The very best of lip balms: Malin + Goetz lip moisturiser!

Hi everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! :)

So, it's almost winter, meaning it's that time of year when the weather starts to take a toll on one's skin; the hands and lips are the first to show signs of dryness. I find that the lips particularly are the ones that suffer the most from the lower temperatures, since they naturally don't produce any oil, which means that a good lip moisturiser is crucial.

And that's even more the case for those of us that have a dry skintype to begin with - now, I don't know about you but I 've been on the hunt for my holy grail lip balm for quite some time now!

And I may have come very very close to finding it in a product by Malin + Goetz, a fairly new New York brand, that focuses entirely on skincare.

Their lip moisturiser comes in a sanitary squeeze tube and claims to work as a soothing treatment, that hydrates dry and chapped lips.
From my experience it does exactly so!

It feels nourishing on the lips immediately upon application and will continue to work its moisturising magic for as long as you keep it on, but, fear not, your lips will still benefit from its hydrating properties for longer after that!

I tested it both during the day and overnight and found that even after it wore off, my lips were noticeably softer and smoother. It's a clear and fragrance-free gel formula, not at all runny (ensuring that it will stay on for a reasonable amount of time). Did I mention that it's not sticky, at all? :)

In other words, a lip treatment that really delivers, without feeling thick or heavy on! Must be sth about its absorbent fatty acid technology (and I 'm a huge fan of scientific breakthroughs in the beauty industry).

However, as much as I *adore* this product for its great results, there are a couple of things that didn't make me 100% happy (ok, maybe I 'm a tough crowd):
a. it doesn't have any spf, and in my opinion it should (lips don't produce a lot of melanin either), and
b. it's not ideal as a lip primer. If your lipstick is more of a satin finish, then yes, you could be able to make this work, but keep in mind that it will completely change the finish of your lipstick to sth creamier; if the lipstick is creamy to start with, then it will separate and settle in your fine lines, not a good look. But then again, lip treatments are probably not meant to double as lip primers, are they...?

That said, my next purchase will be their mojito scented one, sounds yummy!
If you're interested in this, you can check for your local availability here, otherwise is a great alternative.

So, over to you guys: what is your all-time favourite lip balm?
And most importantly, is there such a thing as a great lip moisturiser that can work as a lip primer too or is that too much to ask for?

What's your opinion?

  1. my lips get so dry and flaky in the winter it is such a problem! I haven't really found a lip balm that is great let alone works as a balm and a primer. This one sounds promising and I really want to try it but it will be hard to get a hold of for me =/ Great post!

  2. re: your question. I would say no cause lipbalms are a bit greasy due to their moisturising qualities. i find for example that when I put lip balm on (nivea, eve lom) the lipstick doesn't stay put. that is why i use concealer as primer mainly.

  3. I like the plain old classic liposan. I can't say I've tried many lip balms, but the more complicated, scented or super-duper the product is, the more possible it is for me to be allergic to it! Liposan is the only thing that doesn't irritate my lips. But if you want to use your lip balm as a primer (meaning that you just want to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick), apply it to your lips before doing the rest of your make up and let it sit while your are doing the face and eyes make up. Then blot the excess with a tissue and apply your lipliner and lipstick. Try this and let me know if it worked for you...

  4. Omg this stuff sounds gorgeous...!! I want :) I searched high and low for years before finding a lip treatment that actually works for me..then I found Avon Beyond Color Lip Conditioner. I love the stuff; gone through at least 10 tubes! It would be good as a primer as well because it sort of gives a nude sheen and really adheres to the it's cheap!

    You'd think with all the millions of lip treatments out there, it would be easy to find a good one...but, no!

    I'm gonna check this stuff out, thanks for the review cause I've never heard of it :) :) : )

  5. This is the time of year when my lips screams for my trusty 8 hr cream... but this sounds good!

    Carmex does the job too with spf in summer.

    Your Uri comment made me laugh so much!

    Hope you have a warm weekend!

  6. This one sounds gorgeous doll!!
    I have also dry lips during winter time!And thats not feeling good!!
    You always find new beauty products to review!!Thanks for this one Tina!!!Going to check!!!
    Hugs and kisses!!!

  7. I am always in the search of a good lip balm! no lipstick looks nice on chapped lips!!! Just discovered your great blog and became a follower.Here is my blog for whenever you feel like stoppin' by! If you do, be sure to enter my prize giveaway - 3 days left. Love from Greece!

  8. My favourite lip balms so far is the Korres Jasmine lip butter and the Body Shop Watermelon lip balm- although they come in a pot (which I don't normally favour), they give the most beautiful milky wash of colour on the lips while providing a decent moisture film ;)

    Aha! So that's why Creme d' Nude separates on me- it was because of the lip balm underneath! Thanks for the info, hun!


