Awesomeness award!!!

I 've been awarded with the "I think you 're an awesome girl" award by the ever sweet, spicy and not to mention, gorgeous Fantastic from Suka & Spice!!!

Thank you so much girl, this means so much to me, and, you know what, I think you 're a pretty awesome girl yourself! :)

So, the rules to this award include:
1. Sharing 10 facts about me with you and,
2. Passing this award to 10 other awesome bloggers.

On to the facts then:

1. I was never really into makeup up until a year/a year and a half ago and yes, I was one of those girls that could fit all of their makeup collection into one makeup bag!!! Discovering makeup 'gurus' on YT (fafinettex3 and lollipop26) changed that once and for all!

2. I really enjoy receiving stuff through the mail, a little too much if I 'm honest! Hmm, who knows, maybe they 'll come up with a rehab programme soon, as I 'm sure I 'm not the only one out there...:)

3. At the age of 12 I built a plastic model of a Harley Davidson bike. Not the girliest of hobbies, clearly, but I really enjoyed it (and still do, although slacking majorly lately)! It allows me to be crafty and make pretty things at the same time, so there you have it!

4. I 'm obsessed with scented candles, and my all - time favourite scent is vanilla. Nothing like coming back home and detecting that vanilla scent from a candle that you burnt the night before!

5. I 'm determined to take up pole dancing at some point in my life (preferably sooner than later, lol). Of course, that requires living in a house that has a spare room and that you can drill a hole in its ceiling.

6. Whenever I find a new song I like, I can listen to it on repeat countless times before I 'm fed up with it, although that rarely happens! Sadly though, this habit of mine usually annoys everyone else around me!

7. I suffer from the "a closet full of clothes - nothing to wear" syndrome and picking out an outfit right before I have to go out can be an almost painful process at times. I 'm thinking of planning my outfits before I go to bed in order to solve this.

8. I often wear a cross and almost always a hamsa hand, however I consider myself an agnosticist that probably leans to atheism rather than theism. Hope that wasn't too confusing!

9. Few things can excite me more than watching a new episode of my favourite series. These currently include: 90210, Californication, The Big Bang Theory and Gossip Girl. Nope, nothing vampirical for me guys!

10. I never really liked Brad Pitt until his late 30's. I was always the one to go: "But that do you like about him"? Ok, maybe I get it now (minus the odd beard thing)! :)

So, that was it, hope I didn't bore you that much!
Does any of these facts sound familiar to you too perhaps? :)

I 'm passing this award to the following super awesome bloggers:
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Nadia (Love Lipstick and Lime)
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What's your opinion?

  1. all too familiar! the mail, the music, the pole dancing! there's a dance studio not far from where i live, and they offer classes--i was just trying to talk a girlfriend into it last night! xx

  2. There's a pole dancing studio nearby this boba tea shop I always go to. Rather than waiting until you can drill a hole in your ceiling, you should just go take classes now! :)

  3. Great post! So much fun to read these facts ;)
    I'll be seeing you at the Things-In-The-Mailbox-Addicts-Anonymous meeting soon. Also popular called TITMAA


  4. Lol LOVE the list. I laughed my butt off at 'I SUFFER closet full of clothes but nothign to wear!!'

    Also i do the whole one song on repeat thing till it becomes annoying. But it normally takes a week to do!

  5. Familiar!!! Where to start from!! I started the obsession with make up also a year and a half ago, I was collecting my first Mac gently, and then waiting for the big discount from Glamour to stock up some more!!
    Fafinette is THE guru, it was her and Julieg713 check her out she s amazing!

    You should get into the vampire craze!!Check the Vampire Diaries I promise you'll love it ( and the boys!) ;)

    Last but not least, I also want to go pole dancing but this will probably happen next year, along with burlesque lesson (love the 50s!)

    Many kisses for now!

  6. Hey congrats!

    Thanks girl for your sweet comment!


  7. i'm totally with you on points 6 and 7. hahahah at 5! :p

  8. I too wanted to learn pole dancing..we'll see :) haha

  9. @fantastic: Lol, I knew that we 'd have quite a few facts in common... :)

    Omg, are you serious??? Definitely go, and even if your friend doesn't come along, you 'll have all of my trans-global support! Lol! :)))


    @Asami: Oooh, then you 're one of the lucky ones... My town doesn't have a pole dancing studio sadly... Here pilates is considered exotic! Lol! Think I 'm gonna have to wait a bit! :(


    @Michélle: Aha, yes, thank you for coming forward Michelle! :) Lol! So, hello world, my name is Tina and I 'm a TITMA! (Lol, too funny)! :)

    Thanx for your sweet comment!


    @Tali: But it's so true... I kid you not, it DOES end up being mentally excruciating...! :))) Any tips for me? :)

    Lol, yay for being annoying to others! Haha!


  10. @Marietta: Oh, you 've already planned it for next year? And, please don't tell me there's burlesque lessons in Thessaloniki!!! Major case of envy now, as I 'd love to learn the martini glass dance! Haha!

    About the vampire series, Twilight (the movie) was enough for me, although the hot guys are an argument! Lol! ;)

    Off to subscribe to Julieg713!


    @O'Style: Thanx girl!

    Wouldn't have said it unless I believed it, that outfit was so amazingly chic and cute! ;)


    @su-pah: I mean, isn't that the worst girlie type syndrome ever??? I feel better now that I know I 'm not alone in this! :DDD


    @Charlene: It's never too late love! :) If there were classes here where I live, I 'd already be on it! Lol! :)


  11. tina_mbc, Konad stamping polishes are much thicker than regular polishes so they show up more opaque when used for stamping. You can however, use regular polishes for stamping as well. Just avoid sheers or heavy glitters. Chromes and cremes work best, especially ones that can be worn in one to two coats; then you know they're opaque enough to show up.

    Long story short, you don't need to buy Konad stamping polishes to use your new supplies. Tell me, when you press the stamper onto your image plate, does it look like the full picture is being picked up onto the rubber stamp? Is it pressing it onto your nail the part that's not showing up or is it picking up the image onto your stamper the issue?

    I have a few suggestions depending on your response, so don't worry; we'll get this figured out. :)

  12. It's good to hear that you're not experiencing any issues in picking up your image! Your issue is a simple one to fix; you just need a new black creme. I've tried a few, a Rimmel one wasn't showing up dark enough and a Revlon one was terrible. I have stamped with OPI's "Black Onyx" and that worked wonderfully, so after Konad's black stamping polish it is what I'd recommend.

    Also, the lighter your background polish the better your black will show up. I think all you need is a thicker black creme. I've heard of some people actually leaving a polish uncapped for about 20 minutes to thicken it up, therefore making it more suited to stamping. If you don't wish to keep your current black for regular use, you could try that and see if it makes it thick like a Konad stamping polish. If it's still too runny, leave it uncapped for another 20 minutes. Please let me know how your situation works out! :)

  13. @Girl With The Golden Touch: You 're most welcome love! :))) xoxoxo


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