My wardrobe's Christmas Wishlist!

Now let's pretend for a moment that a wardrobe writes a letter to Santa... what would it say?

Here's my (wardrobe's) version:

Dear Santa Claus,
greetings from Tina's wardrobe!

How is Mrs Claus, the elves and Rudolph? I bet you 're all into your freshly laundered outfits, ready for this holiday season! And perhaps you're sporting a deeper, trendier shade of red this time? Or did you just change the fur trim from your outfits into...shearling? :)

So, Santa, before I say anything else, I have to let you know that I 've been a very good wardrobe this year! I may be small and cramped, but I 've been neat and clean and got rid of my useless contents!

Don't I deserve a few treats? In case you were wondering, here's a few options:

- Clog boots. Now, my owner isn't 100% sure on these and is afraid they'd be hard to style, but I really like them and all the other "cool" wardrobes have them!
- Knit sweater/poncho. You see, most of my knits are black or grey turtle necks, I need sth pretty to look at (and that would keep my owner warm too).
- Silver necklace. Because I 've seen too many bohemian pieces this year and I miss the edgier ones a bit.
- Feather clutch. You see, that would make me think that I have more in common with Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe than I really do!
- Ankle boots. Camel ones for everyday, sexy black ones for nights out. Practical of me, no?

Well, Santa, the choice is up to you... hope you have a good one this year and bring all the wardrobes of the world what they want (except for most of the celebrities' wardrobes, because they are all too crowded)!

Stay warm,
a plain and humble wardrobe.

Obviously this post is not to be taken too seriously - just a funny way of sharing with you a few pieces that I 've been eyeing for this winter!

What do you think of the clog boots? Too... questionable?
And, what would your wardrobe ask from Santa? :)

PS: Please take a couple of seconds to answer my poll question to the right!

What's your opinion?

  1. I love that clutch! And as far as clog boots go-- I think they;re cute as long as they're styled right.

  2. I love this post! It's so adorable and inspirational. I was thinking of doing something along the lines but now you've beat me to it. Very creative and I certainly hope Santa brings nice additions to your wardrobe.

  3. This is such a cute letter to Santa..I think the sweetest one he'll receive all year ;)

  4. Shoes addict or I think so??
    Loved your post as always!!So cute letter to Santa!!You deserve your list achievement!!!
    Hugs and kisses!!!

  5. What a nice letter, I hope Santa brings you everything on this wishlist! I like clog boots, although I'm not sure if this trend is going to last for more than one winter.
    I have a lot of shoes in my wishlist too: over-the-knee boots, platform pumps, more ankle boots and also a couple of bags, a sequined skirt for the holidays and a few other things. I'm greedy, I know!

    PS: I voted for outfit posts! Hope you decide to do them!

  6. Ha ha, if only a wardrobe would take the initiative to write down a wishlist for Santa! Cut to fit the owner's taste!

    I voted for fashion hauls- so that way if I see something I like, I can go out and get it when it's still available ;)


  7. haha, I heart this are too cute, Tina!

    I like clog boots, but I think it's hard to find the perfect pair. I bought some but returned them because they looked too clunky. Those are adorable tho!

    LOVE the necklace! I agree, I haven't bought anything silver for like a year :) It's time to bring it back I think!

  8. haha aww sweet!! hope santa gets your letter ;) x

  9. @cork's closet: Yes, I feel the same way about clog boots.. it certainly needs a bit of caution when styling them, but it can be done! x

    @mckinseyann: Lol, thank you dear! That's very sweet of you... and please, feel free to let your wardrobe send a letter to Santa too! Lol! :) x

    @fantastic: Awwwww! :) Not true though, but thank you! ;) xoxox

    @Blushingloves: Maaajor shoe addict!!! Why, can't you tell? ;) Lol!
    Thank you for your super sweet comment love! I appreciate that you always leave me such wonderful comments! xxx

