May favourites!

Now yes, this post should have been up at the beginning of this week, but since I always have the worst of luck when it comes to...electric appliances, that wasn't possible.

You see, my (newly, like just minutes before disaster occured) upgraded computer exploded. Yes, that's right, we 're talking white light explosion style. It may have been the power supply. Or the motherboard. I would have actually known if the tech guy was done by now, but no, he has to take his good old time, cos it's my computer we 're talking about (worst of luck, remember?)!

So, I 'm now posting from my (broken and slower) netbook, which is exactly what I was trying to avoid all week, but I 'm afraid I can't put off this post much longer!

Ok, rant over! On to my May favourites:

1. Lancaster sunscreen for the face. Obviously, it's not the brand that's of the biggest importance here, I 'm sure that there's a ton of brands that make excellent facial sunscreens to suit your skin's special needs, but you have to have at least one. And you have to apply it everyday, not only during the summer, but all year long, something I 'm shamefully going to admit that I 've just started doing this spring.
This Lancaster one I have is a nice product, I like that it's a light formula (thanks to the lower spf) and that it applies nicely and evenly over my moisturizer and underneath my foundation. It offers medium protection with its spf of 15, which has worked fine for now, but since we're just getting into the Greek summer, I should probably get one with a higher spf of 30 or 50 (see my skin sans tan, natural or fake, is very pale) and keep this for autumn.

2. Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing & Antiwrinkle day and night creams. Some of you may wonder why I 'm using these, well, I had these samples and since one can't start too early with those products, I decided to give them a go.
The "quercetin & oak" is the most recent line that Korres came out with and apparently there's been a lot of lab research before they ended up with this formula. I threw the leaflet with the percentages of the women that saw results with this line right away (after all those are surely age-, lifestyle-, sun damage- etc. sensitive) and just put it to the test. And, to my surprise, after 2 weeks of use, I 've actually noticed that they work! Not that I had a severe problem so to speak, but the fine lines on my forehead were becoming very noticeable lately (I 've always had a very...expressive forehead). Now, my forehead is much smoother and my whole face feels smoother as well!
If you consider trying this line, head straight for the night cream, it's the star product: feels light on the skin upon application and moisturizes well. The day cream on the other hand feels very thick on, not the type of product you 'd like to apply before foundation (well, my day cream sample was for dry/normal skintypes, so maybe that's why), but I don't think I 'm gonna bother with it's normal/combination equivalent: the night cream is an excellent product for me, and with my YSL Hydra Feel as a day cream, I feel that my skin gets a decent moisture/protection/antiageing cocktail for now.

3. MAC Ever Hip lipstick. Yep, still going strong! Swatches and the rest can be found in this post here.

4. Eyeshadow combination: MAC Vex&Copperplate. You see, I was into grey eyes/coral lips this May, I love a bit of contrast!
Vex is a beautiful greyish silver/pink duochrome, one to swatch in store to admire its prettiness, as it's pretty impossible to capture on camera (perhaps the shadow in the pan hints a bit to the pinkiness below?). I 've been using it all over the lid with Copperplate in the crease (a basic matte, slightly warm grey).

5. Seventeen nail polish in No. 508. Now, this is one for my Greek ladies. 508 is one of the colours they released for this spring/summer and it's one that doesn't have much competition: it's a dark green teal with super subtle light teal and silver shimmer! It needs two coats to achieve opaqueness and lasts considerably well (with a top coat): I counted 4 days of no chipping (no gloves when cleaning btw). Definitely one to check out!

So, another monthly favourites post has come to an end!

Hopefully I will post again from my regular pc!

Until then, let me know, what have you been loving lately? Any unexpected discoveries makeup/skincare wise? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. I saw that Seventeen polish at the store it's gorgeous!! I also saw a deep grey one but I can't rememer the number, also gorgeous!!
    Sunscreens is my main issue!! I've tried severals and most of the break me out, now I have to get a new one since Roc's broke me out this spring!

  2. Love these posts!!!I want to try the Korres antiageing too!!The nail polish looks gorgeous!Love Seventeen nail polishes they are so good for the prise I mean!!Hugs

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing hun!
    I'm also one for wearing sunscreen all year round - esp. now that i live in Greece.
    The day cream i'm using (Dr. Nick Lowe's Super charged cream from already has an spf of 15 which is cool, but i'm also partial to using the Vichy Soleil range. Now that's it's officially melting weather, i'm loving the Vichy 30+ factor when in the sun.

