A staple repackaged: Sudocrem review & Giveaway (closed)!

I have a confession to make: I ate too much too turkey this Christmas. And some fatty ribs a couple of nights before that. And plenty of chocolate. Needless to say, my face has looked better; I'm now left to battle a couple of small breakouts on my chin and forehead.

And this is where a...nappy rash cream comes in! 

Now, I'm sure that most of you are no strangers to using Sudocrem as an acne/breakout treatment. There are plenty of ways to use it, however my preferred method includes slathering the white paste on my breakouts, as well as my inflamed areas and leave it overnight. The next morning, I wash it off to reveal a calmer face, with pimples that are disctinctly dried down. Please take note that this style of application can be on the drying side, so I wouldn't advise it as a daily routine treatment.

Sudocrem however wasn't all that praised for its packaging up until a few months ago. The old jar container wasn't ideal to travel with, not to mention that dipping your fingers in the product could be quite unhygienic. That was until they repackaged it: the new 30g tubes are much safer to carry around and travel with.

The formula, as far as I can tell, is the same: I didn't notice any difference upon comparison and the classic lavender scent is the same. The only thing I could pick up from an ingredients' list comparison, was the absence of sodium benzoate (used as a preservative) in the new packaging.

And now to the exciting part:

With the help of Sudocrem, I'm hosting a little giveaway for 3 of these new tubes. Please pay close attention to the rules below:

For an eligible entry, you need to:
1. Be a follower or a subscriber of my blog, or a fan of my facebook page.
2. You need to state in the comment section which platform you're using to follow my blog (GFC, bloglovin, feedburner, facebook) and also if you have different usernames on those platforms.
3. You need to include your contact info in case you win.

Comment entries that fail to include any of those will be deleted upon moderation. The giveaway will be open worldwide until January, 6th, 12pm Eastern European Time and the winners will be chosen via random.org. 

Good luck to all! :)

If you're familiar with Sudocrem, what's your application style like? How often do you use it?

What's your opinion?

  1. I like your FB page under the name Ana Mitro and follow you by GF taniamitro, my e-mail is taniamitrosili@yahoo.com
    Thanks for this chance, I have never tried the cream even though I have heard so much about it!
    Hope you have a fabulous New Year!!
    Anastasia Mitrosili

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    I've never tried the cream but I'm excited to try it!

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  5. Hi hunni!I use it for break outs as well and its doing and amazing work,lucky me I have a long time to use it now for winter..u know!
    I follow through u know do I have to mention?haha


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  7. Μμμ πολυ ενδιαφερον giveaway!
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  11. I'd love to try Sudocrem! So far I didn't have any luck with acne treatments :(

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