  10. @Arietta: Thank you sweetie! And yes, I don't think clog boots are such a..classic piece by any means, however they 're unusual and I *think* I could pull them off... we shall see..!
    Your wishlist sounds VERY VERY nice to my ears... and platform pumps is sth that I don't own.. but if u have to choose, go with over-the-knee boots, they're so you, you'd rock them! ;)
    And thx for the vote, I 'll probably be making a lot more fashion related posts in the new year... ;) xxxx

    @cbsg5861: Honestly, I 'd be curious to know what your wardrobe would have to say! ;)
    Thx for the feedback, and you make a great point! Consider it noted! xxx

    @Girl With The Golden Touch: Ah, me too... although they'd prob be too high for me.. *sigh*, a girl (or..wardrobe) can dream...! :) x

    @ellamarie84: Aw, thank you sweetheart, you always make me blush! :) And phew, I found another one that likes clog boots enough to get a pair.. not so surprised that it was you though, I know that if we ever went out on a shopping spree together, our shopping bags would be almost identical, haha! xxxx

  11. @Georgia: Lol! :) Thank you girl! Let's hope "Santa"'s listening.. hehe! xxx

  12. I love all the peices :) I hope Santa is paying close attention this year!

  13. Oh I would love shoes too! Shoes shoes shoes!!! :-)

  14. Hey Huni! How are you? :) Ah, did I tell you that while I was on vacation in Asia, I was not able to open your blog site?!!! They're so crazy and overly controlling there - so if you have very few or no Asian followers, now you know why - because your blog is not able to show up due to some content it in :S
    I loved your creative letter!
    Oooooo the black suede booties are stunning! The sweater knit is very cute although I always need a lower cut neckline because anything close to my neck makes me ticklish LOL
    And I love the feather clutch - fab for a night out.
    I don't think I could pull off clog boots :(
    My closet is about to burst but I would LOVE a nice cashmere blended winter coat. I can never have too many coats or jackets :) Perhaps in the colour royal blue since I do not have a royal blue coloured winter coat yet

  15. Hi, I'm new to your blog :) I loved your wardrobe's letter to Santa, it was so cute!! I love the way you write and that feather clutch is to die for ... I hope Santa brings your wardrobe everything it asked for <3

    Laura xx

  16. τα μποτινια τελεια !!!!!

  17. the feathered clutch is from ASOS right? my best friend bought it a while back and i keep borrowing it!!! its perfect xXxXx

  18. I love your selection. Esp the Boots and Obviously the Necklace...I wish you end up getting all of these...Good Luck...:)

  19. hey dear...Voted on the poll...I guess you know what I would have!!!

  20. What a nice little, and humble wishlist made but a humble wardrobe!!
    Love everything except for..the clog boots.
    I absolutely loathe this trend since Karl Lagerfeld came up with it a season ago. I hate anything that has to do with clogs! xD

    But apart from that this is a very nice and rational wishlist!
    Hope you get everything for this Christmas honey :) xx

  21. Oh your wishlist is so nice!
    Θα μπορουσε χαλαρα να ειναι δικη μου!
    Λατρευω τα μποτακια σε καθε μορφη πραγματικα!!
    Φιλια πολλα!

  22. Dear Santa,

    I wish for the same feather clutch as Tina :D

  23. eyxomai na sou ta ferei ola o santa! polla polla filia!

  24. Personally wishing for that Neal cardigan at UO ): Going to wait patiently for Boxing day sales though.. Hope you get everything on your wishlist!

  25. OMG I love this post sooo much, its so original and the way you put it all up and agree with most :)) Great idea...

    Kisses...Tamara xoxo

  26. This is so cute! and love the boots xx

  27. I love the choices on your Christmas wish list and love you blog! Just want to extend you the invite of a fabulous Christmas giveaway for a Marc by Marc Jacobs Handbag enter @


  28. @ladyb: Thank you hunni! :) Hope the same thing goes for you too! ;) xxx

    @Blusherine: Haha, spoken like a true fellow shoe addict! ;) I hear you sister! Lol! :DDD xxx