    Lancaster is very good - you should also try their spf 30 Anti-age Multi Protector cream - perfect for eyes and lips too!

    ciao bella

  4. I would love to see a face of the day or something with those 2 shadows and the coral lipstick you mentioned! That vex shadow looks really pretty so would be great to see how you wear it on the eye plus i am always looking for new things to add to my wishlist ;p x

  5. Great favorites Tina! the Korres night cream goes straight to my list,I've been meaning to get a good night creme,so thank you! :) And you made me want Vex :P Trip to MAC tomorrow!
    Tonia xx

  6. Great post. It reminds me I need to still get Vex e/s and a sun cream for my face before my hols. That nail polish is very pretty too x

  7. im liking the idea of grey eyes and coral lips, great post x

  8. I am reaaally interested in that night creme, I'm gonna check it out next time at Sephora for sure!

    Oddly enough, I've rediscovered the Proactiv toner. I used to use Proactiv every now and again, although it's kind of harsh. but I've loved the toner lately when I feel a hormonal breakout coming on.

    I'm sorry about your computer, that's crazy it actually exploded a little! And kind of funny in a sad way :( I am just picturing it happening and it's making me giggle! I'm sorry! Hope you get it repaired ASAP!!! xoxox

  9. Will have to try that eyeshadow combo love copperplate! :) x

  10. Haha I laughed a lot with you and your "expressive forehead" :D

    Havents tried any of these but I always trust your opinion and the time will come when I 'll need to buy one of these! xxx

  11. I have something for you in my blog hun!!!Check it out!Hugs

  12. fave nail polish Maybelline colorama Green Park. Fave make up:Max Factor Powder Puff in Medium Beige (always a classic).Fave lipstick Revlon Super Lustrous Cherries in the Snow. Fave lip treat : Lipsmucker in Cotton Candy. Fave perfume: Pure DKNY. Want more? :)

  13. this is a great post...i have the same mac lippie and i love it!!!!

  14. I love Vex. I recently put up a MAC haul and could not get Vex to show up all it's prettiness in camera. =) It's gorgeous though. Great post.

  15. the last thing i tried and liked was the lemon body lotion from the bodyshop :)

  16. That's a really pretty polish on you--and your nails are growing so long! Thanks for reminding me on the sunscreen...I need to go pick up some more--I suppose I forget to use it because they tend to be so thick, but I'll be looking for a lower SPF, a la Tina! :) xx

  17. @SophiaPeaches: Seventeen (and Erre Due) are really stepping up their game lately, they make very "trendy" shades and their formula is surprisingly well, I 'm impressed! The grey one, it's probably 270, but I could be wrong!
    Sad to hear about your ordeal with sunscreens, and Roc of all brands? Have you tried Avene? It's one of the brands that dermatologists etc recommend, so it might be worth a shot! Good luck with your search! xxxx

    @Mairyliscious: Thanks koukla! xxx

    @Blushingloves: Thank you dear! :) Yes, the Korres night cream is an excellent product, and if it works on my sensitive/acne-prone skin, then I 'm sure that it will work for almost everyone, lol!
    Seventeen makes excellent polishes for their price, honestly, they're almost as good as OPI, some shades might be even better!!! Ps: Thanks for the award tag, I 'm really behind with those, I need to pick up the pace!! xoxoxo

    @A Brit Greek: Exactly, you really can't avoid the sun here, so sunscreen is an absolute neccessity, in fact, I don't know why I 've neglected it for so long (except for the hot summer days), what was I thinking? Oh well, I guess I 'm slightly becoming a huge anti-ageing prevention freak, lol!
    Vichy makes great sunscreens too, but is it me or are they noticeably thicker? It could just be the spf factor though, as I 've only used 30 and 50 in Vichy - now that's sth worth checking out!
    Thnx for the recommendation too, I 've never considered the anti-ageing ones, but, they sound like worth a try! ;) xxx

  18. @Gemma: Noted! ;) I 'll try to make one hun! I was having a huge breakout lately and it's only v recently that it's going away, so that's why I 've been avoiding FOTD's... well, that and the fact that I always look like a fool (and no, not fishing for compliments here)! Will do my best though! :) xxx

    @Tonia: Lol, see, this is how I support pharmacists and MAC counters all over, haha! I 'm sure you 'll love the cream (although you clearly don't need-need it that much), do let me know your impressions of it if you get it! xoxo

    @Kerry1487: Thank you so much for commenting, glad you found this interesting! Vex is lovely, subtle, but lovely, lol! And you can't leave without some sunscreen! ;) xxx

    @laurawrites: Thank you dear, it's an interesting contrast! :) xx

  19. @ellamarie84: Hope you like it too, cos I think I found the night cream I 'm gonna stick with in the future! :)
    I haven't tried Proactiv (not sure if it's even available here), despite having used practically everything to fight my (truly horrid) teen acne (roaccutane was the only thing that worked)! Now, if I see a breakout I just use a cream with salicylic acid and try to stress less (heh, as much as possible)!
    Ah, don't even mention the pc thing, that was a scare! Finally it's all working now (cos it's all brand new basically), hopefully I won't have to deal with ANY desktop problems in the next 5 years (here's hoping)! :) xxxx

    @Georgia: Did you try it, what did you think? xxxx

    @Marietta: Well, I always συνοφρυωνομαι, so it makes sense why I already have those little nasty lines of expression, lol! :DDD Hope you don't need those products for a long time to come! :) xoxo

