OOTD and *Jewels* by Peggy Necklace Giveaway (CLOSED)!!!

Hello everyone! Hope you're having a great Sunday so far!

This will be a very short and sweet one, just to share with you a recent OOTD, but also to announce a very exciting giveaway!!! Read on for more info! ;)

This is just a simple everyday outfit, easy and comfortable enough for running errands and such!
Wearing: Zara top/basic white tank top underneath/Boohoo khaki jeggings/Bershka clog sandals/bag from ebay.
(*ps: nope, I don't have multicoloured nails, that would be the camera's "red-eye effect" setting's doing!)

Let's take a closer look at the accessories, shall we?

On my left arm&wrist: multirow leather cuff bracelet with beads (I got it absolute ages ago from a gift shop)/white watch (present from my mum)/One of a Kind hamsa red string bracelet

The necklace that I'm wearing is a beautiful design by Peggy -a very talented girl that makes her own jewellery, that I rarely take off these days! I really enjoy wearing it on its own, as well as layered with other necklaces: the simple crystal type pendant matches any style and outfit!

And now for the exciting part of the post: the giveaway!!!

For a chance to win this lovely *Jewels* by Peggy necklace, here's what you have to do:
1. Be a follower of my blog,
2. Be a follower of Peggy's blog, Jewels by Peggy,
3. Write enter me in the comment section, or any comment to that effect!

The giveaway will run until next Sunday 11/9, 12:59 pm GMT and is open internationally! Good luck everyone!

What are your current accessories' or jewellery obsessions at the moment?

What's your opinion?

  1. enter me please <3 , what a lovely necklace !

  2. You look lovely here! Was the bag a one off? I'd love one, could u link to it if it's still available xxx

  3. enter me please, following your blog and jewels by peggy on google friend connect as sabrielle

  4. Hallo,Tina!Please,enter me in this lovely giveaway!I am a totally fresh follower of both of you!Have a nice rest of Sunday & new week! :-)

  5. metal cuff bracelets :)

    Enter me!

  6. enter me!!

    Tina you look amazing! love the whole outfit! very grungy...

  7. I'm so glad to see another OOTD from you, keep 'em coming please! Love the top and the sandals. Lately I love layering bracelets and jewelry. I always liked the jingling sound they make all together and I finally get to make the most of my collection.
    Oh, and enter me please! xxx

  8. I almost always wear a tiny white gold cross with a tiny diamond that my brother got me as a present :) I love it.
    Enter me please, I am a follower at both your bloggies :))

  9. Omg how hot it that bag?? Love grey taupes on bags!!!! Great outfit! Xxx

  10. teleio pragmatika! poly sik!

    enter me please

  11. Enter me please)Poly kompso!
    GFC:MiLulu (follow both blogs)

  12. Ti omorfo!
    Enter me please! =)
    I am a follower of both blogs!

  13. i followed your blog and peggy's blog. and i would love to enter! :)

    my current jewelry obsession are the sapphire earrings i recently found in my mom's things. ;)

    <3, Mimi
    $25 Apothica Gift Card Giveaway :)

  14. bloglovin follower
    and gfc follower in peggy's blog
    tumblemumbo at gmail.com
    thanks , intl.

  15. I follow both blogs with the same name that I sign this comment (endre).
    Enter me!Thanks for the chance you are giving us!

  16. you look gorgeous doll!love the shoes and enter me to this!it looks fabulous!!


  17. Enter me please, following your blog and jewels by peggy on GFC as iliana
    thank you!x

  18. @EVERYONE: The entries are now closed! The winner will be chosen through random.org and announced very soon! Good luck to all! :)

  19. @Lydia: Thank you so much sweetie! I sent you a link on twitter, did you get it? If not, let me know, it's still for sale on ebay! xxx

    @Mayumi K: Oh, gotta love some metal cuffs!!! ;)

    @Anastasia: Thank you so much for your sweet comment love! <3 x

    @Arietta: Thank you so much for the support and the great feedback girl! I'll try to make the OOTD posts more often, but let me tell you, a timer on a point&shoot camera, while in heels ain't an easy task (you look like a dork in the rare chance that it doesn't come out fuzzy, hahahaha)!!!
    Love layering pieces lately, especially necklaces! They can upgrade any simple and casual look in no time!!! ;) xxx

  20. @Y: Your necklace sounds so pretty and dainty, love pieces like that! :)

    @Tali-mou: Thank youuu!!! Yes, that is definitely a nice colour for a bag, especially in the warmer months (I refuse to carry a black bag during the summer)! Thank god for ebay, HA! :DDD xx

    @Mimi: You're a lucky girl for borrowing your mom's precious jewels!!! ;)

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Thank you love! I just wish I had the time to smile (took it alone with the 10 sec timer) and didn't look so upset, hahahaha!!! :) xxx

  21. Oh honey you looks gorgeous! Wish you posted more OoTD posts! I love reading them! and i'm in love with your blouse! :) xx

  22. @fashion written with a lipstick: I promise I'll try to make another one soon! Only trouble with them is that I have to use a timer, and that can be a little dangerous (imagine me in heels trying quickly to get into place...recipe for...an orthopaedic emergency for sure)!!! :DDD xx
    PS: You're too kind, thank you! ;)


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