What's your beauty style TAG!

That's right, I 'm reviving an old tag, lol! :)

My dear Tali @ The Gloss Goss has tagged me for this little questionnaire ages ago (like, literally), but I never got round to it! I am, however, a firm believer of the "never too late" philosophy, so, I 'm gonna give it a go!

1. What is your beauty style? (Natural, trendy, etc.)
Not sure if there's really a word that can define my beauty style (I guess that's what "all over the place" is, lol). It's definitely not "I 'm not wearing makeup" makeup or overly trendy. It's subtle and feminine for the most part, but it can get a little moody, if the occasion allows it (think black eyeshadow, glitter on the eyes, bolder lips, etc)! So... anything goes but in some measure?

2. Where do you get your beauty inspiration from?
That's a bit of a difficult question, simply because I don't have a standard source for my beauty inspiration. Which means that it could stem from anything: my mood at a certain day, the change of the seasons, a celebrity-inspired look, a makeup brand's promo picture, etc.

3. What beauty products do you have the most of?
Well, I 'm sure that my love for eyeshadow is pretty much obvious by now, no? Whether in single, duo or palette form, eyeshadows are definitely the main focus of my makeup collection - lipsticks only follow as a distant second!

4. What's you favourite/holy grail colour for:
Eyes: Neutrals, of course! Now, one may argue that neutrals are totally boring and safe, but to me they're easily wearable and practically foolproof, especially when in a hurry, so that pretty much explains my choice!
Lips: (Mostly) Wearable nudes and light pinks. They work with the majority of the looks I go for (neutral or smokey eyes), so that's a no brainer. As of recently, however, I find myself gravitating towards peaches and corals too, although clearly, I 'm not ready to say goodbye to my trusted nudes just yet!
Cheeks: Rose-y toned blushes and beige-neutral ones shouldn't be absent from any makeup collection in my eyes; they look sophisticated and match pretty much all looks!
Nails: Dark/Off black. Now, I know that that's not an actual colour, but if it's dark enough (dark red, dark purple, dark blue, etc), then it will probably get my vote!

5. Three favourite brands of the moment:
1. MAC, because it has a vast colour/formula selection, making it an excellent brand for anyone who's looking to build their makeup collection (which I still am, btw).
2. NYX. Now, I 've only just recently started exploring NYX cosmetics, but what can I say, I 'm pleasantly surprised by their products (Black Label lipsticks for example). I 'll be surely checking them out in the future.
3. YSL, simply because their summer 2010 collection looks so amazing and I 've been eyeing a few products for some time now!

So, that was it! Without knowing if there are specific rules to this tag, I 'm gonna tag:
Blushing Loves,
Dazzle 'n' Sparkle,
I Heart Cosmetics,
Shopaholic Jo,
Fashion written with a lipstick,

Hope you do it ladies! :) Looking forward to your answers!

Have a great Monday everyone!
And stay tuned for my May favourites! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Thanks for sharing lovely! I'm mad for Turquoise eyes and hot pink lips (not together of course!) - Mac's fuchsia 'Girl about town' lippie rocks!

    Ciao bella

  2. Hey hun! Thanks for tagging me -
    I'm glad you did it,I love this! :D
    Tonia xx

  3. Hey Hun :)
    Neat post! I love your style of clothing, handbag, shoes and acessories from your hauls over time. It has a nice boho edge to it ;)
    You know how crazy I am about eye shadows too - probably much more so than you LOL. I pack that stuff on like it's running out haha. I'm loving browns lately but for more dramatic makeup I tend to go dark brown or medium-dark purples.
    Like yourself I don't have a particular person that inspires my makeup either. And at this point after using makeup for years I guess I know what looks good on me at this point so it's more repetitive looks than experimental stuff ;)
    Have a great start to your week!

  4. Thanks for the tag love, will do it tomorrow definitely!! ^_^

  5. Thanks for share your beauty secrets!! Love these kind of posts!


  6. Hey, thanks for the tag! Will work on it asap ;)

  7. Hi sweets,

    nice to read, and sounds good your favourites :D

  8. Great tag post!!Love neutrals too!!And thank you so much for tagging me!!You are so sweet!Hugs!

  9. You totally got the reference!!

    I loved getting to know you more through this.


  10. @A Brit Greek: Oh, those are truly classic shades if you want to intoduce some colour to your look! Great taste! ;) xxxx

    @Tonia: You 're most welcome girlie! ;) xoxo

    @Karen!: Well, that coming from you (and I could honestly gladly live inside your shoe closet) is a compliment, thank you! :) I 'll try to make a fashion haul post soon, stay tuned, haha!
    And yes, I think you have a huge love for eyeshadow, maybe equal to that of...shoes...? Lol! Those sexy dramatic browns are definitely so characteristic of your makeup look! ;)
    And, yes, sometimes, makeup inspiration is about making the colours you like the most work with each other in order to bring out your best features, I think that's partly why most of us like makeup so much! ;) xxxxx

    @Marietta: You 're welcome Marietta, thanks for doing it! :) xoxo

  11. @LA: I 'm glad you enjoyed reading this! :) xx

    @cbsg5861: Thank you for doing it girl and I 'll be sure to check out those recommendations! ;) xxxx

    @Delance Fashion: Aw, thanks so much for reading and commenting Emilie! <333 xoxo

    @Blushingloves: Very happy you did it! You 're super sweet yourself you know! :) xxxxx

  12. @Fashion Chalet: Lol, was a funny title, fairly easy to remember!
    Thank you so much for stopping by!

  13. Aww..you tagged me!! I never knew...which shows I am so slow on reading blogs...
    Thank you...I am so gona try to do this one...

  14. @resham: I completely neglected letting everyone know that I tagged them on this one, my fault! Hope you do it, looking forward to your answers! :) xxx

  15. Thank you for tagging me! xx

  16. @Jo: You 're welcome hun, thank you for doing it! Gonna read properly in a bit! :) xx

  17. i just noticed that you tagged me! How stupid:P
    Thank you so much!:) I will do it tonight :)

  18. @Tali: Well, better late than never I guess...! :) xx

    @fashion written with a lipstick: So sorry I didn't let you know sooner, I thought I had, lol! Thanks for doing it darling! :) xoxo


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