NYX Nude on Nude natural look kit: review & looks

So, just when everyone was going crazy over Urban Decay's Naked palette (and, I suspect some of you still are), it was the release of a palette from another brand that caught my attention.

I must admit though, not a very different one in principle, since we 're still in the neutral eyeshadow business: I'm talking about NYX's Nude on Nude Natural Look kit.

This mini kit contains 9 eyeshadows and 2 lip colours to help you achieve a very natural makeup look...or so NYX says, anyway.

Let's take a closer look:

What you 'll first notice about this kit, is that it's pretty tiny. It measures 2.3'' x 2.3'' x 0.8'', thus being an excellent throw-in-your-bag kind of item - I should know since it's the one palette I throw in my makeup bag without much thinking.
It has a mirror underneath the lid and a drawer thingy for the lip colours. There's also two applicators included: a sponge one for the eyeshadows and a lip brush for the lipsticks, both of which are dual ended.

From what you can see in the photo above, this kit has a very nice selection of neutral eyeshadows, in both shade and finish. You have your matte/satin greys, some shimmery beige coppers and a couple of glittery darker browns. The pigmentation is quite good too, although I 'd have wished it was more intense for the 2 greys.
Also, I think I discovered a couple of dupes: the first two shades in the second row come very close to MAC's All That Glitters and Bronze respectively.
Sadly, the consistency of these eyeshadows is not the best you've come across: many of them are quite powdery and extremely prone to falling out, something that may be a bit of a problem, depending on what eyeshadows you use on a regular basis.
If you're willing to work around that, however, you can create some lovely eye makeup looks:

To the left you have a nighttime look, which btw is totally washed out in the bottom left picture, due to the camera flash; the top left shows it pretty much as is. For this look I used 5+7 and placed that all over the lid, 9 for the outer corner and 6+9 for the crease. 5 was also used for the lower lashline and 8 in the inner corner.
And to the right, you have a very easy daytime look(and my recent everyday eye too): 4 all over the lid and 2+3 for the crease.
No. 1 was used for both looks as a highlighter.

I guess now you can see why I take this kit with me pretty much everywhere, no?

And it would have been even better, if only....

...it didn't have that stupid lip colour drawer! I mean, come on, those are the shades they came up with to complement the natural look this kit claims to achieve?!
A frosty rosy shade (that could be great for Nanny Pat from The Only Way Is Essex btw) and a bubblegum pink? And none of these two shades look anything like the lipstick on the model on the NYX website either! Errr NYX, what was the idea behind this?
The bubblegum pink, however, is not so bad if you 're into those shades of pink, but surely, there's nothing natural about it, is there? Cos it screams "artificial" on me! Lol!

To sum things up, I like this palette, it's extremely handy with good, but not great eyeshadows.
The lip colours, I could have definitely lived without, but I guess that for its price, I shouldn't be really complaining (it costs $11 on NYX's website, but I think I got it for even cheaper on ebay).

So, what do you think of this palette?
What are the best neutral palettes out there (yeah, I know 99% of you will say UD Naked, but surprise me!)?

What's your opinion?

  1. I haven't been able to get my hands on the UD palette...and I remember hearing that this one was quite similar. It looks very nice on you, and you've managed to make both daytime and dramatic looks out of it!

    I think that Guerlain put out a nice neutral eye palette this year--their Rue France one (I don't think that's the exact name--but they had the filigree cases). Shockingly, Wet 'N Wild has brought out their ColorIcon palettes, and one of them is quite good: Vanity. It is the most neutral of all, and I find myself using it much more than I thought I would! x

  2. That palette looks so pretty!And thank you so much for the review hun!!Swatches and looks are gorgeous doll!you did such a good job!!
    I have to agree with Fantastic!!I love Vanity by WetnWild,ufortunately didnt got UD!!But some of those shades reminds me Vanity too!!
    Kisses and hugs!!

  3. For the naked look I use Bobbi brown's shimmering nudes palette & Mac bare necessity gloss, great colors and great quality

  4. Well apart from the lip shades (lol on the Nany Pat comment!), it looks like a nice palette. I love the nighttime look you created. But you know NYX e/s, they tend to fall out and are quite powdery like you noticed, but you can deal with that for a simple everyday use. As for neutral palettes, I really like the Coastal Scents 26 color palette (which I got off ebay cheaper of course). The e/s are pigmented and blend nicely. It's not Mac quality as you can imagine, but it's a decent palette at a very good price!

  5. Ooo the eyeshadows look a lot smoother than their mac dupes!! This looks like something id like. I dont really do the naked look... ever... but i use naked colors in my drag queen make-up! ;)

  6. great post, its nice to see something a little different from the norm and good to try out different brands etc.

    I think maybe they could have gotten rid of the lip stuff and added a few extra eye shadows instead or just improved the quality of the ones they have.

    But either way the eye looks you created look fab!!

  7. wow i love all looks you did with is palette :)


  8. lovely post! i love the shades of the eyeshadows, but they look super sparkly!

  9. i like your daytime look but not too keen on the lipsticks. yet when you say ''many of them are quite powdery and extremely prone to falling out'': this happens with all Givenchy eyeshadows. at least you didn't spend a fortune.

