Current favourites and In's & Out's!

Cue music: "Guess who's back... back again..."!
Ok, I'm not going to.. direct this entry any further, you get the picture!

After a pretty full and relaxing summer month, it's time for me to report back!

And where better to start than to share with you this past month's beauty essentials?

1. Neal's Yard Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist.
You know me, I cannot resist a good facial water spray! And this is probably the best I've ever tried: it's extremely refreshing and hydrating and the effect does last for quite a while! Apart from being an excellent toner, it also contains essential oils and herbal extracts with anti-oxidant and collagen stimulating properties (score!) For all you vegans out there, this is definitely one to check out (it's made with 98% organic ingredients), but beware of its rather strong scent (it fades quickly though, but be warned).

2. Bourjois blush in 03 Brun Cuivre.
Featured in one of my recent hauls, this has been a go-to product ever since! It compliments a variety of looks really well and blends with my bronzer flawlessly, giving a lovely bronzey effect, without being over the top!

3. NARS Kitty eyeliner pencil.
A great eyeliner to work with, applies super easily and gives the most gorgeous bright blue accent when used! I use it on my waterline whenever I'm in the mood for some colour, and it looks pretty even against my greyish/green eyes - no doubt, it would work wonders for those of you with blue or brown eyes!

4. Essie Van D' Go.
You can see swatches of it a couple of posts below. Yes, its a lovely colour, but the application is so streaky, it can drive you insane! The sole reason it's featured on this list, is because I've been using this almost exclusively this month, in an effort to try and finish it (hopefully I won't have to deal with it for more than another 2-3 weeks)!

5. Smashbox Pout lipgloss.
Probably the most popular Smashbox lipgloss shade, Pout is a pale, cool-toned (leaning blue that is) pink creme, with o% stickiness! Lovely with a smokey eye, but it's definitely more versatile than that! Been using it this past month for almost all of my evenings out!

What about my summer you may ask?
Well, here's the condensed version, in "in's & out's" form:

July+August In's & Out's

1. Seeing Kevin Spacey's brilliant performance as Richard III in Epidavros. Pretty mindblowing experience.

2. Being able to blog with my new Toshiba, as the old (well, not so old really) Vaio died it's... true death.
3. Enjoying my short summer vacations and soaking up as much sun as I could!

1. Being the basic meal for mosquitos everywhere. Who here counted 10 new bites a night? That would be me.
2. Getting rid of all my YSL Rouge Volupte's. The slippery feeling just wasn't doing it for me anymore.
3. Dealing with uninformed and rude sales' assistants. I got told they didn't carry a specific product when it was in public display one floor above!

So, how have you guys been?
How has your summer been, makeup or general wise? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. "the vaio died it's...true death" that is sad but it made me laugh. My Dell is partly dead right now and the main reason why I've hardly blogged in recent months..this netbook is just not cutting it! I'm happy you got a new laptop!!

    I feel the same about the rouge volupte's..I think they were overhyped for a while there. Now I'm more sad that Bourjois is d/c'd here in the states..that blush sounds right up my alley.

    And I'm so sorry about the mosquito bites. I got eaten alive by those damn mosquitoes a few weeks ago! Sorry about this rambly comment! I'm glad you've enjoyed your summer vacation! xoxox

  2. You saw Kevin Spacey at Epidavros??? Nooo, I'm so jealous!
    That smashbox lipgloss ain't half bad either :P

  3. That Kevin Spacey performance must have been awesome, I'm sad I missed it. And as for mosquitos, I hear you. Same problem here! I enjoyed summer in a different way this year and so far so good, apart from the heat that I can't stand anymore, I'm tired of being sweaty all the time (yikes!). Glad to see you back sweetie...

  4. I seen Amlet which was fantastic , great actors... The mosquito thing , yes i have the record of 10 bites in one night , my legs are officially destroyed !! The smashbox lipgloss looks fab !

  5. Loved your post!Smashbox caught my eye doll!What a lovely colour??And the Bourjois blushes are a gem ,although haven't try this one I'm surely going to check..Essie grr do u know that I had the same feeling with topless and Barefoot??hahaha and omg those mosquitos..10 ppl sitting at the yard of grandma's house and only me biting??out for sure!lol


  6. Your summer is sounding fabulous Hun and I'm so happy for you! :)
    I like Kevin Spacey as an actor and that's so neat you got to see him perform live!
    My Sony Vaio was also my last laptop that gave out on me. It seems like the lifespan on my laptops are about 3-4 years max now. I remember you were having problems with your computer so that's nice that you got a new one since ;)
    Oh, I absolutely despise mosquitos. I am armed with mosquito repellant in my luggage as I type this out!
    Oooo the blue on your NARS Kitty eyeliner pencil is very intense and gorgeous. And I loveee blue pink creme Smashbox lipgloss. Thanks for letting us know it's not sticky at all - sounds like the perfect lipgloss for me. I'll keep this one in mind!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your vacation pictures Hun! There's nothing like soaking up some summer sun ;)

  7. That Hydrating Facial Mist sound really interesting. And I've been also wanting to get Pout for some time now x

  8. Auto to lip gloss fainetai apla ypeoxo!!
    Kai na kseres poso se zhleyw pou eides ton Kevin Spacey,einai agaphmenos mou hthopoios!

