New Year's Makeup Resolutions!

Happy New Year everyone!
May 2011 bring you all the best in every aspect of your life! :)

And since the new year offers us a chance for a new start, I thought it would be fitting to share with you my 2011 makeup resolutions!

So, in 2011 I aim to:

1. Improve my makeup application skills. Which do not completely suck per se, but they're definitely not stellar either, something which is quite noticeable in my eye makeup looks. Plenty of room for improvement here.

2. Embark on a project: Glossout 2011. Following the lead of many YT-ers who did this last year (I think it was vanewpc who first started it), I 'll be banning myself from any lipgloss purchases for the whole of 2011. I'm only allowing myself to buy clear lipgloss IF I absolutely need it for a makeup look, but that's it. What led me to this you may ask? This:

Nough said (and there's a good couple layers below all that too)!

3. Finally discover the skincare routine that benefits my combination, acne prone skin the most. I 've been suffering from nasty breakouts almost since last summer and I 'd love to change that. This will require some patience, no doubt, but I feel up to the task.

4. Stop being a fake lash n00b. I'm almost completely useless when it comes to applying false eyelashes - I need a ton of practice. I wanted to become a little more skilled within 2010, but that didn't happen. Perhaps 2011 will witness some change in that.

So, those were my makeup resolutions for the new year. Don't be surprised if you see skincare, fake lash or lipgloss update posts in the future - you'd know the reason!

Has anyone made any new year's makeup resolutions?
Or any 2011 resolutions in general they'd like to share? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. I have WAY too much lipgloss too. Going along with that, I've actually banned myself from buying any kind of makeup. It probably won't last all year but I'm cutting way back and not buying any at least for a good few months!

  2. Happy New Year Huni!
    Makeup resolutions? Hmmm...similar to your #2 except mine extends for almost all makeup (blush, shadows, foundations, lipglosses/lipsticks) and hair products until I clear up some of my stash. I have too much LOL
    It can be a bit of a challenge in finding a great skincare routine that works. I have sensitive skin so it's a bit easier for me - I just stick to the few products that don't irritate my skin.
    I had to work on #4 last year around this time of year. But I just kept up with it everyday and by the end of the second week, I started to get the hang of it a bit more :) Looking forward to your posts with fake lashes!

  3. Happy new year! I'm planning a massive stash clear out, and I think not buying lipgloss is a great idea. I have about 20 lipglosses, and I don't even like them that much - I'm much more of a lipstick girl! Good luck for your resolutions in 2011! xx

  4. Happy new year sweetie! My best wishes for a creative, fun and joyful year. As for your make up resolutions you could combine 1 with 4 and start posting eye make up looks with false eyelashes. That will give you the chance to practice some more.
    As for me, I don't have any particular make up resolutions, just to be more creative and try to do my absolute best every time!

  5. wish you a happy new Year 2011 hun!And I'm in for the lashes!!hehe I'm awful still though I hadsome practise last year ...well it wasnt enough obviously!!and waiting for your new holy grain skin routine results and reviews!!!

  6. Great list! I need to do this too. I have way too much of everything. LOL.

  7. happy new year! lol re:lipglosses. I feel the same. my ban would probably last until may 2014...hehehe

  8. I have already completely banned myself from any lipgloss purchases as my collection is ridiculous. I have given away so much already, but I will never be able to use up the ones I have decided to keep! That is completely ridiculous.

    I also want to learn how to apply false lashes (=

    Happy new year!

  9. @Jennifer: I know how you feel, I 've been cutting back on makeup purchases for the last half of 2010, sometimes it's nice to re-discover your collection instead of buying the new LE thing (*cough* MAC)! Good luck with your ban!

    @Karen: Thank you doll, you too! :)
    Ah, we all have more than enough makeup to last us a good few years huh? We all need to make an effort to use what we got imo!
    And yes, I 'll be surely keeping you guys updated on my lash and skincare adventures! ;) xxx

    @TheBristolBeautyBlog: I'm exactly like you, I 'm more of a lipstick fan, and with that in mind I have waaaaay toooo much lipgloss! I need to go through my lipglosses, I feel bad they're just sitting there waiting to...go off, lol! Many thanks btw!

    @Arietta: Καλη χρονια κουκλα μου! Ευχομαι και σε σενα ο καινουριος χρονος να φερει υγεια, χαρουμενες στιγμες και...διαφορα τυχερα, χεχε! :)
    Τhanks for the advice - you're right, after all it makes sense to apply false lashes after a (more intense) eye makeup, huh? :)
    And your makeup skills are already amazing, if I were you I 'd be very proud of myself, lol! ;) xxx

  10. @Blushingloves: Happy 2011 Ειρηνη μου! May it bring tons of health and happiness to you and your family!
    I hear you on the lash front, same with me! But I'm determined to improve, lol! ;) xxx

    @Michelle (LipstickRules): Lol, I wonder if there is one beauty blogger/YTer that doesn't have extreme (by normal ppl standards)amounts of makeup!!! But I feel bad, especially about lipglosses which go off after a few years, I have so much it'll be a task allright to use some up before I have to throw them away! xx

    @λειντι ντι: Happy New Year dear! Yes, that's exactly the case with me and lipglosses too. I won't be needing any for many years to come. Sadly, I can imagine a lot would have expired until then, so I need to get the project started! x

    @G A B Y: Sounds like we share the same makeup challenges! Hopefully in 2011 we'll bring those things around! :) Happy 2011 dear! x

  11. I wish you lots of luck with your lipgloss ban project, sometimes it can be so hard to constrain yourself! I tried it last year and although I'm a lipstick wh***, the fact that lipgloss was banned made it instantly more and more appealing to me! Go figure *o*

    Hmmm, a beauty resolution for 2011... It's similar to your #3, clear skin makes a world of difference on make-up routine. No smokey eye/ red lipstick looks great combined with those hard-to-cover-up acne scars!


  12. Great post. I haven't set myself any resolutions. I would like to sort my nails out but that's a never ending battle. I ought to ban myself from buying any more taupe eyeshadows but I can't bring myself to go through with it! Good luck with all of you resolutions.
    Jane x

  13. Happy New Year doll!

    I really should join you in the gloss-out 2011. I have a disgusting amount of gloss myself..but I don't know if I have the willpower! I need strength to accomplish such a lofty goal like that.. :D

    I am totally with you on the skincare! I feel much the same about myself, hoping to get my skin in tip-top shape. The one and only New Years resolution I consciously made was to NOT pick at my face anymore! I am really determined to stick to it.

  14. @cbsg5861: Thank you so much girl! But I don't think it's gonna be that hard (to restrain myself), I have such a huge variety of lipglosses atm, that it's disgusting, I don't need or want anymore!!! It will be tough to use some of them up though!
    Good luck with your skincare project too, hopefully we'll get better and clearer skin within 2011! ;) xxx

    @ModestyBrown: Thank you so much Jane! And believe me, I understand that taupe shadow temptation all too well (I mean, how can u say no to sth like Solstice Halcyon, huh?)!
    Good luck with your nails, keep them moisturised and be patient is what I can say (helps me at least)! xoxo

    @ellamarie84: Happy New Year love! :) Join meeeee!!!! Bet u have enough to shop your stash too, so... ;) ;)
    I 'm 100% with you on the hands-off-face rule! It seems that the left side of my face has a lot more spots and pimples, since I hold my chin against my left hand very often lately! :/ Definitely sth to change! Good luck with your resolution(s) too! xxxxx


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