What's in my bag (makeup bag included!)!

Time to revive one of the oldest and most popular tags among bloggers: the "What's in your bag/purse" tag!
In fact I think that the person who "officially" first tagged me for this, is Tali @The Gloss Goss - yet another tag I never did in time! But, better late than never, right?

So, if you wish to take a peek inside my handbag, please keep reading!

The bag I'm using at the moment is this khaki Zara handbag, that I bought a couple of months ago on ebay (have to let my beloved Kooba rest every now and then). It's quite large and fits all the stuff I carry with me on a daily basis quite nicely.

So, from what you can see on the picture above, we have:
- my keys
- my 2 cellphones (since I have 2 sim cards)
- my makeup bag (the contents of which are listed below)
- an umbrella (I always carry one with me)
- my black zipper wallet (by Killah)
- a black pen
- a Grazia (yes, from the magazine) makeup bag that carries antibacterial wipes, tissues and feminine products)
- chewing gum
- a pair of gloves (these ones are black sequin half gloves - my favourite pair), and
- a Moleskine notebook.

Pretty basic, right?

As for those of you interested in my everyday makeup bag, these are its current contents:

- a little pouch with a MAC 129 sh brush and a mini 213
- Marc Jacobs Daisy in the rollerball form (a perfume I don't really like, but is a nice one to refresh yourself if you're on the go)
- contacts solution & case
- Benefit Erase Paste
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance (that shouldn't be here)
- random lip glosses I'm trying to use up
- The Body Shop lip balm
- a black L'oreal eye khol pencil
- a Max Factor eyeshadow duo (review to come)
- MAC msf natural in light medium
- L'oreal Volume Collagene mascara (that I should probably toss any day now)
- NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo
- an old Estee Lauder flat brush (I apply bronzer with this)
- a Cosmopolitan kabuki (this is scratchy, I need to replace it with a softer one), and
- Dove hand cream.

Ok, that was a long list, I should probably engage in some makeup bag clearing-out this week!!!

So, what do you guys think? Too little? Too much?
And, what do you carry in your bags and makeup bags? Do write it in the comments, I'd love to know! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. That is definately not too much nor it is too little. It sounds just about right to me!great post ;)

  2. Nice post. I dislike MJ daisy as well, headache galore.

  3. It was nice to see what you have in your handbag ;)
    I carry just about the same as you do - except I only carry around my makeup bag if I'm sleeping over somewhere....other than that, if I go clubbing or something, I just have my DUO lash glue (god forbid half an eyelash comes off like in the middle of the shopping mall LOL), lipgloss, lipbalm, and contact comfort eye drops. But I see you carry around your contact solution and contact case! That's a good habit!
    Oh and I also always carry one bottle of perfume around (usually the 30 mL size) and some gum/fresh mint strips.
    My bag weighs A TON though! Even Evgueni who's in good shape asked me two days ago what the heck was in my bag when I had him carry it LOL

  4. τι τελεια τσαντα !!!!!!! και ποσο την αγορασες αν επιτρεπεται !

  5. αχ θελω την τσαντα την ψαχνω στο e bay δεν τη βρισκω !!!!!παρεπιπτοντως εχω κι εγω το νεσεσερ grazia :)))

  6. I love your bag and the Grazia make up bag, so lovely! I sometimes carry perfume samples, tampons, hand sanitizer and all the basics, such as wallet, sunglasses, cell phone etc. My bag is usually filled with receipts and pieces of paper with notes that I clean up from time to time. I don't carry a make up bag, just a lipgloss/lipstick and maybe a compact powder. Do you carry all that stuff so you can do your make up elsewhere or just refresh it after a few hours? I will only carry make up products if I'm doing a sleep over, otherwise I can always blot my face with toilet paper and even use a liipstick as blush! xxx

  7. Your bag is so organized compared to mine :)(probably due to using it as a book bag and a work bag)

    So glad you finally did the tag!

  8. great post.


