YSL Golden Gloss in #10 - Golden Peony: review & swatches!

by - January 19, 2011

Time to review something a bit more high-end this time!

Namely, a lipgloss by YSL (which if you didn't know by now is one of my favourite brands when it comes to lip products)!

YSL's Golden Gloss in No 10, Golden Peony, is a shimmering, light neutral pink lipgloss. Shimmering being the operative word here, because, let me tell you, the amounts of golden shimmer contained in this lipgloss are not for the faint-hearted!
It even shows up on these photos and, as most of us know, catching the shimmer on pictures is not the easiest task - so, you can only imagine how that translates in real life.

Here's a few more swatches of it.
From what you can see, it applies on the sheer side, which is a bit of a let-down, however the golden flecks are still much noticeable! Like other YSL Golden Glosses, I found that it applies smoothly, has a nice mango scent and is moisturising, with moderate stickiness.

One thing that I recently(!) discovered is that all the Golden Glosses by YSL contain 0,2of 24 ct gold - now, that is a miniscule amount, but it definitely adds to the whole luxurious feel!

Obviously, the biggest disadvantage of these lipglosses is the price. However, if you're looking to treat yourself to a super (and I mean super) shimmery lip product, well, do keep this in mind!

What do you think of YSL's Golden Glosses? And where do you stand on shimmering ones in general? Any recommendations for more affordable options (and yes, I'm still on glossout 2011 people, but can't hurt to ask, right)? :)

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  1. I ended up getting rid of mine. I felt they didnt last long enough on lips so as much as i loved the sparkle.. the watery texture just didnt do it for me. I want more color!!!

  2. I think ysl have excellent shimmer standards which are also unique. But man I hate the brush! Totally uncontrollable. For smt lower end but very shimmery I recommend radiant"s pink pearl in 45. Has a sponge as well. For shimmer I d go for chanle and ysl and for frosty gloss with lasting quality I d go for guerlain.

  3. what a gorgeous gloss! Tbh i have MAC nymphette and i dont want any other now! It is pretty similar too...

  4. @Carlinn: Well, it's a light pink..shimmery...ysl..! ;) Hehe! ;) xx

    @Tali: All of them? :( Some are really pretty... But, yeah, I know what you mean, I would love it if they were a tad more opaque too! Although more colour and this amount of shimmer could end up a little too much!! xxx

    @λειντι ντι: I'm used to the lip brush by now... it doesn't bother me at all!
    Btw, you've recommended a ton of stuff, hehe! Need to keep this in mind for future reference! ;) x

    @EllysMakeupbag: Nymphette is one of the very few lipglosses by MAC that I want to try, despite their stickiness!!! Might take the plunge in 2012, haha! xx

  5. Its looks so pretty! I'm not sure if it's pretty enough to justify the price tag but generally speaking, I LOVE shimmery lip products...especially gold shimmer :)

  6. Wow, this looks fab! I love the colour and the fact that it's so shiny! Anything that sparkles is good in my book <3

  7. I so hear you on the price thing, but the YSL glossies are pretty top notch!

    Have you checked online to see if you can get a better deal anywhere else?

    Otherwise i'll have to consider opening an online e-beauty store in Greece!

    Hope you're well Tina!


  8. Wow that looks like a gorgeous gloss. I wouldn't mind that it's sheer, because the gold flecks are so visible and glamorous. I also like Estee Lauder glosses, they have a lovely smell and texture, but are also expensive. I swear by Mac's clear gloss which you can mix with e/s or glitter or whatever and create so many different liglosses! xxx

  9. Great review Hun! Oh gosh I love shimmer in lipglosses. It's so glam and really brings focus to the lips. That's super cool that the YSL lipglosses have a bit of 24 ct gold in them! It certainly does add to the luxurious feel (maybe slightly justifying the price to our bfs LOL).
    I actually kind of like how this is sheer because you can layer it on top of any other lipstick or plain gloss and get shimmer (great esp for evenings/nights out).
    I don't have many suggestions on shimmery lipglosses. But a few times, I have used MAC glitter reflects pigments (like transparent teal for example) and applied it to my lips to make my gloss more shimmery/sparkly for a night out :)

  10. great review. it looks gorgeous on the lips. i have never tried anything from ysl but really want to try one of their rouge volupte lipsticks.

