A few recent favourites!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas with plenty of food and wonderful presents! :)

It's been a while since I've done one of these "favourites" posts, so I figured it was about time to show you a few recent regulars of my daily beauty routine:

Let's take a closer look:

1. Sephora by OPI - Metro Chic. The most popular muddy taupe shade (and the one that started the trend), Metro Chic has been my nail polish of choice for the past few months. I'm nore than halfway through it and it's still a nice one to work with: it hasn't gone too gloopy and it delivers an opaque finish after 2 coats.

2. Physicians Formula "Baked Sands" Trio. This was a tough one to hunt down online, and with good reason, since it's a very flattering neutral palette. As you can see from the swatches below, the colours are nicely pigmented and ideal for fall. I can see this working for a large variety of skintones, from the very fair to the darker medium ones. Great value for money too (as it seems to be the case with many PF products).

3. Peggy Sage lipgloss - "Shiny Praline". Another fall colour choice of mine (can you see the autumnal leaves palette I was trying to recreate?), Shiny Praline is a chocolate rose shade with a creme finish. Being not too familiar with this brand (thank you Blushingloves), I'm happy to share that their lipglosses aren't sticky at all. I would have preferred it though if the formula was a bit thicker and not as watery.

4. Luminess Air "Boost-it!" complexion enhancer. I came across this product completely by accident: it was an extra thrown in in a MUA swap. Despite having not heard of its existence before, the description intrigued me: "a complexion enhancer that instantly tightens and brightens the appearance of skin". And it does exactly that: I apply it prior to my foundation (as recommended - I found that mixing it with the foundation doesn't deliver quite the same results) and it gives a lovely subtle glow to my complexion. This was extremely hard to photograph and I'm afraid that the swatch gives the wrongful impression of a more frosted finish. I've been looking for a liquid illuminator for a while now and this one definitely covers my needs. If you're familiar with this product pls drop me a comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

5. The Body Shop Coconut Oil Hair Shine. The last product is a bit of a paradox: a favourite, that isn't really a favourite. I feel that this product is largely overhyped: I still fail to see if it nourishes my hair in the slightest bit. It is winter however, and my Hei Poa oils have gone solid, which means that warming them up to make them usable requires an effort - not happening when you're in a hurry. So, this has been the next best choice when you just need a little something to keep your hair in check after a blow-out. It's a nice alternative to those silicone drops (the extended use of which actually dries your hair out even more), but by no means expect any miraculous results from it.

So, those were the products lurking inside my makeup bag recently.

Any ones you've tried yourselves? What are you currently using on a daily basis? 
(PS: Stay tuned for an upcoming giveaway! ;) )

What's your opinion?

  1. Ooo A few new things on here that I havent tried! Love these posts. Hope you had a lovely holiday xx

  2. I'm so happy you liked the lipgloss hunni!!!And this palette looks so gorgeous!!I'm into those falla colours!great post and you added some in my list again!!lol


  3. Love all your recent favourites!!! What more could I add to the gorgeousness of Metro Chic? The PF eyeshadow palette looks lovely, albeit a little more friendly to blue/green/other than brown eyes? I'm so intimidated by coppery golden eyeshadows but I can imagine it would suit you perfectly! Your post reminded me of a Peggy Sage brow kit I got a couple of months ago and completely forgot about it, oops...

    xx xx

  4. Χρονια πολλααα:-)
    Ποσο ζηλευω το Sephora by OPI!!Δεν υπαρχουν Ελλαδα ετσι? Απιστευτο χρωμα!!
    Η παλετα επισης τελεια! Λατρευω τα χρωματα αυτα!
    Peggy Sage!Εχεις δοκιμασει κ αλλα προιοντα?Ειναι καλα?Μενω πολυ κοντα στο καινουργιο μαγαζι τους κ σκεφτομαι να δοκιμασω κατι..καμια προταση?

  5. Thanks for sharing, lovely! I really want to try Hei Poa oils... x

  6. To mano exei apisteuto xrwma!

  7. I have been using the Metro Chic almost all fall.Now I'm into more vampy colors. You can try pure coconut oil on your hair instead of the body shop one.It works wonders on mine.

