Yet Another Overdue LE MAC Haul...!

Well, the title does give you an idea of what this post is about, right? :)

Yep, another collective LE MAC haul!
Now, I totally understand that this is somewhat unfair to you, talking about items that are well sold out by now, but with MAC being slow in my country and me being even slower to blog (full responsibility taken), well, let's just say that these "limited edition" hauls are doomed beforehand anyways! :)

Ok now, on to the actual items!

As you can see we're talking about the...mid-spring collections: Too Fabulous, Art Supplies and Liberty of London. Let's have a closer look!

MAC Too Fabulous. So, ok, I have to admit that the first thing that lured me into this collection was the mouthwatering promo image. MAC makeup and scones and ice-cream? Hello, I 'm sold! :)
Upon closer inspection, I realised that only a few items would work for me (don't get me wrong, I loved all of the mineralize blush duo's, but I believe that most of them would be a miss on my skintone):

- Buddy Up blush duo. The swatches show the mauvey side, the brighter pink side and the two mixed (from left to right). As you can see this one is a bit deceptive: it looks more like a plum, but it's a wonderful warm mauvey rose, that would work on most skintones! It's devilishly pigmented, so a light hand is necessary. One of the best rosey-toned blushes I own, hands down.

- In Synch liner. Great addition to any pale/cool-toned pink lipstick lover's collection (swatch on the bottom). Now, I usually don't wear such shades, but in the case I do, a MAC lipliner that matches them will always be handy.

- Naked liner. Holy Grail material for a nude lipstick afficionado like me! A true nude lipliner (and as much as I adore Subculture, this one matches the likes of Myth and Creme d' Nude much better). Enough said!

MAC Art Supplies. One collection (Prep 4 Colour was the other) that was never distributed to all of the MAC stores and counters in my country (MAC/Estee Lauder Hellas can perhaps explain why you decide that some are luckier than others?). Thankfully, I didn't have to swatch these in-store, I knew almost immediately what I wanted when I saw the swatches on Spektra:

- Undercurrent pearlglide intense eyeliner. Gorgeous irridescent mermaid shade with subtle green and gold sparkles. This would give a perfect accent to a nighttime look and it's in the pearlglide family, meaning it won't budge!

- Black line pearlglide intense eyeliner. Difficult shade to describe, it's more of a blackened olive green with gold sparkles. Perfect when you want to add some drama, but perhaps black is way too harsh.

Both of these are beautiful products (I 'm a huge fan of the pearlglides), smooth, creamy and extremely long-lasting. Of course, they're not designed for waterline use, so that would be ideally avoided.

And finally, MAC Liberty of London. Regarding the packaging: love that it's not the usual black, love the white and the flowers, but the black&white designs and the coloured birds were all a bit too much in my opinion. At least they're interesting enough to look at, lol!
So, the products I chose were planned and spontaneous in equal amounts:

- Shell Pearl Beauty Powder. Actually I went back for this one, after seeing how pretty it looked on other beauty blogs. Realistically I could have done without it. It's a very light peachy pink highlighter, quite finely milled, I 'd give it that, but nothing groundbreaking. Sadly, I do have pores on a wide area on my cheeks, so this doesn't work as a blush for me, as it accentuates them. It's a pretty highlighter, reflects light in a subtle way, but kinda left me unsatisfied overall.

- Bough Grey eyeshadow (swatch on the far right on my hand). Not much to say here, it's a greenish grey shade with silver sparkles, with less than remarkable pigmentation. However, I 'm building a blue/green palette and I 'm thinking it would be a nice buildable eyeshadow for creasework.

- Birds & Berries eyeshadow. A beautiful teal blue with great colour payoff, this is exactly what I needed for my blue/green palette! Now, MAC should just make this permanent imo, seeing as they lack an eyeshadow in a shade&finish such as this one!

- Ever Hip lipstick. This is the spontaneous buy. It looked pretty in the stand, it was a Cremesheen, what more could I ask for? Ever Hip is one of the hits of this collection, it's a rather discreet pinky coral and in my eyes the most perfect option if you want to wear something more summery, but don't want to go too bold! Come to think of it, I should have bought a back-up!

