Shoes & Accessories haul!

How are you my lovely readers?
Hope you 've had a great Monday (or having one so far)! :)

So, time to make a little fashion related post and share with you my most recent shoes and accessories purchases (and by that I mean over the last couple of months) for the upcoming spring/summer season!

First of all, the bag:

This is actually an ebay purchase, and I was lucky to find it, as I 've been looking for a beige/grey bag in quite a long time.
It's a Claudia Canova hobo bag, and even though I 'm not really a big fan of this brand (especially judging from the ones I 've seen on ASOS), the simple design of this one caught my eye immediately.
It's a very large hobo bag, roomy enough to hold all my usual crap, only a lot more! The colour is a lovely, light, warm-toned grey if that makes any sense, the type that will compliment any summery outfit! The bracelet detail is really nicely done as well (in fact 2 of them could easily be actual bangles), but it kind of makes the bag look a bit too much like a Jimmy Choo Saba wannabe in my eyes! If only it didn't have the little "Claudia heart Canova" tag, it would have been so much cuter!

The shoes:

Pair no. 1: Sky high platform peep toe heels, in royal blue, by Bershka. And I mean a good 5 inches here, so that probably makes them the highest pair I own! I plan to wear these with drop crotch trousers and shorts, well, I do have to get used to their...height first!

Pair no.2: Simple black gladiator wedges. Absolutely nothing remarkable here, just an everyday summer shoe with a bit of a heel (I only have flat sandals or very tall strappy night time appropriate ones, so this is a pair that will come in handy).

Pair no.3: Or the find of the year as I 'd love to call them. They 're the ribbon tie sandals from Miss Sixty that the lovely Tali @ The Gloss Goss blogged about a little while back. There's actually a funny story about them: when they first came out (3 years ago if I 'm not mistaken) I hated them. A friend of mine had bought them, but I just didn't see the appeal! By the time they started to grow on me, they were already off the stores, making ebay my only option, but noone seemed to be selling them in my size! When I managed to find them in my size and brand new, I could not let them get away! Score!

And, lastly the new jewellery additions (all from ASOS):

The fishbone necklace was a completely spontaneous buy, but I thought it would make a pretty summer necklace! Fishbones are also considered to be good -luck charms, so, that's always a plus!
Now, about the little bracelet set, the Hills are to blame! And namely Kristin Cavallari, as she wears a very similar set of bracelets on her wrist in almost all of her casual outfits on the show! I initially thought of building a similar set piece by piece, but ASOS helped me out and saved me some time and effort!
The wing ring is just gorgeous, not much to say about it, except that it was one of those "love at first sight" type things! I love it and wear it often during the day as well!

I think I got everything most areas covered now!

What about you? What shoes or accessories will you be getting this spring/summer?
And do you usually plan your purchases ahead or just decide in the store? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. OMG girl you have impeccable taste, wish we could be shopping buddies...but then we would be in SERIOUS financial trouble, haha! I am dying over those royal blue peeptoes! And those ribbon shoes and the gladiator wedges...I really want a pair, they look so versatile! Also obsessed with the bag and the bracelets. I admit to loving the Hills girls' fashion sense as well...but not their 'acting', haha! Lovely finds! xoxox

  2. I always enjoy your haul posts! I love all the jewlerry you bought, especially the braclets- Accesorize are usually good for odd pretty ones like that but you probably got a much better price deal on asos with your set :)

  3. Great shoes!! Now you're all set for a fabulous Spring :)

  4. the blue pumps are amaazing! I've been seeing alot of blue pumps lately..very pretty! I might take a look in bershka today ;)

  5. Love the blue have a great blog!! I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links and follow each other...

    Here's my blog:

    Please do lemme know.


  6. Oooo I LOVE the royal blue pumps! The handbag and your wing ring are also so pretty.
    I started buying peep toe platforms this winter and I'm just waiting for the weather to warm up so I can wear them :) I'll be sticking to sandals and peep toe platforms for near future shoe purchases. For accessories I love anything with cubic zirconias in them and anything cute I guess LOL.
    No I don't usually plan my purchases a head of time. I always end up finding things I like when I'm just browsing stores.

