One Word TAG!

I 've been tagged by the fabulous Muhsine @ Bubblegarm to do the "One Word" tag!

Thanks for tagging me girl, I love cute and short tags like this! :)

So, here goes:

Where's your cell phone: Table
Your hair: Blonde
Your mother: Overprotective
Your father: Wise
Favorite Food: Chinese
Dream last night: Nightmare
Favorite drink: Martini
What room are you in: Living room
Hobby: Procrastinating
Fear: Cockroaches
Where were you last night: Home
Something that you aren't: Tall
Muffins: Later
Wish list item: Shoes
Where did you grow up: Athens
What are you wearing: Pj's
Your pets: None
Friends: Few
Something you're not wearing: Bra
Favorite store: Zara
Favorite color: Purple
Last time you laughed: Earlier
Your best friend: Boyfriend
Bestest Place you go to over and over: Cinema
Person who emails you regularly: MAC
Favorite place to eat: Restaurant

Ta daa! :)

I tag everyone who hasn't done this tag and wants to!!! :)
Please let me know if you do!

What's your opinion?

  1. Great tag! So cute your boyfriend is your best friend! :)

    & thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog!

    PS. The sequined biker jacket has arrived! ;) Go & check it out! =]

  2. That is cool!

    Thanks for our words girl!


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  4. Nice idea! Did it, too! :-)


  5. its soo fun to read tags...especially, if its to know all bloggers around...

  6. I love this tag and I have the same hobby :)

  7. @Lipstick Rules: Wasn't it a cute tag?
    Loved reading your answers dear! :)

    @fantastic: Haha...! As in: "I 'll pass for now, maybe later..."! :) :DDD

    @editor: Off to read it now then!!! :))) xxx

    @COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE... WE HAVE CANDY: No, thank you for your awesome styling ideas!
    Btw, I got the Zara boots, so sexy!
    And speaking of sequins, I also bought a leopard sequin top (dunno what I was thinking, haha)! :)))
    Must do a fashion haul post at some point! Off to check the biker jacket now!

  8. @O'Style: Well, I do like your style love, a lot! :)

    @DramaticAppeal: Schoen! Gonna stop by and read it dear! :) xxxx

    @resham: Yes, exactly! So, maybe then you could give it a go too? ;) xoxo

    @ladyb: Lol, why are doomed then huh??? We must find a new hobby!!! Lol!


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