Now, it took me a while before I realised it, but Ever Hip seemed all too familiar. After a bit of some... cupboard research, I found the cause of the deja-vu:

Yep, Pink Lemonade lipglass, permanent collection. It's basically the lipgloss version of Ever Hip (or the other way round really), I mean, they 're identical. The lip swatch shows these two combined, match made...well, not in heaven, but rather in the MAC laboratories! :)

If you made it this far, then what can I say, I love you and thank you for your time!

But, in the case that you have a couple of minutes more, do let me know:
what were your thoughts on these products/collections? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. whoa, great comparison with the pink lemonade. i was wondering if i'd regret not grabbing ever hip, but now i have nothing to worry about! i didn't get anything from these collections, but only from To The Beach. the olive liner is gorgeous...that's my favorite shade for an eyeliner :) xx

  2. if i had picked up something from the liberty collection, it would have been the same items you got! I also really love the pearlglides...I got almost all of them!

  3. Great haul! I didn't get anything from these collection -sad! I wanted the Bough Grey And Birds&Berries shadows but they were sold out when I got to my MAC store.I really like the Buddy Up blush,looks divine!I guess I'll have to wait till it's repromoted :)

  4. Great haulage Tina!! I got the Ever Hip l/s too plus the Parennial High Style l/g, I'm very dissapointed with Ever Hip's formula it's too dry that I can't even apply it on my lips even with balm under :-( I had Pink Lemonade in the past and I have to say is way better than Parennial High Style but I didin't really like the formula. And I agree Naked Liner is amazing, I use it all the time!

  5. OMG great post. Great comparison for us as i love ever hip and broke mine! SO thank god you told me about pink lemonade..i prefer gloss anyway as the lipstick doesnt cover all my lips!! :))) xxxx

  6. what a fantastic haul! LOVE everything :)

  7. i missed the liberty of london, it went sold out pretty quickly, but i really liked the packaging.
    the pink lemonade gloss is a hit, gotta to try it out sometime.
    now i wanna check the superglass glosses, don't know if they have arrived yet rhough...

  8. That's quite the haul Hun. I know what you mean about lagging in blogging - I have an accumulation of things that I could post about LOL
    I don't believe I got anything from the Too Fabulous collection. But now I wish they added Naked Liner to the permanent line - esp now that you said it's like MAC Myth or MAC Creme d'Nude. I don't know how I missed out on that one LOL. I have MAC Subculture and it helps to darken my myth lipstick - like you said, subculture is nice but it's not a perfect nude :\
    Oh I have MAC Undercurrent too - it's so pretty isn't it? I wore it as an eye shadow a few times. Blackline looks really pretty - I would totally wear that as an eye shadow smudged out.
    I like the packaging for the Liberty of London too - the white packaging is cute - kinda like white iPhone/iPod - ish. I skipped Bough Grey because I have Apres Ski and another light-mid tone grey shadow. It's really flaterring too. I got Birds & Berries as well - such a gorgeous colour.
    Looking forward to your FOTDs ;)
    Have a lovely day.

  9. Love the haul! I also purchased Blackline pearlglide and Buddy Up blush duo! I missed out on Shell Pearl but have spotted it on ebay and may be purchasing it soon:)

  10. Great Haul. I missed out on MAC everhip lipstick. :) It's a great color. Love your blog.

  11. @fantastic: Well yes, colour-wise they 're the same thing, so, no, you 're not really missing out! ;) Love that you 're a very sensible shopper, and after I grab my Bronze Body Oil, I 'll be done too for a while, I really need to cut down! Btw, I got a L' Oreal eyeliner recently, which is supposed to be a dupe for Rosemary&Thyme, will blog about it in an upcoming post! xxxxx

    @Kajal Couture: Ah, the pearlglides....!!! I cannot rave about them enough!!! They 're so richly pigmented and go on like a dream! I 'm building my collection of pearlglides too! ;) Hehe! xxxx

    @Tonia: Thank you doll! Well Bough Grey is not that special, but Birds&Berries is lovely! As for the mineralize blush, I 'm sure that they 'll come out with a similar rosey toned one at some point, so no worries! ;) Filia! xoxo