    @Pink_Fish: Great recommendations!!! I must admit, I don't own Cherries in the Snow...yet, lol! Would love to check out that nail polish too, thanks! :) xxx

  20. @Nells: Thanks hun! From what I can tell you have awesome taste in makeup as well as in fashion! ;) xxx

    @Ansa: See, that's what happened to me too, I couldn't get it to photograph its duochrome-ness for the life of me, lol! But it's super pretty, I couldn't agree with you more! :) xx

    @stella: You 've reminded me that I could use a stop at TBS actually, lol! ;) xxx

    @fantastic: Lol, I had to cut my nails very very short recently, the peeling was getting out of hand, they 're sorta better now, but I 'm afraid that it will be a while before I make a post with longer nails! :(
    And yes, you neeeed sunscreen, everyone does! Sometimes I just think that we focus too much on makeup than on skincare/bodycare/prevention products etc... Btw, if you feel you can get away with a lower spf (and you prob can), then you 're lucky, I use the lower ones, cos it's easier, but I don't think I should be given my super super pale skin! So, win some, lose some I spose, but perhaps it should be the other way round for me (heavier on the spf, harder to apply the foundation)...! xoxo

  21. Ah, I was late on this post! Damn you, crappy internet service :(

    Another moisturiser from Korres that I have to try out! Dear God, will I ever switch a brand? -sigh-

    I, too, have noticed that Seventeen and Erre Due have been releasing beautiful, "on trend" products. As a matter of fact, my next stop @Hondos Center is going to be geared towards their counters ;)

    Copperplate looks so pretty! I love matte shades, too bad they seem a rarity in "drugstore" brands :(

  22. skouroxrwmo an k kalokairi!
    mmmm kalh idea!

  23. Great post!!! I want some of this stuff now.


  24. Wow just found your blog and i absolutely love it!
    Great May Favourites especially vex + copperplate , need to get these 2 eyeshadows :)
    Great Blog hun
    Much Love Eloise xoxo

  25. ^Also say hello to your 500th Follower! Congrats Hun
    Eloise xoxo

  26. I am enjoying my night cream the korres one a lot. I have 2 set of samples and it sure is a good product...
    Copper plate is a nice color...

  27. @cbsg5861: I 'm completely convinced that you can't really go wrong with Korres, lol! :)
    I just stopped by Hondos Center yesterday, I wanted 2 specific nail polishes, one by Seventeen and one by Erre Due, but couldn't find them!!! So, I guess that the downside of them making trendy shades is that they sell out quickly!!!
    And you 're right, finding good matte eyeshadows is practically impossible with "drugstore" brands, best bet is with brands like MAC, Illamasqua etc!

    @mika: E, nai, lol! Tha exw arketes vdomades na foresw ta koralli, fuchsia, klp, klp! Lol! An kai ayto exei mia krymmenh dosh thalassas mesa tou! Xaxa! Filia! xx

    @Helena from BrooklynBlonde: Sorry for that dear, lol! But glad you enjoyed this post! :) xx

    @Simply Naturale: *Waves hello to my 500th follower*! :))) Thank you for your sweet comment and hope you enjoy my future posts as well! xoxo

  28. @resham: Regarding that Korres cream, I really couldn't believe it! I wonder actually how it would compare to those very high end brand names and their mega expensive antiwrinkle products...! That would be interesting to know!
    Copperplate is a lovely basic grey, you can't go wrong with such a shade!

  29. You rock dark nail polish so well :) I'm more of a light, skintone or bright colour polish kinda girl.
    Vex and Copperplate look really good on you combined with the coral lip colour you use. I've been using the same eye shadows for a month straight too! LOL. But I'm using MAC Corduroy and MAC Soft Brown.
    Wow the Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiaging night cream sounds like a winner. It's really difficult for me to find a moisturizer that actually shows results! I'll have to look into it once I'm out of my face moisturizers (I tend to stock pile on things like that hehe).
    I haven't tried any Lancaster products but I believe it's a good brand....Neutrogena just came out with a new face sunscreen and it's sooooo lightweight I love it. It's SPF45 too. I'm just like you Hun - for some strange reason I only started using SPF daily since December of this year. Well, better now than later right ;) I find the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer face sunscreen is better than the MAC Prep + Prime SPF50 I have and it's less than half price too

  30. @Karen: Well, it's easy to get stuck on a makeup rut I think, especially if you 're busy with stuff, I mean, who has the time to think of a new makeup look every few! But, realistically, i should make more of an effort... although now it's back to my nude lippies and mid-town brown eyeshadow, haha (fail, I know)!!!
    Yes, prevention is the key, sunscreen and moisturizer all year long along with some product with anti-wrinkle properties is the best way to go imo!
    Gonna try out that Neutrogena next, high spf AND lightweight - I definitely need to look into that! Thx hun! Hope you 're well! xoxo


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