December favourites are so...last year!

Yet this post will be dedicated to them!

So, here's what I 've been loving this past December:

1. Kerastase Volumactive spray.
If you follow me on twitter, you’d already know that I was looking for a good volumising spray not too long ago, since my hair has been rather limp lately. From my online research, I came to the conclusion that Bumble and Bumble and Aveda make really good volumising sprays, but none of those brands are readily available in my country and I didn’t want to order online, as I was going away for the holidays.
So, I went for this Kerastase one (classic salon brand) instead and I‘m really liking it so far. It does make my hair more voluminous without weighing it down or making it greasy and the results are there after a night’s sleep too. Overall very pleased with it.

2. Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicata blush.
Delicata falls into the neutral blush category - I'd say it's a light brown rose with a subtle shimmer. I don't have a lot to say about it, it's very flattering, matches a variety of makeup looks and photographs well (tried and tested). If your complexion is light/pale and you're looking for a nice neutral blush, then look no further!

3. MAC Intriguing Scarlet: 6 Warm Eyes.
Some of you may remember this from a couple of years ago, it was the warm palette from the Passions of Red holiday collection. Beautiful selection of warm-toned eyeshadows and ideal for the festive holiday season! Naturally, I had to dig it out!

4. Essie Limited Addiction.
I’ve already talked about this rich shade of red here. What I can add is that my toes have been loving it this winter. I take it off only to reapply it, I think that says it all!

5. Jemma Kidd Air Kiss lipgloss trio.
Gimmicky: check (I mean, have you seen a lipgloss trio in a holster case?).
Convenient: triple check, as it includes three non sticky, easily wearable lipglosses to choose from.
Sassy is a light bubblegum pink, Undress is a caramel shade and Rendezvous is a more neutral beige pink, pretty much all you’d need to throw in your (travel) makeup bag. They’re all shimmery (but nothing chunky) and they have a very pleasant citrusy scent. Personally speaking, I consider these as some of the best lipglosses I’ve ever tried.
So, another monthly favourites post has come to an end!
What were your recent favourites, do let me know below!
And what brand makes the best lipglosses in your opinion?

What's your opinion?

  1. Delicata <3
    Best lipgloss for me is the mac lip conditioners (tinted) just because they moisturise and not get sticky in my hair!!!!

  2. Delicata <3
    Best lipgloss for me is the mac lip conditioners (tinted) just because they moisturise and not get sticky in my hair!!!!

  3. I really need to try out that Kerastase stuff, it sounds like exactly what I need!

  4. Great favourites. I need to get my mom that Keratese spray. I also really like the look of those lipglosses.

  5. I love hearing about your favourites :)
    I haven't tried any Jemma Kidd products but that's pretty cool they all come in a convenient holster.
    About the Aveda volumizing product you mentioned - are you talking about the Pure Abundance? My sister has it and although it works, I feel like it only works for about 15 minutes (seriously) and it's kinda pricey. It's just like the Ojon Animated Styling creme I have - but i think the Ojon one actually has more product in terms of price. A really affordable product for volumizing is by Got2B and it's about $3 CDN here, and it works amazing if you have time to blow dry for 1-2 minutes.
    Lipgloss is a hard one - because too many are way too sticky. I would agree with Tali that the MAC tinted lip conditioners are great (I esp love petting pink) and the recent Avon ones that I won in a giveaway.

  6. I adore Kerastase as a brand too.

  7. Loved the title of this post :) That blush looks gorgeous, I must add it to my lust list :) I honestly can't decide who makes the best lip gloss :s I am not even huge on lip glosses to begin with but it's definitely not MAC. I find their lip glosses to be way too sticky for my liking. I do like some from Smashbox though!

  8. i will try kerastase. it sounds great. great selection you have there. i think estee lauder (i know boring) makes good lipglosses with good shades and the taste and sponge brush are a plus. i hate bourtsakia! ksehasa ti leksi.

  9. I always love reading your monthly favorites!!The blush looks amazing and love the shimmer I look from the picture!!And last do you know that you are stylish?Take a look at my blog hun!!!

  10. Lovely favourites! That Mac palette is so gorgeous, I didn't like the ones that were out past month and last year :(
    My recent favourite is TBS pink shimmer waves! As for lipgloss, I'm not the biggest fan of them so I couldn't tell a favourite... Do the Korres or TBS lip butters count as glosses?