    @Karen: So, wait, is it just my blog or blogs in general? I don't get it, I mean, I wear "nude" lipsticks a lot, but surely there has to be a better reason than that..? Thanks for letting me know, wish there was sth I could do to change that..!
    Loving your royal blue idea, a coat like that would be super pretty and I don't think it could ever go out of style! ;) Hope you get one this year, I 'm sure you 'll be able to...squeeze it in somewhere! Haha! <3 xxx

    @Laura: Thank you for your kind words and I truly hope that Santa will make your wishes come true as well! :) x

  29. @Mairyliscious: Αααχ κι εγω τα θαυμαζω!!! Απο αποσταση για την ωρα! :D xxx

    @LiLy: Yes, the clutch is from asos!!! And you're very lucky for having friends that share the same style sense with you! :) xx

    @resham: Thank you love! I hope so too..although no luck so far! Haha!
    Thank you for voting, I really appreciate the feedback! xxx

    @fashion written with a lipstick: Awww, thank you doll! And I truly hope that your Christmas/New Years wishes come true too!
    As for clog boots, yes, they're not to everyone's taste and I can see why. And when they first (re)came out, I hated them as well! Definitely not the kind of choice when in doubt what to wear, they need a little more effort than that! Thank u for commenting! Mwah! xx

  30. @Artemi: Σε ευχαριστω πολυ κοπελα μου! Kαι χαιρομαι να ανακαλυπτω κι αλλες.. shoe lovers! Lol! ;) xxx

    @Delance Fashion: I truly hope Santa hears you out Emilie, cos you'd surely style it amazingly! ;) xxxx

    @Froso M.: Thank you dear! Ν α σαι καλα! Φιλια! xx

    @deardesiree: You made me look it up, great cardigan, love the big pockets! Thank you so much and hope u manage to get your wishlist pieces as well! x

  31. @Glam and Glitter: Thank you so much darling! :) Feel free to do this too, I 'd love to read your wishlist items! ;) xxx

    @Orla xx: Thank you dear! :) x

    @Fashion Forward Journal: Thank you for your kind words! And welcome! :) x

  32. I think a girl can never have enough boots. Your closet should be asking for many more ;)

  33. Hey Hun - oh I only had problems accessing your blog when I was in Asia and I checked about maybe 10 other blogs and they all came up. I'm not sure why yours wouldn't come up....I could access my blog and I believe I have written the word "nude" many times in reference to lipsticks :) Ah well, I'm back home and I can access your blog now!
    Yes I would absolutely find room for a royal blue peacoat! Even if I have to build a wardrobe that extends out to my balcony haha

  34. Hehe- this is such an adorable post!! If Santa has an IPad, you can forward him the link to this post ;P ;P And your "About Me" blurb definitely brought a smile to my face bc I AGREE!!!! Makeup and fashion never hurt anyone, after all, we're all still alive and well!!!! :D :D

    *Claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  35. Νομίζω πως έχουμε το ίδιο ακριβώς γούστο στα παπούτσια!!!
    So,an emfanistei o Santa,pes tou na perasei kai ligo apo to blog mou pou 8a anevasw mia wishlist autes tis meres ;)

    makari na sta ferei!

  36. @Laura: Thank you Laura!

    @Cel: Ah, I couldn't agree with you more!!! The more boots the merrier!!! Hehe! ;) x

    @Karen: Thank you for letting me know hunni... it seriously puzzles me why... but not sure if there's any way to find out though! :( Lol, are there asian officials one can email...? Hahahahaha! xxx

    @Claudia Paola.: Thank you for your sweet comment dear! :) And yes, it surely doesn't hurt anyone to have fun with some not so... serious hobbies (although not so sure the bank account can always agree to that, lol)! xx

  37. @AthenouKa: Σ'ευχαριστω πολυ! Οπως καταλαβαινεις, εχω ενα θεμα με τα παπουτσια...(και ποια δεν εχει δηλαδη)!!!
    Ευχομαι να σου ερθουν κι εσενα αυτα που επιθυμεις! :) xx


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