Essie Fall 2010 Collection (swatches included)!

Guess who's back... back again...! :)
That's right guys, after almost one whole month of being an absentee blogger (blame exams, not moi), it was about time to make a comeback, right?

And what better way to get back into things than to talk about fall nail polish!

Now, I know that many of you already own some of these and have probably blogged about them by now, but in case you 'd like to find out what I think about them... well, do read on! :)

Essie came out with 6 nail polishes for their Fall 2010 collection, all of them inspired by this year's fall fashion, from the fabrics to the shades. Here, I 'll be featuring all but one: Velvet Voyeur, as I already own a deep eggplant purple (you see, I 'm trying to cut down on duplicate purchases).

Sew Psyched
is a grey/olive green with the subtlest silver shimmer you 'll be able to find, ever! It's so subtle, you won't be able to notice it unless you bring your nails a few inches away from your face! I think Essie did a great job with this nail polish alltogether, the shade is so spot on for fall (without it looking too matchy matchy with your khaki wardrobe purchases) and the subtle shimmer prevents it from looking flat. I can see a huge range of skintones rocking this too!

Limited Addiction
or "hello, I 'm in love", is a very rich vampy red shade, completely up my alley! I 'd say that this red is slightly on the blue-er side of the reds and in that sense would work the best on those with some pink undertones in their skin. Not to say that the rest can't wear it of course, but be aware that those shades look a lot different from person to person. Also, if you 're looking for a red with a jelly finish, then you need to try this - this definitely has that translucent quality to it, despite it going opaque after 2 layers (if all of that makes sense).

In Stitches. I 've the hardest time describing this shade, so I 'm going with dusty rose pink with a hint of brown. It's very pretty for fall and if you 're a hardcore pink fanatic, then this autumnal version is one to try. I can't say that it's my personal favourite, but I do appreciate that it's work/school friendly and for that reason alone it will probably get a lot of use from me.

Little Brown Dress is a dark chocolate brown that almost looks black from a distance. Love this, it's a great alternative to a black creme and unlike any other polish in my collection!

Merino Cool is one for the taupe/greige nail polish lovers! It's a greyish purple and even though it's still in that muddy family, its purple tones are well prominent (purple mud anyone?). When I applied it, I instantly wanted to compare it to Sephora by OPI's Metro Chic - smaller pic on the left: granted, they 're not that different, but they're not dupes either, Merino Cool is a lot more purple, whereas Metro Chic next to it looks like a true taupe. (Kinda funny how both their initials are M.C., no? Am I the only one who noticed this? *Probably*)!

All of the photos were taken after two coats and the application was smooth and non streaky.
And if I were to choose between them, I 'd say that Sew Psyched, In Stitches and Merino Cool are lovely and very easy to wear, however who can beat the vampiness of a hot red or the drama of a deep dark brown?

See, this is why I own far too many bottles of nail polish, I simply can't decide!!!

Let me know what you think of this collection and what your picks are!
Any other fall collections that caught your attention, nail polish wise? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Hey girl, welcome back!!!

    Arghh, I'm really tempted by the Little Brown Dress, it's right up my style!

    By the way, today I popped into Hondos Center and saw Erre Due's new LE nail colours. OMG, I couldn't decide which was my favourite! There was a gorgeous green with shimmer, a brown with shimmer, a petrol shade, 2 greys, and many more... I'll definitely go back for some ;)

    Did I say "welcome back"? Yeah, we missed you!

  2. Hey beautiful!

    Hope you're well, i love the red and the merino colour, looks really good!

    hit the shops at home today and they've sold out of the Barry M instant nail effect!
    I'm on a mission now!

  3. Loving merino cool! Hoping my trustee barry m brings out something similar!

  4. Who could believe that brown nail polish was going to be again in fashion!!!!But that "little brown dress" looks fabulous!!
    Good to have you back hun!!

  5. Great post and pictures, I would quite happily have all the shades, I'm sure they have them in a box set on Zuneta so I might HAVE to get it ;)

  6. That red is absolutly gorgeous!! So juicy and shiny.. i think thats my fave. Then I really like that brown!! xx

  7. Welcome back girl, we missed you! I love love love Sew Psyched and Little Brown Dress. I would also consider the Limited Addiction for the "jelly finish" (I like this expression!). Oh, you bad girl, you made want to buy more polishes now!!! xxx

  8. Always happy to see a post from you, my lovely! :)))

    I have been planning on buying Sew Psyched for *sew* long (haha, lamest play on words ever!) It is just perfection. The red one is gorgeous, and I know what you mean about the jelly quality, it's a stunner!