  11. great review. it looks gorgeous on the lips. i have never tried anything from ysl but really want to try one of their rouge volupte lipsticks.

  12. @Tiffany: Hehe, we all need a bit of shimmer in out lives don't we? :) Even...YSL shimmer sometimes! Lol! xx

    @Cel: Oh, I hear you, believe me! Lol! :) xx

    @Mairyliscious: Σ'ευχαριστω κουκλα! xxx

    @A BRIT GREEK: Actually, a greek beauty e-shop would be amazing, would come really convenient!
    As for YSL availability (and Chanel and Dior etc), I only know of Strawberry Net, although I 've never purchased from them (I hear there's been a few concerns regarding authenticity)!
    Wish there was a beauty etailer that could offer better prices for our high end products...! :( xxx

  13. @Arietta: Yes, MAC's clear lipgloss is the only thing I'm allowing myself to buy this year, if needed! ;) I see we have different taste in lip gloss, I 've found that both MAC and Estee Lauder are too sticky for my liking... They do last well longer on the lips though, but the feeling is so uncomfortable! xxx

    @Karen: Yes, you're right, I suppose that it can work as a glittery accent too! ;) And those are great tips!!! I've seen a couple of YT gurus do the pigment thing, but I've never tried it myself! Which actually shows that I really need to start using my makeup items in more ways! xox

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: Thank you dear! Ah, yes, the Rouge Volupte ones! They're probably the creamiest lipsticks you can find (that can be both a good and a bad thing)! They come in beautiful colours tho, so it's hard to resist them! ;) xx

  14. Hi Tina, I love sparkly glosses and this one looks great! I have been meaning to try one of these ever since I heard they contain real gold, what a luxury! :-)

  15. Georgina on a weekend? huh? please clarify.. lol.

    I live for glossimers. I must have 20 Chanel colours.

    x X

  16. HAHAS! ok thanks :) yeah maybe I'll do a post about them.

    It's been a while.. always nice hearing from you. Hope 2011 is already treating you well.

    x X

  17. How long do these glosses last on your lips? And do they disappear leaving behind the glitter? That's the ONLY thing that annoys me about glittery glosses!

  18. I must admit I have a fear of shimmer on my lips, probably because of an old shimmery gloss that made my lips look dreadful... This one looks nice, though. Very classy and grown-up, if it makes any sense!


  19. Oh the golden glosses are beautiful! I wish I had one in my collection...Maybe I should treat my self :P

    I love your blog by the way!

  20. Hey girl,

    Interestingly enough, I recently attended a fash biz forum event and there was a lot of talk about e-commerce!

    Thanks for letting me know re: Strawberry!


  21. Love this gloss and your blog

    Follow me please

    Let me know if you have any comments/ideas/suggestions.



  22. oh that looks so pretty! I don't like my lip glosses to be too opaque so this is perfect for me

  23. @Blusherine: Yes, real gold and more reasons to make our wallets lighter! Lol! It is pretty though, that's for sure! ;) xx

    @FASHION CHALET: Just a belated thank you for stopping by hun! And I'm still waiting on that Glossimer post! ;) xxx

    @Ki: I apologise for the very late reply... Unfortunately I'm not a good jugde of longevity when it comes to lip products, since I'll frequently drink some coffee or water or eat sth during the day! However, you are right, when these do fade, they do leave the glitter behind (thankfully just on my lips and not all over from my experience)!!! x

    @cbsg5861: Yes, I know what you mean!!! I'm usually more of a creamy, opaque lipgloss fanatic myself most of the time! These arent exactly "frosty" though, so, I happily wear them! Lol! xxx

  24. @Aint That Pretty...: YSL is a perfect brand to treat yourself with in my opinion! And a belated thank you for your sweet comment! :) x

    @A BRIT GREEK: So, if you have the idea and the know-how, what are you waiting for woman? Greek beauty shopaholics could use you! Haha!
    And you're most welcome! :) xx

    @E.: Hi Emma, thank you for your kind words! x

    @Delyteful Speaks: Well then, this might me just the thing for you! ;) x


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