  9. @Athina: Thank you sweetie! But, I think it's bordering on a liiiittle too much atm! Lol! xxx

    @EllysMakeupbag: Yes, too strong & flowery for my taste too, but I like its freshness every now and then! ;) I don't really understand why it's SO popular!!! xx

    @Karen: The amount of times I needed to take off my contacts and didn't have my emergency "kit" with me cannot be counted! It's reason alone to turn down an impomptu sleepover!!! So, I just add a few stuff in for good measure!!! Lol!
    And arent men funny? They always complain about our huge bags, but then, they ask, can u pls carry my glasses? Or keys or sth..! Lol! :) xxx
    PS: the on-the-go lash glue sounds smart btw, I would never have thought of that!

    @Mairyliscious: Eνιοτε ψαχνω και στο ebay.de και η συγκεκριμενη ειναι απο κει. Κοστισε περιποu 25-30 ευρω μαζι με εξοδα αποστολης. Βεβαια, δεν ηταν ετσι, ηταν πολυ πιο φαρδια, ουσιαστικα διπλασια στο πλατος (και ακαταλληλη να φοριεται στον ωμο). Οποτε την... ξεκοιλιασα και της εκανα ενα DIY makeover...! Lol! ;) xxx

  10. @Arietta: Thank you sweetie! And your organised "mess" sounds practical! ;) I've recently started carrying a bit more, since I've turned many sleepovers down just because I didn't have my contact case and solution! You never know when you'll need them! But realistically, I only need those, powder, blush, perfume and the occassional lip product, the rest are not neccessary.. however, I use this makeup bag in front of the mirror when I get ready, so it ends up with stuff I dont need on the go..! xxx

    @ladyb: I try to keep it fairly organised... otherwise I end up spending 5 minutes to find what I'm looking for and that's not cool..lol! Glad you enjoyed this hunni! <3 xox

    @SH: Thank you! :)

  11. Yep I totally know what you mean about the contact lens solution and suddenly requiring it because of some random unexpected irritation! I wear torric lenses which are far more uncomfortable than regular lenses - only in the past 1.5-2 years did they come out with a new type of torric lens which is much more bearable all day :S My optometrist had advised me to carry around solution/case/glasses, so I know it's smart of you to do so :)
    I had the same issue with fake lashes randomly peeling off at the edges in the middle of the shopping mall, movie...and then it's totally embarrassing because I'll also have randomly forgot my huge sunglasses to hide behind during those times LOL So, a girl's gotta learn quick to carry around some DUO glue! :P
    Yep, couldn't agree more with you on the guy thing!

  12. ουαου ειμαι εντυπωσιασμενη !!! δλδ τι της εκανες ? μπραβο !!!!

  13. Love the handbag and the colour!!!Its so beautiful and love to see a different colour..meaning not black,just like me!!
    And also I'm jealous for the make up bag content!!Great post sugar and pictures as always!!

  14. Hi Tina!
    I love these posts, it's such a girly thing to talk about what we love to carry around in our bags!
    Have a great day!
    All the best

  15. @Mairyliscious: Bασικα την εκοψα στα δυο απο ακρη σε ακρη και μετα εκοψα 2 ατρακτοειδη κομματια, ενα για καθε πλευρα, ωστε να αφαιρεσω πλατος, διατηρωντας το ανοιγμα ευρυχωρο. Μετα την εραψα με κλωστη στο χερι. Τωρα απλα φαινεται μια ραφη. Οκ, δεν το χω ιδιαιτερα κιολας, αλλα τουλαχιστον τωρα τη χαιρομαι!!!

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Thank you hunni! Yes, we don't need any more black bags!!!! That's for sure! And I've just made an effort to cut down on the makeup items I'm carrying around with me! ;) xxx

    @Princesa Livia: Thank you for tagging me dear! I'll try to do this, I just wish writing facts about myself wasn't so hard!!! xx

    @Blusherine: Yes, I know what you mean, it satisfies some...female curiosity, doesn't it? :) Have a nice weekend! xxx

  16. @margarita ts: Thank you so much for that sweet comment! :) x

  17. <3 your bagg :)
    Could you do a review on Benefit's erase paste by any chance??
    Izzy xx