  8. Teleia ta favourites doll(as always!!).Metro chic looks gorgeous(I am so jealous...you have to let me know where you got it from). And the shadows look amazing as well. Did I mention I am sooo glad you're back..??!! :)

  9. Hi Tina!! How have your Holidays been?! I hope you've been having a Wonderful Holidays and I'd like to wish you All the Best in the New Year :)
    I remember Sephora by OPI Metro Chic being such a popular shade. It looks gorgeous on you and I know you like darker nail polishes. I actually just recently got my first Sephora by OPI nail polish - it's "Go for Gold" :)
    Physicians Formula has some nice palettes and I agree that the "Baked Sands" Trio is flattering on any skin tone. Great swatches!
    I'm drawn to Body Shop products because of their yummy scents! I don't think there's any of their products that I rave about in terms of quality alone....so I'm not surprised if you feel that the Coconut hair shine is overhyped.
    Most products I use on a daily basis I've been using for years since their my HG like Olay Classic Face lotion, Aveeno Daily Moisturizer, Aveeno Eczema Care Cream - I tend to stay loyal to basic moisturizers and experiment with other types of products :)

  10. @Computergirl: Thank you honey, glad you enjoyed this! I had a lovely Christmas, now looking forward to the New Year! ;) Hope you had a lovely time too! xxx

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Hehe, now you know what happens to me when I read your favourites posts! ;) Yes, the lipgloss was really lovely, tons better than many of the.. better known ones (like MAC etc) - such a pleasant discovery! Thank uuuu! xxx

    @cbsg5861: Thank you dollness! Yep, this fall I was very inspired to add these bronzey shades to my look. I don't think these coppery shades aren't suited to brown eyes at all, in fact I'm always careful about these shades myself (grey eyed person here lol), since they can look a bit too harsh/weird on me. And that's exactly why I liked this particular palette, the browns are not extremely warmed toned! ;) Looking forward to your Peggy Sage review!!! xxxx

    @beautyincrisis: Χρόνια πολλά κορίτσι και καλή Πρωτοχρονιά να έχουμε!!!
    Ναι, δυστυχώς τα Sephora by OPI δεν κυκλοφορούν εδώ, η αγορά μου ήταν από ebay (όπως και τα περισσότερα βερνίκια νυχιών μου)! :(
    Aπό Peggy Sage, εκτός από τα lipgloss που δεν κολλάνε καθόλου, θα συνέστηνα κ τα τύπου "msf" προιόντα τους, έχουν πάρα πολύ καλή ένταση κ απόδοση χρώματος! xxx

  11. @Marina(Makeup4all): Thanx for your comment love and generally the support this year! Yes, you need some Hei Poa in your life, can't go wrong with an affordable natural oil like that! ;) xx

    @ifigenia: Thank you κούκλα and welcome! :) x

    @Ria: I'm exactly the same: after using the heck out of my Metro Chic this fall, I moved on to a dark vampy red! ;) My pure coconut oils have sadly gone solid (due to the cold temperatures) and I cant be bothered to warm them up when I'm in a hurry! :( PS: Great new photo! xx

    @Athina: Glad to be back as well (now if only I cld squeeze in the time to catch up on all the December posts I haven't read)!!! Metro Chic was an old ebay purchase, if you can't find it, then try Essie's Merino Cool, they're very similar, and since that was a more recent (read:not as old) release, you might have better luck! xxx

  12. @Karen Law: Hey hunni!!! I'm well, had a lovely time this Christmas, and now hoping the same for the New Year! :) Ah, wish u could get on twitter finally, then I'd b able to tell u more abt it!!!
    How 've you been? Any exciting New Year's Eve plans? :)
    Yes, Sephora by OPI have come up with some unique shades, in fact I like them more than any other "basic" line from other brands like Essie or regular OPI. I remember having a look and the metallic ones looked particularly nice! ;)
    Yes, that's exactly what I mean, when speaking about some of TBS body products... we tend to think they're the best, when the actual formula ain't all that special and it's only the scents that draw us in! ;)
    At the moment I have about of kilo of moisturiser to go through, but I've already planned to try some Aveeno (the winter and the heating and the sweaters make my skin very itchy and times)!!! xxx

  13. Ayto to Peggy Sage lipgloss... τελειοο! φαινεται ζουμερο xD και η παλετα φοβερη, πραγματικα τα χρωματα ταιριαζουν σχεδον σε ολες!

  14. @ElenaKat: Yep, yep, κι επισης ειναι κ πολυ οικονομικη!!! Κριμα που δεν εχουμε Physicians Formula εδω στο Ελλαδα! xxx

  15. LOVELY faves post girl!!! love the body shop hair oil, it does wonders on my dry scalp but OH-how gorgeous is metro chic? LOVE IT!!! :) xx

    1. Thank youuuuuu!!! Always makes me smile when you guys enjoy my posts! :))) Thank you for stopping by and commenting sweetie!!! xxx


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