  7. @ellamarie84: Oh, you know I 'd love that too!!! Although, in all fairness, the bank account suffers enough as is, lol! :D
    Lol, sounds like you need some more shopping huh? Namely high heel shopping...?! ;)
    The Hills chicks look so polished, love most of their casual looks!!! Well, ok, maybe minus the "high class call girl" thing that Heidi has going on...! Hahaha!

    @Gemma: Thank you love, I 'm glad you like these posts! :)
    You 're right, Accessorize was my first thought as well, but ASOS saved me from checking it out!
    Haven't been in Accessorize in forever by the way, have no idea what new stuff they 've brought out! xxxx

    @Michélle: Thank you dear! :) And, yes, I surely hope so! Lol!

    @FELINE.: That shade of blue is amazing, definitely breaks the too much black- or grey-ness going on (and I know we both love blacks and greys, lol)! xoxo

  8. @fashion written with a lipstick: Thank you hunni! Now just gotta remember to take them out of the closet come summer! Lol! :)
    Filia! xxx

    @RoseBarbie: Thanks, glad you like my posts!

    @SKETCH WEAR: Thanks Sketch Wear!

    @KarenM: Lol, I had to blog about them, even for their height!!!
    And yes, no more boots or closed heels from now on!!! ;) Although technically I do need a good pair of soft ballet flats, mine are hard and kill my feet!
    Cubic zirconias sound so pretty!
    Bet you can tell, that I 'm quite the opposite in the shopping department, I rarely grab sth if I see&like it, it's all planning for me (and still I spend tooooo much)! :) xoxoxo

  9. Den exw logia gia ta mple papoutsia! A, kai to :Mad as a hatter: ths OPI einai apla teleio, to exw k egw! Filia!

  10. AMAZING SHOES! I love the blue ones but they do look like they will hurt after a few hours!

    You are like me when i first saw the miss sixty ones i thought they were so tacky and then i got them! lol

    LOVE everything you got!! Great accessorize choices!!!!


  11. Ohh those are some seriously NICE shoes! And I love the little bracelets too, can never have too many of these :)

  12. Great haul! Love all the shoes <3

  13. LOVE the shoes

  14. Love the navy blue shoes! Navy is my fave colour. I'm a new follower, could you follow me back? :)


  15. i'm in love with the royal blue peep toe! looks amazing!

  16. The black sandals are beautiful!


  17. your pieces are so beautiful :) i love them, very unique :)

    drey jewelry.

  18. @Froso: S'eyxaristw kopela mou! Exeis poly wraio gousto, hehe! :))) xoxo

    @Tali: Lol, love that you like and support my shoe posts, haha! :)
    Yeah, the blue peep toes are sky high, but I love that they have the platform, so they shouldn't be that bad! I have no real arch though anymore, I should wear heels more often!
    How funny that you felt the same way about the Miss Sixty's..! Well, our style has evolved clearly, lol!
    Thanks so much for the wonderful comment hunni! xxx

    @Bubu: Many thanks for stopping by and commenting dear! xx

    @Sarah: Thanks hun, glad you liked this post!
    Funny you mentioned that about the bracelets, I 've been looking into VERY similar sets recently, I 'm hooked!!! :0 Lol! xoxo

  19. @Schnella: Thank you dear! :) xx

    @Maria Es: Many thanks! xxx

    @jade': Any shade of blue is usually great to compliment any outfit, like as an accessory or jewellery etc! xx

    @Mairyliscious: Lol, mia voltitsa sta Berska tha sas peisei! Elpizw na ta exoun akoma!
    Pantws kai ta pio... "dressy" mple peep toes sou einai exisou teleia! xoxoxo

  20. @priincess: We 're in love with the, haha! Thank you dear! xxx

    @O'Style: Thank you sweetie, they 'd be great for night time! ;) xxxx

    @audrey: Many thanks for the sweet comment dear! xxx

  21. I absolutely love those blue shoes!!! So pretty!

    Anyways, visit my blog too if you want :)


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