  18. Hey Hun - here was my input on your question regarding the ankle booties:
    Hmm I totally understand what you're asking regarding the ankle booties and how it won't be fitted around the ankle. I have three black ankle booties and I don't have skinny ankles (far from it) - but there is still a gap. It's not a terribly large gap, but I just tried on the Steve Madden ones and I could fit four fingers in that gap after having them on and zippered up.
    Yeah, I'm a bit funny but when I go bare legs (skirt,dress) I avoid wearing any shoes with an ankle strap (including those ankle booties) or any black shoes. I find black a bit harsh against my skintone. I like to wear black shoes/ankle boots only if I'm wearing pants (jeans, leggings/skinnies) or if I'm going to wear black shoes/ankle boots with a skirt/dress I will have black hosiery (tights/stockings) on so that the colour is more seamless between my skin and the shoes creating a more "lengthening" look.
    Yes I do find that the ankle boots on bare skin with a skirt/dress on is not very flattering - or I just simply don't like the look on myself.
    I've seen a lot of pictures of girls pulling off ankle boots on bare/fair skin and it looks good on them. Maybe it's just my personal taste? I hope this helps Hun ;) Let me know if you have any other questions.

  19. Kairo exw na dw toso organwmeno beautycase! Trelainomai gia tetoia post!

  20. I am also pretty much obsessed with "what's in my bag" post.... So thank you! Love to see how other girls organize and what products they find efficient! P.S. Love your blog!

  21. I really like to read "what's in my bag" posts!!! Your make up bag is pretty full e?! But well... a girl has to have with her whatever she may need! ;) (that's what I am saying about my make-up bag too!! hehe)
    Ohh I luv the Nars duo!!! I am planning on buying it soon too!!!;)
    Have a great week!!!

  22. OMG I have over-commented in this post :S But wanted to get back to you on your question if this was a quicker method than re-checking my blog for an updated answer
    The boho top is not long at all - around hip level on me? I couldn't find the link on the website to this particular top :( But, I can certainly add pictures to this post on Friday when I get back to my place. Right now I'm at my parents place and the top is at my place. How about that? I'll email you or comment on your blog when I've added the extra picture on Friday?
    As I was browsing the Forever21 site looking for a link to that top you liked, I saw this Embroidered Hippie Top and thought of you! Isn't it cute?! I love the floral embroidery on it. I'm not sure if they ship to Greece but if you like, I can certainly help get it for you if you like it.

  23. Wow, you are so well organized! I change bags all the time which results in me forgetting stuff all the time.
    Ooooh I love seeing make up bag contents, you have some really nice products there :D
    I am inclined to make a post like this too.

  24. Not too little/too much, they're just enough! A girl NEEDS those stuff ;)

    What a fun post, I'm thinking of writing this myself, te he!

  25. @Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:): Thank you for your comment and I apologise for the late reply. I've done a mini review on this post here. Let me know if you need a more in-depth review than that! :) xx

    @Karen: Well, my thought was to wear them with black tights, because I too think that the contrast of skin or tights in any other colour against the booties would be a little harsh. But if there isn't a seamless line that runs down the leg, it would look weird and make me look short, so wearing black tights would be pointless! Ah, I'm still undecided on them, and to be honest I'll probably move on to sth new!
    Thanks for your input, I think u helped me make a decision! ;) xxx

    @Froso M.: Thanks my dear! :) xxx

    @Sarah Ashley: Thank you so much for your lovely comment! Yes, most of us enjoy these types of posts, so figured I should make one too! :) x

  26. @Argyro: Well, I did have a little too much stuff, so gave it a clear out not long after this post! So, now it's down to the absolutely neccessary! ;)
    The NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo is more than beautiful, I think everyone *needs* it!!!

    @Cel: I try to be organised, but I'm known to forget stuff in the bag I was using right before too!!! Important things like sunglasses, I mean, there's a reason why there was no pair of sunglasses in this post, haha!
    Would love to see a what's-in-my-bag post from you too! ;) xox

    @cbsg5861: Probably just a little too much, but, hey, what can you do! ;)
    And I'd love to read what's in your bag!!! Do it!!! xxx


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