    @Mairyliscious: Thank you dear, I 'm all set for summer, lol! xxx

  12. @SophiaPeaches: Well, yes, I rarely buy MAC lipglosses myself, mainly cos I dislike the very sticky formula! Isn't Perennial High Style on the sheerer side? But, it's weird that you find Ever Hip drying, cremesheens are supposed to be nice and creamy... could it be you got a bad one? :( Sorry to hear! xxxx

    @Tali: Lol, you 're most welcome! ;) I know what you mean about the lipglosses, it's easier to get the colour you want, whereas with a lipstick you need to build it up sometimes! And, I didn't expect anything less from...the gloss goss! Haha! ;) xoxo

    @fashion written with a lipstick: Aw, thank you sweets! :) xxxx

    @stella: God, I know, whenever I want sth badly from a collection I have to basically stalk my MAC, so I can get the items right after their release! You should definitely try Pink Lemonade, it's one of their best shades in my opinion!
    As for the superglasses, their international release date is set for july, so they're probably not here yet... who knows if they're even coming the way MAC works here lately..!!!! xxx

  13. You know what, I actually haven't bought a LE MAC item in a looong fact I don't remember the last right now! I really do regret missing out on those lip liners though, they're so beautiful and it's really hard to find shades like that! That Ever Hip lipstick is beautiful! Now I'm sad I missed that, but glad to know I can get Pink Lemonade!! xox

  14. Wow, that was such a nice haul! I think I need the naked liner. Kisses lovely!

  15. Gosh I cant even remember the last time I bought from MAC, but I definitely loved the Liberty of London pachaging and wish I had spare money to buy it!
    Good products, you chose well hun!

  16. @Karen: Yes, I completely agree, Naked or sth very very similar should be in the permanent line, I do love Subculture and the fact that it can match a huge variety of lipstick shades, but it's not really made for those pale nudes...!
    Now, you 've got me all excited to try Undercurrent as an eyeshadow, I neeeed to test that out! ;)
    As for the greys, Bough Grey is actually a LOT bluer than Apres-Ski, they 're not much alike, although I can see Apres-ski working with a bigger variety of looks!
    And yeah, love the white packaging, enough with all the black everyone does, haha!
    I would love to do a FOTD, but my skin is giving me such a hard time lately, so that's on hold for now... I 'll try perhaps with a lower resolution, :)

    @SweetTea: Great choices!!! Esp Buddy Up, it's such a flattering blush!
    As for Shell Pearl, it all depends on your current collection of highlighters, for me (I own Blonde & Redhead msf and the Dior shimmer powder one), Shell Pearl left me a bit unsatisfied...! xxxx

    @Ansa: Thank you so much for your comment dear! As for Ever Hip, there's always Pink Lemonade if you need the same colour, sadly I don't know of an actual lipstick dupe! xxx

    @ellamarie84: I 've decided to be you from now on, lol! Meaning that I don't feel the need to buy anything from the summer collections...maybe come September we'll see...!
    Naked liner is an excellent nude, as for the pink one, I *think* they have a similar pro shade... at least they did some time ago! Don't worry, it's MAC, give it a year (i.e. 50 collections) and they 'll re-release half this stuff! Lots of love sweetie!!! <3333 xoxoxoxo

  17. @Froso: Thanx hun! And, yeah, you probably do! Filiaaaa! xxx

    @Marietta: Ah, thank you Marietta... I try hard to be sensible and with MAC it's SO easy to get carried away...! But realistically, this was a huge collective haul for me, I 'll be taking a MAC break this summer... lol!

    @Ivania santos By DIAMOND: Lol, yes, MAC has the habit of making pretty and colourful stuff...! :) xx

  18. I have since BOUGHT pink lemonade YOUR FAULT!!
    Although i do wear it almost every day! xx

  19. @Tali: Hehe, now you KNOW how I feel after watching one of your vids or reading of your posts, it's like new lemming alert almost every time! Glad you like it, it's one of their hottest shades imo, and it looks good on many skintones..! Enjoy! :) xx


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