Rouge Bunny Rouge first impressions...

Rouge Bunny Rouge is a brand I 've been meaning to try for quite some time now, especially after reading the hauls and reviews by two wonderful beauty bloggers: Mizz Worthy and Tali@TheGlossGoss.

Browsing at both the Rouge Bunny Rouge website, as well as, I was mostly intrigued by their beautiful shadows (the swatches are true to life - quite surprising for websites). They don't carry a vast selection, which I rather appreciate if I 'm honest, but I 'm sure that almost everyone would find something to suit their style and colouring.

I decided to go for two of their deeper, darker shades: Abyssinian Catbird and Bejewelled Skylark.

Both are deep, rich, metallic shades and extremely well pigmented - unlike MAC, I need to wash my hands a couple of times and rub a bit too in order to clean the swatches completely off my hands!

Abyssinian Catbird is a dark brownish gold shade with a hint of olive in my eyes, truly stunning and fortunately like nothing I have in my collection.

Bejewelled Skylark is a dark coppery brown, in fact it would be the love child of MAC's Sable, as it gives that same warm sheen, and of any true dark brown.

Super warm, dramatic look I made with these two (photos taken 6 hours after application) over Urban Decay Primer Potion:

However, as pleased as I am about the shadows themselves, I cannot say the same with my shopping experience. The shipping cost to Greece (standard delivery, mind you, not express) is ₤15, quite ridiculous if you ask me (apparently express is ₤30!), especially when these are not cheap items to begin with.
And yes, they did arrive quite quickly, but still, you cannot expect to attract international customers at these rates, when other sites for example offer free shipping within Europe. Clearly though, they 're just relying on the fact that they carry somewhat 'exclusive' and hard to find brands, I just hope that this changes soon.
Also, they never sent the confirmation email that they were supposed to - honestly I was starting to wonder what the heck was taking them so long, but thankfully the order arrived fairly quickly.

And that's exactly why I 'm so hesitant in making another order from them, even though I have a couple of RBR items on my wishlist.

Customer service aside, I 'm very pleased with these shadows and glad I purchased them, even at the steep price of ₤22 each. Obviously, they 're not the average usual eyeshadow purchases, but well worth the splurge every once in a while! :)

What do you think?

And, what's the highest price you 'd be willing to pay for a great eyeshadow?

What's your opinion?

  1. They look beautiful on, im not sure i could bring myself to splurge on them though, they are quite costly! xxx

  2. Wow i love hwo rich and pigmented they are!! Once in a while the splurge is worth it! I agree! :) I hope you will try the maybelline, it's so pretty!!

  3. They look lovely and I like the look you did with them but I'm not forking out £22 for ONE e/s when I can just use a primer and get my current eyeshadows to last just as long and look as good.

    Enjoy them x

  4. Funny story? I took ballet as a little girl, I must have been 6 or 7 when after only a few classes, I told my Mom I WANTED TO QUIT. When she asked why, I said, "because they aren't teaching us the fun stuff... pirouettes, on pointe, etc" my Mom laughed and said that will come later on... so I joined Gymnastics instead... but I will always find ballet as the most graceful and beautiful sport on Earth. If you join, I'd like to maybe as well? =)


  5. HEY :)
    Those eys shadows look so great, and the girls rave so much bout the quality, I will buy from RBR very soon.
    About Zuneta, I have the best impression from them. I bought same thing, very fast deliver, amazing gifts, amazing costumer service. I ask some samples from the Hourglass foundation and they send me, I want to return something and I receved the most welcome email from them, really great service.
    I'm sure that if you email them and try to find a cheap shiping they will be open to that... well, I think.
    Because they do free shiping if you sepend some amount, maybe they are paying insurence to send to you, that can be very expensive.
    Just some sugestions, hope that helps.

  6. LOVE the two you got.. you chose well!! It is expensive shipping though but i find that in uk the shipping is always high. Normal (not even 1st class) in most online stores is £5-7... and your like.. FOR WHAT! I just spend money meet me half way here!!

  7. Holy crap at the cost per eyeshadow!! They do look stunning on you tho :)
    Totally agree about shipping. As Tali says even within the UK I begrudge paying £4 on somewhere like ASOS after spending £40 on clothes. Its a bit of a slap in the face. They obviously already make HUGE profits, I think shipping should be free within the same country, and minimal for overseas. Its just corporate greed as pre usual. I tend to wait it out for free shipping codes and days xxx

  8. Wow those are gorgeous, but £22! Yikes!!

  9. Those are BEAUTIFUL! You have impeccable taste in eyeshadows I must say. They're exactly the colours I'd go for. Look gorgeous on you! :)

  10. Gorgeous colours - I like :) x

  11. They look gorgeous! I've nominated you for a couple of awards. Check out my blog! :) x

  12. Sounds interesting..!!!!They're quite pricy but I will give them a try :P

  13. Beautiful colors! My faves!

    Lovely blog! I will def. be back!

