Leopard nails: the Konad way!

Yep, in case you 've guessed it from the photo already, this will be another celebrity-inspired look for you: leopard-print nails, mimicking those of Katy Perry.

Or.. not exactly.

You see, Katy Perry herself had tweeted a photo of her Minx nail job sometime ago. Now, I 'm sure you all know what this Minx business is about: it's basically a (quite costly) method that uses an adhesive overlay to cover your nails and, to my knowledge, is salon-exclusive.

However, I 'm not even sure if there is a beautician near me that knows how to apply these, and in all honesty, I wouldn't shell out the 40 euros or so that this costs, in order to get metallic nails, unless it was a very (and I mean very) special occasion!

So, I went for the second next best thing: Konad (the first next best thing would probably be those nail wraps that are becoming all the more popular lately, but sadly I have to order them online).

Yes, I know, it lacks Katy's metallic finish, but it's still a pretty decent result (minus lightning bolt ring, how cool is that?).

Look breakdown:
- 2 coats of Illamasqua Victory
- Konad plate in M57
- Konad's own black nail polish for stamping. However, an intense, opaque black creme would work too.

Now, I have to admit, it took me a couple of mani's to get the hang of Konad-ing, I couldn't get the stamp to stay put and not bleed while applying the top coat. But, patience is key here, meaning you have to make sure that the stamp-layer is completely dry before adding your top coat (and the base nail polish should be dry before you add the stamp as well).
I guess this is why Konad's own nail polishes are the best to use for stamping: they dry really quickly in an almost rubbery texture, therefore eliminating smudging, as well as the time it would take for a normal nail polish to dry!

If you 're having trouble with Konad stamping, check out Asami's amazing post, and don't forget to follow her blog if you're into nails and nail art!

Have you tried Konad-ing yet? What plates are you using (I need ideas)! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Wow, I love your leopard nails! I have never used any Konad stuff so far but I think I'd like it. My only problem with this would be "patience", which I lack! ;)

  2. I honestly think yours are better! Better contrast between the colours so you can really see the design! Love it xxx

  3. I love that Konad plate! Honestly, it's the only full nail image plate I own ATM. XD I thought I'd use the french designs more, but I can't get past the zebra and leopard print nails!! haha...Love the gold on you. ;) I'll follow you if you'll follow me...

  4. @Pasiphae: Thank you girlfriend for your lovely comment! :) Yes, it can be a little annoying having to make sure it's 100% completely dry, but I think it's worth giving it a try, if only for the dramatic effect!
    I 'd suggest Konad's own stamping polishes, maybe the black or the white one just for start, they 're really a timesaver! xxx

    @ Nic @ The War Paint Guru: Thank you, so glad you liked it! :) xx

    @Lacquerish: Haha, I know what you mean, that plate is probably one of the best they 've made! But I 'd love a couple more, just to be able to mix things up! PS: great blog! :)

  5. i prefer yours! ;p

  6. @lydi: Wow, I can't believe this, many ppl have said the same thing! Eyxaristw! :) xx

  7. Gorgeous leopard print nails Hun! Yay and you've started konad-ing as well :) I haven't picked up my konad in a couple of months I don't think but you know what I do to make sure my base coat is dry? I actually wear the base coat colour as a regular plain manicure for one full day. Then the second day I konad stamp it ;) That way I know for sure it's completely dry or else I'll be totally swearing if I smudge my base coat while stamping hehe

  8. Let's agree to get the bundle monster plates then. 21 plates for CHEAP! And enough new designs to last a lifetime! XD

  9. I love your nails! I've been wanting to try the Konad for a while... maybe I will now :)

    Def prefer yours too, the contrast is much better :)

  10. Hey girl, i so love this post, cos i saw something on αξιζει να το θες i think and they were doing cool nails and I thought of you.

    I love your nails and wanted to do something similar this weekend.
    Where do i buy these plates from???


  11. Omg!! This looks amazing :D I diden't now Konad, I hope the ship to Dk ^_^ I gotta try it!

  12. @Karen: Thank you sweetie! And smart trick what you do with the Konad, not to mention it adds a bit of a variety! ;) Guess I should do that too, way easier! ;) xoxo

    @Lacquerish: I hadn't actually heard about these until your comment! Very interesting, definitely worth looking into if you wanna buy more than 2 plates (like me, hehe)! Thx for letting me know! :) x

    @ladyb: Aw, thank you love! You always leave me such sweet comments! And do try Konad stamping, after the few first tries you 'll feel like an expert (not to mention you'd be admiring your nails, haha)! :) xxx

    @A BRIT GREEK: Hey love, I got mine on ebay, I don't even think I 've seen them anywhere here! I found this website that seems to carry decently priced konad items:nail-art-design-euro-discount.gr but can't be sure of their service etc... You can always go the free-handed way, lol! ;) Good luck! xxx

  13. @Delance Fashion: Well, I 'm glad I brought it to your attention Emilie! :) xxx

  14. Hey Hun..I think only in rodeo-ish towns does anyone still wear cowboy hats, not to mention pink ones LOL
    Oh I missed your post question there - I currently have two konad plates - the M71 and M77 and I love both! There's a few other plates I'm eying perhaps as a Christmas gift from my sisters?! hehe
    What's your favourite konad plate so far?