  10. @fantastic: I just looked it up, you mean the Rue des Francs one! Not bad, although it lacks a good dark brown and that coppery orange can be very tricky for my skintone!!!
    I will keep Vanity in mind, you're right it is a good neutral one! Golden Goddess looks very nice too!!! Can you tell I 'm a sucker for neutrals...? Hehe! xxx

    @Blushingloves: Thank you for your sweet comment koukla! Yeah, I remember you making a couple of lovely brown smokey eye looks with that Wet 'n Wild palette!!! I guess the question is... how many neutral eyeshadows are enough for one person??? LOL! ;) xoxo

    @stella: See, that's pretty much what I think of in terms of colours when someone mentions the "I'm not wearing makeup makeup look"! ;) Sounds like a great combination! xx

    @Arietta: Thank you Arietta mou! :) Yes, the NYX eyeshadows did prove a little bit tricky! Is that the case too with their single eyeshadows or just with the palettes? Because I remember there are a couple of single shades I 'd like to try!
    And why didn't I think of the CS palettes??? Great variety for a very reasonable price! Thank you hunni! xoxo

  11. @Tali: Well, the MAC ones are better quality-wise, they apply really easily! These needed a bit more work for the desired effect to be honest!
    So... neutral colours for drag makeup?? That sounds completely opposite from the usual... *you got me intrigued*! ;) xxxx

    @Haribo: Thank you for your lovely comment! :)
    And yes, those are my exact thoughts on this palette too, they should have focused more on the eyeshadows instead of adding this next-to-useless lip drawer, trying to make it a "kit"!!! xx

    @Madiha: Thank you so much dear! :) xx

    @Ali: They 're not so bad in real life, I 'm guessing my camera flash makes them appear sparklier than they really are!! x

  12. @λειντι ντι: Lol, good, because I have no experience with Givenchy eyeshadows, I guess I should cross one brand off the list!!! Haha! xxx

  13. I actually saw this at ulta! I thought it was really pretty, but I have one too many neutral palettes so I passed :)

    That is true about the lip shades, you would think they would actually match the eyeshadows and be neutral...but I guess not?? Love the looks you did! You have such pretty eyes! I would actually recommend the too faced natural eye palette..I think it's my favorite neutral palette ever!

  14. Nanny Pat from The Only Way Is Essex
    ahaha I love it! xx

  15. Hehehe @the nanny Pat comment.
    I don't really like palettes.Because there will be at least 1 colour that you won't like.And you'll have to use it because you paid for it.Sooo I don't have any palettes...
    I like single eyeshadows.They may be a bit more expensive per color, but there's more product and you pay for things you'll use.My fave nude ones are from Korres and from Too Faced.
    I love your eye looks koukla!
    I thiiink I like the lipsticks too.At least they're pigmented.I've seen some "lipsticks" in palettes that end up being like you've used vaseline and glitter on your lips.I'll try and do sth similar with your night time one next time I'll go out!

  16. I got myself this palette too as soon as I saw it on Temptalia and I was suprised by the tiny size too! :-) I like it, even though it's kind of hard to stick your eyeshadow brushes into the tiny pans! :-)

  17. That looks so neat, I love the idea of an eyeshadow palette with some basic neutral colours- both matte and shimmery!

    One palette I'm liking a lot is the Body Shop's Shimmer Cubes; 4 little cubes that are individually packaged, so I can mix&match my favourite shades into one palette ;)


  18. @ellamarie84: Thank you doll! Happy you liked this post!
    And I agree, I just wish they put a little more thought into this palette..unless I got it wrong (I mean, was I supposed to mix the two lip shades or sth???)!
    And I did google the Too Faced palette for swatches: guess what, it looks VERY VERY similar to this one, even the way they eyeshadows are placed! Ofc, I 'd assume the TF has better quality..but eeeh, what can you do! xxxx

    @Sophie: Well.. it's true, Nanny Pat would ROCK this shade! Ahaha!

    @Ria: Well, she is nanny Pat after all, so a granny-ish colour would be suitable! Don't be fooled, my swatch probably makes it appear more flattering, haha!
    But yeah, they 're decently pigmented, I gotta give them that!
    I think you 're doing the best thing when it comes to eyeshadows! And if we're talking MAC or TBS ones, then you can depot them and make your own custom ones! ;)
    Filia! xxx

    @Blusherine: Yes, I know what you mean, I have to place my 217 diagonally to fit, lol! ;)
    How are you getting on with this palette? What looks are you doing with it? xx

  19. @cbsg5861: Yes, I love it when there's a bit of variety in a palette!
    And I haven't forgotten about TBS... I 'm definitely going to be picking up a few things in the upcoming sale season...all because of you, haha! ;) xxx

  20. LOVE the colours in that palette! Perfect combo. Shame about the lips though, loled at the descriptions. xox

  21. @su-pah: Yes, I think one can make a nice variety of looks with it (seeing as we're both quite the neutral eyeshadow lovers, lol)!
    Thank u for your comment hon! xx

  22. NYX products are really affordable. But I do agree that neither lipsticks are natural in colour. Ah well, the bubblegum pink would be up my alley I think :)
    The bronze colour shadow looks gorgeous on you and I love your nighttime eye look!
    I've been in love with MAC Corduroy and MAC Soft Brown shadows for the past half year or more now :) So I think that's my neutral suggestion.

  23. These are such lovely palettes! I searched the Eyeshadow one at my local ULTA...but as usual all good things are Out of Stock...:(

  24. YOU are so beautiful! Your eyes look amazing and i absolutely adore neautral looks on you :) xx

  25. @Karen: Yes, I think that the bubblegum pink shade is definitely your colour (even if it's completely different from the model's)!
    Will check on Corduroy, as for Soft Brown it's on my next purchases list! ;)
    Thank you for your lovely comment girlie! ;) xxx

    @resham: Well.. these companies need to realise that neutral palettes will always be huge hits, they should make and stock more of them imo... It doesn't make sense to release a permanent item/palette that won't be restocked again for a 2-3 month period... Although of course limited number of products guarantees bigger sales I 'm sure...

    @fashion written with a lipstick: Awwww, thank you sweetheart! You 're making me blush! :) xoxo


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