  11. Good post! Some of these products arent available where I live but will be checking them all out!

  12. <3 your blogg :)
    Follow mwa?
    izzy xx

  13. Sounds fab with the Jemma lipglosses! Love the way Sassy looks :D

  14. Even I forgot about that Palette! I have it and it used to be one of my Favs....I must say my 2011 resolution would be NO MAKE UP buys...but then what happens to the BLOG?

  15. @Tali: Yes, I know how much you love the tinted lip conditioners... however, I still refuse to buy lip products in jars.. concealers and other makeup items though are fine by me, go figure, lol! xx

    @Kat: It is a good product, only downside is the...price!

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: Thank you dear! Glad you found this post helpful! :) xx

    @Karen: Yes, I meant the pure abundance one, it seems to get good reviews on various sites... I guess it all depends on what type of hair one has and the results they're going for! For now, I 'd gladly use up this Kerastase one, but will keep looking for sth equally effective, but a bit cheaper...!
    I know what you mean lipglosses, it's hard to find ones that combine full glossiness with minor stickiness!!! xxx

  16. @EllysMakeupbag: I agree, and everything from their Resistance range (the green one) seems to be really good!!!

    @Ebru: Thank you doll, glad you enjoyed this post! Yes, that's exactly what I mean about lipgloss, most are too sticky! Smashbox is much much better, I remember discovering Pout (before Hourglass or Jemma Kidd) and was really pleasantly surprised!!! xxx

    @λειντι ντι: Thank you dear! I 've tried Estee Lauder lipgloss and think they're on the sticky side. They're far from boring though imo, they usually make really good shades!!! xx

    @Blushingloves: Aww, thank you for the award love!!! And glad you enjoyed this post! You make me blush! Hehe! ;) xox

  17. @cbsg5861: Thanks girl! Yes, the palettes that came out with that collection were amazing, probably among the best MAC ever made! I still need to check TBS now that it's (aaalmost) sale season! Need to make a mini revision and go through your recommendations! :)
    And sure, why not, we can count the lip butters/conditioners in I suppose! ;) xxx

    @kay eh tea ei.: Thank you for commenting and glad you found this post helpful! :)

    @Izzylovesyoo: Thank you! :)

    @Delance Fashion: A really great brand, worth looking into if u get the chance! Sassy is a lovely shade of light pink! ;) xx

  18. @reshan: Hahahaha! :DDD I guess we'd just have to get more creative is all! But buying for the sake of buying and ending up with products we don't even like after 3 months is really annoying! We just need to make the most of what we have... plus there's a ton of things to cover, skincare,haircare,bodycare... I doubt we'll run out of ideas anytime soon! Lol! ;) xxx

  19. Hi again Hun! Thanks so much for reading my blog posts and saying hi :) It's always so nice to hear from you and I really appreciate it!
    You're right about hair voluminizer. It does depend on hair type and my hair is long (and I guess heavy?). The Aveda Pure Abundance is not bad, but it is rather pricey for the effect and amount. I find that the Ojon Animated Styling Creme gives me same results, it's around the same price range as Aveda but I feel there's more product. Lately though, I believe there's better hair voluminizers at the Drug store level/price...and the Got2B one is very good although I don't think they sell it outside of America.
    Oh and I just remembered that I love the texture of MAC Cremesheen Glasses because I rediscovered Boy Bait in my purse the other day. Probably the best textured lipgloss from MAC imo :)

  20. I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a fox tail if you'd like to check it out. xx

  21. Just wanted to let you know that I'm hosting an Urban Decay giveaway on my blog in case you were interested!

    I love "favorites" posts -- it's never too late haha. I recently discovered Jemma Kidd at Target -- didn't have much luck with their colored eyeliners but perhaps the lipglosses are worth a try.

    Is this brand more popular in other countries? It's not really advertised much in the States -- I found it purely by accident!

    <3 Kelly

  22. The Jemma Kidd Lipglosses look fantastic! They bring summer back!

  23. @Karen: I think most of these hair volumising products are quite pricey! This Kerastase one gave me a small heart attack at the salon, despite it being a quite effective one and suiting my hairtype! Need to check the Got2B one, I do believe we have those here, but not sure which stores stock them...
    Sadly I have yet to try the Cremesheen Glasses...! :( I've only tried the dazzleglasses and those were just shit!
    Thanks for always stopping by babe, I really appreciate the support! Mwah! xoxx

    @Kelly: Do check the lipglosses out if u get the chance, they're worth it if only for their non-stickiness! We dont get Jemma Kidd products here in Greece either, I've ordered it online! It seems to have a good reputation in the UK tho! :) x

    @Blusherine: Ah, sigh... or spring! Yes, you're right!!! We need more warm thoughts in this winter weather! :) xxx


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