  15. These look awesome! Thank you so much for the mention too, you are so nice! I really appreciate it, Girlie. I love your nails, I definitely need a leopard stamping plate. Konad is just so much faster than handpainting!

  16. Yours look absolutely amazing I love them :)! x

  17. Those NAILS look cool!! I have never tried KONAD STAMPS..but I think its time now to get a few...I will chk the blogger link you have mentioned...

  18. Yours are prettier!
    I have tried Konading with the M57 plate (the same you've got), and I've tried a multi zebra print.I Konaded the zebra design with 5-6 colors the one on top of the other.Came out looking like a lollipop.Of course I liked it :p

  19. Well isn't that something -- what a clever product!

    The Black Queen

  20. aghh! my comment didn't post again! i love the look of these nails on you--you did a great job! i've seen a couple of designs online that i've really liked, but have never used Konad. I think, like Lady B, that I will be picking one of these guys up. Please let us know if you come across good plates! xx

  21. I'm such a gan of leopard nails! But I tend to do them in colours other than the traditional gold & black, last time I did pink spots in a baby blue base :)
    I think yours are prettier than Katy Perry's because you can tell the pattern a lot better :)


  22. Ta ekanes PERFECT! Den peirazei pou den einai toso shiny, einai tewleia, thelw k egw alla pou me tetoia koulamara... Monoxrwma k pali me dyskolia... Polla filia!

  23. You did a fabulous job. I agree with Froso. I already have trouble with one color, there's no way I could manage this. Great job! :)

  24. I'm usually not a big fan of nail design but I love this leopard style!

  25. @Karen: Well, I mean, real pink cowboy hats sounds like a Paris Hilton theme party, haha!
    As for Konad, I 've only tried just this one, M57. :( I 'd love to get a couple more, I 'm thinking 72, 73 and 78! Will have a look at the ones you have too, I need ideas! ;) Thanx doll! xoxo

    @Asami: Thank you dear, it really means a lot coming from you! No need to thank me for anything, you 're one of the best nail bloggers I 've ever come across, you deserve all the recognition! :) xxx

    @Haribo: Thank you so much for your sweet comment! :) x

    @resham: Thank you girl! :) You should look into Konad, it's the easiest nail art possible! xxx

  26. @Ria: Awww, thank you! :)) Wow, you were really in the mood for some coloured nail art, huh? I 'm imagining the zebra stripes being multicoloured, I bet it looked super cute! :))) xxx

    @The Queen of Hearts: Definitely clever, affordable and time-saving!!! :)

    @fantastic: Thank you sweets! :) Personally, I think you'd love Konad, I can imagine you adding a few shiny details (gold or silver stamping nail polish would be so you, lol) on your nails! ;)
    I 'm on the lookout for new plates, will keep you guys updated! ;) xxx

    @Rita: Thank you my dear! :) I 'm really overwhelmed by the positive feedback on this post! :)
    Thanx for commenting - now I 'm all intrigued to come up with a color version of my own! ;) xx

  27. @Froso: Σ'ευχαριστω κουκλα!!! :) Παντως, δεν ειναι κ τοσο δυσκολο, μια δοκιμη θα σε πεισει! Και μετα δεν θα μπορεις να παρεις τα ματια σου απο τα pretty νυχακια σου, χεχε! ;) xxx

    @Sophia: Thank you! But it's really not that hard, once you get the hang of it, it's a piece of cake! xx

    @Brandy Shaloo: Hehe, noone can go wrong with some leopard detailing, huh? :) x

  28. Oh I loooove it! I love leopard so much. It looks professional! I've been kind of wanting a konad forever...you're making me want it more now ;)

  29. thats so cute! awesomee!

    please follow me!


  30. Great post, your nails came out well.


  31. I like yours more then Katy's ;)


  32. wow, i think your version looks even better than Katy's! Yours is brighter and you can see the print better! two thumbs up! I have tried stamping before but with just normal nail polishes which did not work! I should get some Konads!

  33. omg i need to try this asap! i am obsessed with leopard! looks so so good!


  34. I love this! I'm always so tame when it comes to my nails, But then again I do work in an office. I want Zebra print toes though! Great NOTD.


  35. @ellamarie84: You have to get one, I 'm pretty sure you'd have great fun with it! ;) xxx

    @Shana: Thank you! :) x

    @Tanya: Thank you for that sweet comment Tanya! :) xx

    @Madiha: Thank you girl, I still can't believe how many of you liked my version better! :))) xxx

  36. @Blusherine: Thank you love!
    Yes, a good opaque nail polish for the stamping is crucial for Konad-ing and since most nail polishes out there need a second or third coat, I just went for Konad's own instead! If I come across a good opaque creme for stamping, I 'll be sure to let you guys know! ;) xxx

    @Ofra Cosmetics: Thank you! :)

    @diana kang: Thank you! Yes, I 'm sure ANY leopard print fan would love some leopard nails, no? ;) xx

    @Hannah: Thank you Hannah! x

  37. @Michelle Xo: Yes, I 'm with you, I consider this a party look as well!
    Btw, this same Konad plate has a zebra print as well, hehe ! ;) x

  38. I think MINX nail designs is brilliant, it is shiny and doesn't need drying time, just apply to your nails and shape it to fit your nails in enough, it can make your nails beautiful for a long time. Very good. like it so much!


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