  9. @Vida: I agree on the availability of this brand, it's not so easy to get hold of, but do give it a try, I have a feeling that you 'll like it! It's probably the best lip treatment I 've ever tried! xx

    @λειντι ντι: Well, I find that the more..generic stick lip balms do make nice lip primers if used moderately about half an hr prior to lipstick application: the lips would be soft enough to make the application smooth and even. I agree, it won't be much of primer the way foundation or concealer would be, but whenever I use those products, they dry my lips out and make the lipsticks appear like a hot mess!!! xxx

    @Arietta: That's exactly what I do with lip balms like Liposan, the one from The Body Shop etc and it works great on me! However, I find that they lack in the moisturising department, I mean, I have to apply them 3 or 4 a day during the colder months to keep my lips from not getting dry!
    This is what I think about lip balms: you can either have the very rich, moisturisng ones for treatment and the simple cheaper stick ones to prep your lips for lipstick! I 'd just *wish* there was a miracle product that could do both!!! Who knows, maybe in the future...! xxx

    @ellamarie84: Hm, Avon is a brand I tend to overlook, guess I should give it a go!
    And you 're welcome, if u do get this I hope you'll enjoy it like I do! xx

  10. I have 2 that I absolutely *ADORE*.
    One is by Crazy rumors and it's in French Vanilla (imagine a latte vanilla drink.It's all in that magic tube.Including the flavour.And it's got natural ingredients only) which I use everyday, and then it's the balm that saved my nose and face from dryness when I had a cold.It's by Figs&Rouge and it's caled Rambling rose.And smells like a rose.
    *Le sigh*
    They both seem to get along with my lipsticks, but I don't know if they're good primers on others as well.
    Filakiaaaaaa, paw na dw to mojito tous <3

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  12. @A BRIT GREEK: It's by far the best lip balm/treatment I 've ever tried!!!
    Have yet to try Carmex though and now I have enough lip balm to last me till summer! Oops! Lol! :) Will keep it in mind tho! Thx for your recommendation! xxxx

    @Blushingloves: Glad you liked this koukla! Yes, I do try to discover new products, I was sick and tired of mac, mac, mac all the time...!
    Do check this out, it is a little pricey, but so worth it!!! Filakiaaa! xoxo

    @L.M.: Thank you for your nice comment dear! And welcome! ;) xx

    @cbsg5861: Yes, well, that's exactly it, I 'm not a fan of lip products that u have to dive your finger into them, for sm1 that applies lip balm a few times a day, it's a huge hassle to have to wash my hands 10 times more (on top of the existing 20, lol)!
    As for Creme d Nude, yes, it's too creamy to work with a thicker lip balm.. try a lighter hand w your lip balm, dotting it on and leaving it for hf an hr b4 lipstick application and it should work a bit better (nth groundbreaking here, I know, but seems to work for me)

  13. @Ria: Yum!!!! You've described a couple of gorgeous scents@
    Mucho tempted now! Χαχα! ;) xxxx
    PS: All the coffee scented ones must be delicious!!!

    @martienn: Lol, thank u for your comment doll! xx

  14. will have to try out the Malin + Goetz lip moisturizer as i'm always on the look out for new lip products, at the moment i'm using carmex which i have found to be the best for my lips so far x

  15. I've never heard of this brand and I love how you always like to experiment with different brands and such. Like yourself, I don't really think any lip moisturizer is a great lip primer. If I put anything under my lipstick, it's lip liner or my MAC prep + prime lip.
    My all time favourite lip balm is the MAC lip conditioner (in the tub form, not the stick form). Have you tried it before?

  16. Hey! My lips are ridiculous at winter time. Its the same every year from march to October they are fine, then November hits and its chapped city. I've had numerous lip balks and I don't feel like they make a difference but maybe I am not persevering enough with them. I've just purchased a lip scrub online so I'm eagerly awaiting its arrival to see how I get on with that.

    Laura xx

  17. strangely enough one lip balm that is a great lipgloss primer is the origins organic lipbalm!I don't know whether it is the consistency of the product (it is quite thick but not sticky).Have in mind that it smells like a mixture of herbs however the smell isn't too overpowering. Also, it is a little lumpy but that doesn't really bother me.
    It sounds strange to even say this given the fact I hated it when I first tried it out. Also it is pretty expensive for a lipbalm however it lasts a very long time if you only use it as a primer(sort of)!
    Hope this helped :)

  18. @Laura: Many people recommend Carmex, it's definitely going to be my next purchase! Thank you! xx

    @Karen: Well, I think it's much more interesting trying products from many brands.. up until a few months ago I would overlook many of them, and now I think that if one is to find HG products or just products that work well for them, they should try as many as they can!
    Nope, I haven't used MAC's lip conditioners, I stay away from lip products in pots, not very practical if you're on the go imo, plus not a very good option for sm1 that has longer(ish) nails either...

    @Laura: I know how it is, I usually re-apply like a crazy woman, because the majority of them don't last very long!
    Which lip scrub are u using? xx

    @Athina: How well does it work with dry or chapped lips? Does it feel like it penetrates the skin..?
    Thank you for letting me know though, I 'll be sure to do some research of my own too! ;) x


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