OPI Fall '09 Coleccion De España

Let me just start this (picture heavy) post by admitting that it's long overdue - I should have done it ages ago, especially knowing that quite a few of you have been waiting for it, but I decided that I hated the initial pics I had taken under artificial light and that natural light was the best way to go!

So, the "España" collection had me drooling for quite a while before it's release. I was really drawn to the reds, as well as the darker shades, and I had to revise my wishlist quite a few times before I purchased any of them.

No more stalling, time to show you the ones I went for:

"Can You Tapas This?" is a reddish brown colour, quite dark and very much a fall shade. In my opinion it's among the two biggest hits of this collection.

"Give Me Moor!" is a super dark shade and can almost appear black. This colour reminds me of black cherries and any lover of deep, dark and vampy plum shades will surely adore this! There is however a dupe for it:

and that is Maybelline's "Extreme Blackcurrant" from their Forever Strong line (not sure if they still carry the Forever Strong line worldwide, but I 'm pretty sure they still make this shade).
Here they are, side by side, on the nails as well as in their bottles. Can you honestly spot a difference? I certainly cannot.

"Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees" is the other big hit of this collection. I must say, I was a bit scared at first: the first coat wasn't even at all, it was more like seperate pigment particles if that makes sense. Thankfully that changed with the second coat, leaving my nails with the most gorgeous mixture of dark grey and dark blue I could ever imagine!

"Manicurist of Seville" is a stunning berry toned red. It's what the "femme fatale" character would wear in a film noir, vampy and very intense!

"No Spain No Gain" is a lovely reddish purple. Not entirely convinced that it's what you 'd describe as a "fall" shade, but it's a pretty shade to care about that! It did however remind me of:

OPI's "Overexposed in Southbeach". The only difference is that "Overexposed in Southbeach" has that subtle blue and red shimmer to it, but the basic colour is exactly the same. If you look at them both in a room without much lighting, you couldn't tell much of a difference (and even on my pic taken under natural light, the difference on the nails is minimal). I must say though, that I 'd probably pick "Overexposed in Southbeach" over the two, as it's a bit more interesting to my eyes.

"Conquistadorable Color" is a pretty raspberry colour. It's the sweet, teen cousin of "Manicurist of Seville" and it's probably the girliest of the bunch - to be honest, I kinda love it for that fact! :)

But, my personal favourite has to be:

"Bullish on OPI"! Don't you just love that naughty name? Matches that red shade: naughty, naughty, naughty! I don't know why, it cheers me up everytime I put it on and imagine, I was almost sure I 'd hate it or that it would look so weird on me! Think of a darker tomato red and that's "Bullish on OPI" for you! No doubt it would look great on darker skin tones too!

So, that was my OPI España lineup!
I 'm super happy with the majority of the shades I 've tried and would most definitely repurchase them when I run out!
In my opinion OPI made a wonderful fall collection and I 'm sure that everyone could find a couple (or more, as in my case) of shades to their taste!

What do you think?
Will you be trying any of the coleccion de
España nail polishes?
If you 've already tried them, which shades did you go for? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Pretty! This post makes me want to purchase "No Spain No Gain," I don't have it. :-)

  2. I like 'Gimmie Moor' and the Seville one! Esp the seville one (but i think what makes them look so cool is your thumb ring lol)
    Nice shades!!

    Good to see you posting :)) yayayayay


  3. love the first warm chocolate colors

  4. Oh I like all of them - think i will keep an eye out for Bullish and Give Me Moor!
    Great post :)

  5. @Asami: It's a lovely creme, you 'd really like it! ;)
    Which of this collection are your favourites?

    @Tali: I SO knew you 'd love the vampier shades! Heehee! They 'd both look so sexy on your nails Tali mou!
    Lol, the thumb ring is my trademark, I always have it on!

    Yep, in full blogger mode, as promised! :))))

    @Mairyliscious: These are perfect for fall in my opinion, good taste my love! ;))))

    @Saskia the Salsa Fairy: Aren't they all so pretty? I honestly had such a hard time deciding what to get! Let me know what you think of them if you get them!

  6. Thanks for posting this pics! I was drawn to give me moor, but I have so many almost black colors that I decided to skip it. Now you make me want it all over again! :(

  7. hon that Bullish one was made for u! :) ha

  8. Teleia f8inoporina-xeimoniatika xromata! Oraio post!
    Trexa pare to glamour, exei mesa mia karta kai 4-7 noemvriou, afti ti vdomada diladi, exei 30% ekptosi sta Mac, den exei orio, mporeis na pareis osa 8es!

  9. Oooh they all look gorgeous. I'm doing a swap with a lovely US lady who's sending me a couple of the Espana polishes - can't wait to try them out! Think No Spain No Gain is one of them... love!


  10. The names are so cool and the colous are amazing but when I think of Spain those are not the colors that cross my mind.
    I think the French and Russian are great on colours choice, but Spain is about reds, Fire Red and Oranges not pink reds or plums, but the colors are beautiful.
    The Bullish is my fav too

  11. @Pinklumpysugar: Ooops, I 'm sorry for that love, the beauty thing has that effect, doesn't it?
    But, if you can find the Maybelline one, it's practically identical (and I bet, cheaper)! ;)


    @Charlene: Yep, haha, most definitely! ;)))


    @Marietta: Thanx koukla mou!
    Twra, den xereis se ti peirasmo me vazeis! Exw hdh pswnisei arketa apo Zara k Bershka, kai makeup online, opote den xerw an tha mporesw na ekmetalleytw thn kartoula deontws!
    Krima omws tha einai na paei xamenh, eee? ;)
    Shop for me too sweetie!


    @LionLovingTiger: Ooh, that's awesome! Let me know what you think of them!


  12. @Gabriela: Yes, I know what you mean, I just think they wanted to mix things up a bit, taking into consideration that it's a fall collection, and in my opinion, they succeeded in that part. The French and Russian collections were great, but I guess they didn't want to repeat them too much or make a collection made by too many reds! But I agree, that Bullish on OPI, Can you Tapas This and Manicurist of Seville are pretty much the only ones that scream out "Spain"! ;)


    @COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE... WE HAVE CANDY: Oh, I could so picture you wearing a few of these with your outfits! ;) Sizzling!


  13. They look great! I'm jealous. Where did u get them from?

  14. @Athina: Thanx dear, no need to be jealous, as they are quite cheap on ebay (is where I 'm buying all of my OPI nail polishes)! ;)



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