OPI Alice in Wonderland pt. 1: Mad as a Hatter

Time for a nail post! And a glittery one at that! :)

So, I 'm sure that by now, almost everyone reading this is already familiar with the OPI "Alice in Wonderland" collection. The collection consists of 4 nail polishes, two reds and two glitters!
Now, I can't really say that the reds did anything for me... but the glitters most certainly did! :)

This is "Mad as a Hatter", the one I knew I had to have ever since I saw the promo pics:

The easiest way to describe "Mad as a Hatter" is that it's multi-coloured glitter in a bottle. Think of purple, silver, green, yellow, aqua and orange glitter, as well as quite refined micro-glitter in a clear base and you 've got "Mad as a Hatter". The glitter is quite fine, definitely not chunky and fairly dense, so, it's more than an average glittery top coat.
If I look at this from a distance during the day, I see more of the purple in it, and more of the silver during the night - this is because there's more purple and silver glitter than any other colour.

Two coats (as the photo above) were decent, but I felt inclined to add another one:

As you can see, there's a lot more depth when the third coat is applied, not to mention that the coverage is full.

But, I wasn't quite done playing with it, I really wanted to try it as a top coat!

So, here it is over Sally Hansen's "Alchemy"...

...and, probably my favorite (second to the 3 coat application), over a plain black creme (mine is the cheapo type, but it's quite a good nail polish - Greek ladies, Rilken is not that crappy a brand.)

Come to think of it, this is not a nail polish for everyone, if you 're looking for a work-appropriate shade or if you hate glitter, then "Mad as a Hatter" is obviously not for you.
But, if you don't mind a nail polish that constantly sings "d-i-s-c-o" to you (I mean, it does, really), then you might want to look into it further...!

Post to be continued with pt. 2 (i.e. the blue glitter one) in the future.

So, have you tried this shade yet? Any cool ways of wearing it? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Pretty, I like it :)

  2. Just gorgeous. Love dark dramatic nails :) xx
    milly xx

  3. It is amazing! I am very tempted to go out and buy it. I love it over the black polish especially I think :)

  4. Ugh I cant get it here as its always sold out but my nail salon dude (who if you ask me is a bit illegal but never mind) said hell get one for me! Love the look of it and the fact its alice in wonderland themed. so pathetic but i love names..if the name is cool I want it!!

  5. Love it!! Especially over the black creme polish! I keep checking my Ulta but they still don't have it :( Great post xx

  6. Great colour, it really pops over the purple shade! I ♥ glitter!

  7. Such a gorgeous colour but I hate removing glittery polish, it's always such a chore! I think this one could be worth it though! xx

  8. You make me wanna glitter up my nails now ;) ahhh why didn't I see this post before ordering all my matte polishes?

    Ps. I want to see your Parka!!


  9. I LOVE this over black, I don't have it I don't know why I didn't bought this because I really belive this shade will be hard to find in some years!You bought this online???

  10. I haven't tried it out but it looks so pretty. Reminds me of a starry night for some reason :) And Alice in Wonderland is such a cool movie I would want it just to say I have something from that theme (as silly as it sounds!)

  11. "Mad as Hatter" is on my wishlist as well, I am just afraid that it would be too much for the people in my office (mostly guys...) :-) Maybe I could wear it on the weekends! :-)

  12. I really like it, it's on my list for when i finally get some money!

  13. @TalluluhBella: We 've got quite the similar taste in nail polish, huh? :))) xoxo

    @Milly: ;) Yep! And this can be quite dark and dramatic, as well as very 70's disco-glittery, depending on whether you wear it layered or on its own! :) xx

    @ellamarie84: Shopping twins for the win, haha! :) Yes dear, I 'm afraid you might need this!!! Now I can't help but think what accessories you 'd wear it with! ;) xxxx

    @Tali: Gotta love those connections of yours! Lol! :DDD But omg, it's gorgeous, no wonder it's sold out!
    I 'm kinda developing a thing for names too... nasty habit that one! :)
    Do let me know when you get it! ;) xoxo

  14. @CocoBella: I 've had to pick mine on ebay since my Sephora never brings the new collections!!! Hope you can get yours soon, so you can play with it! xxxx

    @Gaby: Hehe, I see we have another glitter nail fan, huh? ;) Gotta love those glitters! :) xx

    @Stefanie: This is definitely a must for a glitter nail polish lover! :) And I love that you can layer it over those dark shades - it totally makes them stand out, not to mention you can go from day to night with just one coat of it! xxx

    @Jo: Yes, I 'm afraid that this is always the case... when layered though, it wasn't that bad, but it was a pain to remove when I applied it on its own...
    But... no pain.. no gain (or no sparkle in this case)! :) xoxo

  15. @O'Style: Haha, most certainly! :) xoxo

    @Fashion Chalet: Lol, but matte is quite the nail trend atm! ;) Have yet to go matte though...
    I just want sparkly nails for when Alice in Wonderland comes out! :)
    The parka has yet to arrive... I want it to come faaaast! ;) It will make a cameo appearance at some point! :)

    @Katie: Did you get anything else from this collection?
    Yeah, online is the way to go for me when it comes to nail polish, my Sephora's most recent collection is.. the French collection I think! Hope you can hunt it down! ;) xxxx

    @Karen: And sth that links to Johnny Depp perhaps? Lol! :) But yeah, I get what you mean, I imagine having "Absolutely Alice" on my nails when I go to watch the movie... you can tell I 'm weiiiird, right? Lol! :) xoxo

  16. @Blusherine: Well men make fun of everything, even stuff they like, it's their DNA! If your work environment/field allows you to be more creative/artistic, then I say go for it! Otherwise, you can certainly wear it on a weekend night out! ;) xxx

    @Lillian Funny Face: It's lovely, chances are you won't regret it. Oh, and maybe you can check on ebay, you can get great deals on OPI most of the time! xx

  17. love the polish, love the disco :)

  18. @Bonnie Blue: Hehe, can't say that I can argue with that! ;) xx

  19. Rilken is still out there somewhere :o ? Great!
    (They had the most amazing yellow and a matte purple - I've been searching for something similiar for years... over a decade, I think!)

    Could you please tell me in which Greek stores/store-chains I could buy Rilken?
    Thanks :) .

  20. @Ana: As much as I 'd love to be able to say Hondos Center, they don't carry it anymore and to be honest, I 'm not sure if Rilken are still producing cosmetics at the moment...
    My bottle is from a few years ago, so I fear I can't be of much help on this one, sorry! :) xx

  21. Aw, too bad, thanks anyway =] !

  22. @Ana: You 're welcome, I just wish I could help you more...! xx


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