    You know what polish brand I really want to try but don't think it has anything to do with autumn? American Apparel. From what I've seen on blogs and vids they look amazing!

  9. i love them all especially the reds! welcome back :) x

  10. Yay missed you! ;)Uhh I love the sew psyched and in stitches <3 so gorgeous!

  11. Welcome back!!! Everyone missed you ;) I really want to grab Little Brown Dress..I think it will be perfect for fall! Xx

  12. I badly want these colors. Why can't my ULTA Restock them?? I have coupons too...:(

  13. @cbsg5861: Awww, *hugs* doll, glad to be back and actually have some time for the blog and not be devoured by school books! :)))
    Erre Due and Seventeen, I must make a mental note to check their new fall shades, they all sounds so gorgeous! :)

    @Supergirl: Definitely, they surely brought out a beautiful fall collection this year! x

    @A BRIT GREEK: Hey sweets! :) I already can't thank you enough for remembering, pls don't go out of your way trying to find one for me, it's really not that big a deal! Hope you're having an excellent time there!
    Hugs, xxxx

    @Sugarpuff: It's very pretty, huh? I do hope Barry M makes a dupe of this too, Barry M nail polishes are excellent quality for their price! xx

  14. @Blushingloves: Thank you dear! :) And I think you need some dark brown for fall, so sexy, almost black! xxx

    @Replica: Very happy you liked the post and pictures girl! Yes, they do come in a box set of 6 or a smaller one of 4 minis, not sure of availability though! But it's an excellent way to get to try all of the shades! :) xx

    @Tali: You 'd rock those sexy vampy shades on your talons, no doubt about that! ;) xxx

    @Pasiphae: Missed you too Arietta mou, and SO glad to see you doing so well with your challenge! :)
    Sorry to extend your nail polish wishlist, lol, but this collection is definitely worth looking into imo! I strongly suggest the mini set with 4 of the shades, not as expensive and includes the hottest ones! ;) xoxx

  15. @ellamarie84: So happy to be back! ;) From what I understand Sew Psyched is very popular in the states this fall, huh? Can't blame you us ladies though, it's a great choice for this fall season! :)
    I 've seen AA nail polishes on other blogs and videos, great colour selection, I 'd definitely have bought a couple if they were available here! xxx

    @Georgia: Good to be back Georgia! :) I can't wait to wear the reds, I need some warmer shades now that the weather has gotten so chilly! xox

    @Delance Fashion: Hey Emilie! :) You pick well, those would spice up some neutral fall outfits for sure! ;) xxx

    @fantastic: I know, I 'm so overwhelmed by everyone's comments! :) You HAVE to get Little Brown Dress! And then wear it on a date-night! Haha, can't believe I just said date night! Meaning I clearly need to go out on one, teehee! :) xxx

  16. @resham: Oh, sorry to hear! So, what, now they'll start bringing in the holiday collections, *cough*??? Really hope u manage to find some fall Essie's soon! xxx

  17. Love the colors! My fave has to be the Sew Psyched. The combination of the gray and olive totally screams fall. LOVE IT!

  18. Sew Psyched and Little Brown Dress look very pretty, I think I need them in my life!

  19. @Sophia: Yes, no wonder it's one of the most popular of this collection! ;) x

    @Ebru: Lol, yep, it could be the case! :) Do share with a NOTD if u try them! :) xx

  20. Love the pink and purple, so pretty! :)

  21. Love the grey and light purple polish, perfect for fall.

  22. I hope your exams went well for you Hun :)
    Great swatches of all the Essie nail polishes! I know you're a huge fan of dark polishes but they never turn up nicely on me :(
    You're right - Essie's Merino Cool looks identical to Metro Chic! Even with the same initials as you pointed out. I really like that colour along with Essie in Stitches.

  23. @UrbanMermaid: Yes, they are pretty and perfect for everyday too, a lot more wearable than the other shades! :) x

    @Fashion-rocks: The grey is more of a greenish grey, definitely great for those khaki outfits! ;)

    @ λειντι ντι: They're all really nice, Essie did a great job this season!

    @Karen: Hey you, so glad you 're back! :) Yes, I really do love those sexy dark shades, but realistically speaking they're not shades you can wear 24/7! Merino Cool (i mean aren't the initials just weird? lol) and In Stitches are definitely the safer way to go and still be within a more autumnal mood! To be honest I 've worn those two more than the dark brown and red! :) xxx


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