  9. Oooh lucky girl, you got to see Kevin Spacey!!!

    Other than that, I so want to try out the Bourjois blushes! I remember I owned a couple of those back in my teens- wasn't that impressed, actually... So I hope they've been improved over the years. Oh and I love that the people at Bourjois have decided to keep the packaging simple and pretty, just as it was 10 years ago!


  10. lovely faves! i love the bourjois blush and that nail varnish looks gorgeous, never mind the stickyness!! xx

  11. Axxx h smashbox exei teleia lipgloss! thelw polu na apoktisw ena! eicai polu tuxeri pou eides ton K. Spacey!

  12. I just got tickets to the tempest in the west end so excited!! As for the rouge voluptes i did the same bar my red one. Howevr i notice after time the consistency isnt the same! Ewwww

  13. I like that Burjois blusher too!

  14. @ellamarie84: Well, I can only wish that your Dell drama will be over soon, if you haven't resolved it by now! I know just how frustrating it can be and I dont wish that upon anyone, lol!!!
    And those are exactly my thoughts on the Rouge Volupte's: a little too overhyped for their performance!
    Funny that Bourjois is being discontinued in the US, here, I can only find certain products, but not the whole line (the chocolate bronzers are not available here)! Is it too hard to ask for international consistency in a brand?!?

    @Y: Yes, but let me tell you, getting those tickets was not an easy task!!!
    The Smashbox lipgloss is lovely, great shade and not sticky at all!!! x

    @Arietta: The man was a joy to watch, I can only hope that Greece gets more plays like this in the future!!!
    And speaking of heat, can the weather cool down before November this year? Here it's hot and humid and gross and I just want to wear some leather jackets, lol!

    @glittermeup: I must say, I'm not a big Shakespeare fan (love the ancient Greek tragedies a LOT more), but it's good getting acquainted with sth new and different every now and then! Especially when there's such a great actor involved! :)
    Sorry to heat about the mosquitos, hopefully you're done with that nightmare by now!!! xx

  15. @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Thank you doll!!! Omg, Topless&Barefoot is like heaven compared to Van D' Go!!! I honestly had to throw it away, because it got impossible to work with, despite there being enough polish for 3-4 more mani's!!!
    Do check the Bourjois blushes when you get the chance, they're quite good products (although it's their new mascara I wanna try out more)!
    As for the mosquitos, what can I say... must be all those body milks and body butters we're using, hahahaha!!! xxx

    @Karen Law: Hey gorgeous! Hope you're well and that your summer was lovely as well!!! Yes, I can't complain much, managed to turn my summer around (it was looking rather dull in June)!
    As for Vaios, omg, never again, piece of junk overpriced brandname little gadgets they are! :DDD
    Gotta tell you though, don't be expecting vacation photos this year, I wasn't that snap-happy, it was more of a relaxing time (although I regret not taking photos of this loooovely beach we went to, but, oh well)!!! Damn, writing about it makes me miss it and it's only.. September still!!! :( xxx

    @Marina (Makeup4all): Actually, the Neal's Yard mist has made me even more curious about the rest of their line! Need to look into it some more in the future! And I strongly recommend Pout, great pale bluish pink, with no stickiness or any unpleasant scent (call me NARS)! xx

    @Artemi: Σ'ευχαριστω για το comment κοριτσι!!! Πραγματικα ελπιζω να ξαναανεβει καποια παρασταση στο μελλον του χρονου απο τον ιδιο θιασο, θα ηταν τελειο! *Here's hoping*!!! xx

  16. @cbsg5861: Lucky, cos I had to speed-click on the website to order the tickets before they were sold out (in seconds, I kid you not)!
    Yes, Bourjois seem to be making a comeback recently... I remember not being all that impressed myself back in the day, but they do feel nice and way less powder-y now compared to what they were like! Hope it's not just my shade! xxx

    @fashion written with a lipstick: Thank you dear! But believe me, finishing that nail polish was a task on its own, lol! :DDD xx

    @FashionSugarBubbles: Thanx sweetie! Kαι ναι, γενικα απο οσες μαρκες lipgloss εχω δοκιμασει, η smashbox με εκπλησσει με τη συσταση τους, τα συστηνω ανεπιφυλακτα! :) xx

    @Tali: Ralph Fiennes, huh? Not that I don't adore Kevin Spacey, but Ralph is better eye-candy (ok how shallow am I to have just uttered that, huh? LOL)!
    And yeah, now I know what u meant abt the Rouge Volupte's, I had just gotten into them when you were starting to get rid of them!!! I blame the hype at the time! xxx

  17. @Endre: It's a lovely shade, very flattering and easy to wear! :)


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