the wow factor, but they 're really nice, basic and extremely easy to wear!
    Fascinating I just love, can't rave enough about it, but if you 're used to the darker shades, perhaps you should try a flesh-toned liner first...? Just a suggestion, since I know many people find the white too intense! xxxx

    @Froso: Thank you! x

  24. Great job! It looks perfect!


  25. that's such a pretty look! i just wish i could have bought something from this collection! :)

  26. Great colors!! The brown smokey eye looks amazing on you :)

  27. I was at a mac counter the other day I was having a battle with myself, to shop or not to shop!Now I need two of these eyeshadows soooo much, Camomille and Mulled Cider, they're both mattes aren't they? I love both of your looks!Enjoy them dear!


  28. They are really nice and i like the looks u created using them,i totally understand the "mac" matter here in Greece..I am way behind with all the collections at the moment and i wont be getting nothing at all,i have to use everything i already have so...keep on posting abouth them even with a little delay,i will def be surprised to read the posts :))

  29. I think this is the nicest Warm and Cosy look that I've seen :) I only picked up the lip conditioners but you've got me thinking the eye sh
    adows look gorgeous now!

    Post pics of your new ring! Will try to do a MK post today.


  30. I love MAC make up but it's so expensive in Europe...

    great blog!

  31. @O'Style: Thank you dear, you 're always so supportive! Mwah! xxxx

    @Melly: Thank you Melly! And don't worry, they 're probably going to repromote half this stuff within a year! Or perhaps you can try a cco if you 're near one? xxx

    @Sparkles84: Thanx sweetie! Just wore it tonight, slightly altered, it 's a great look for a night with the bf, lol! :) xoxo

    @Katie: Eyxaristw kopela mou! And sorry for adding to your wishlist, lol!
    Actually both of these are Satin finishes, but they don't really behave much differently than mattes, except maybe they 're easier to work with, and still don't look frosty! ;) Have fun shopping! xxxx

  32. @Krystallia: Ah, you 're being wise, and I should probably follow your lead as well, I have enough shadows, blushes and lip products to last me until my mid thirties lol! At least I 've...toned down the makeup spendind this year, which a positive step! I 'll try to make these short MAC haul posts every once in a while, don't expect a lot, cos apart from Spring Colour Forecast nth has caught my attention! Filia koukla mou! xxx

    @LionLovingTiger: Awww, that comment put a smile on my face, you 're so sweet! :))) The shadows are so easy to wear, I 've been wearing them non stop since!
    I 'm a bit behind on posts lately, both in the reading and the writing departments, but will catch up with yours soon!
    And I 'm going to make a fashion/accessories haul post at some point! ;) xoxoxo

    @Brandy Shaloo: Oh, yes, that, along with the fact that we 're almost 2 to 3 weeks behind each time is so annoying...! They come in late and we have to pay more for it, twisted logic, lol!
    Glad you like my blog! :) xx


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