  14. i love that Abyssinian Catbird color.

    and the highest price i'd pay for eyeshadow.. depends. i'm a fan of Nars and Stilla. so whatever is under 20 is good for me =)

  15. Those are beautiful shades, and I'm sure they are worth their price...but shipping...hmm. I can understand your pain there. I feel as though shipping needs to be a large fraction of the cost, to make things worthwhile. Especially when most items are typically marked up far above cost.

    I would pay this amount based on everything I've read of their quality, ingredients, & seen of their color payoff. But now I wonder what sort of costs it would take to have it transported over here!

  16. @Tabitha Sheridan: Yes, I get your concern and honestly, if it wasn't my bday month, I wouldn't have attempted it either...!
    Maybe a little sth around the holidays? :) xoxoxo

    @Charlene: I don't think I 've seen anything like them to be honest, well maybe apart from NARS...really pretty! Will keep an eye out for the Maybelline l/s! ;) xxxx

    @VexInTheCity: Thanks love! Yes, I agree, the long lasting part is not so much what would draw you to this brand, I mean, today over a primer, almost any brand of shadow can stay put for many hours...! xoxo

    @Fashion Chalet: Omg, you wanted to quit? My parents made me stop, and to be honest, I wish they hadn't...!!! Ballet is the most gracious dancing form for me as well, I mean, look at the professional dancers and their bodies...I could stare for hours...! Lol! Will definitely try to start it again, will keep you updated! ;) xxxxx

    @Gabriela: Yes, they do ship for free over an amount, but this is only for the UK. I just think it's slightly ridiculous, when the shipping costs about 6 pounds (as stated on the parcel) to charge this much. Yes, maybe it does cover some insurance, but then again, having to pay it every time when everything runs smoothly with the order is an excessive cost. Illamasqua for example charges 6 pounds for european shipping, and it always arrives in time, registered and without any problems. Illamasqua will be a site I will keep going back to, but zuneta...not so much...! xoxo

    @Tali: Thanx hun, they are truly stunning colours, my collection feels more..complete with them! Lol! :) I totally agree about the shipping policies, I mean, if it's reasonable, you could buy more or more often, so it's not like they 'd eventually loose...! ;) Now, do I really really need Orpheline blush? Haha! xoxoxo

    @dressjunkie: EXACTLY!!! But there has to be a stop to this corporate huge profit making, it's not like they are not making money as it is..! I couldn't agree with you more, shipping within the country should be free, otherwise why the heck bother go online??? But then again, in this case, it's sugarcoated with the fact (?) that they carry "luxurious" (quoting them) and hard to find brands, otherwise I 'm sure they wouldn't have had half the customers they have now! xxxxxx

    @Sarah x: Lol, I know, right? Hmm...I guess this should be under a tag called "the price of beauty" or something, haha! :D xxx

    @su-pah: Well, we do have an eye for the rich deep intense shades, don't we? ;) I bet they 'd look gorgeous on you too, are you thinking of making an order? :) xoxoxo

    @LottieB: :) I 'm so happy I went for these, and even happier that I have no dupes of them! :) xoxxxx

    @tackyblueeyeshadow: Aww, thank you so much girl, that's too nice of you! Will be making a stop to check all the details soon! Thank you! Mwah! xxxx

    @lydi: Yes, I totally agree, I mean, we do need to try everything once, right? :) xxx

    @Dylana: I love such deep metallic shades, so no wonder there, lol! :)
    Thank you for your sweet comment and hope to see you soon then! :) xxx

    @C.Chico: Lol, you have excellent taste, but that I knew already, lol! ;) I agree with your price range, I think that that amount is reasonable for a good shadow with good payoff! ;) xoxo

    @fantastic: Apparently worldwide shipping is 50 pounds, or $80!!! I 'm not sure about you, but no makeup brand would justify that amount to me. I could get a decent pair of shoes with that money...
    Thing is, the shadows are worth their money, but the shipping just isn't in my opinion... Hmmm, although come to think of it, that's more a reason for you to swap with me, haha! :D xoxoxo

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    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  18. I've paid like 35E for a single eyeshadow I was all in for the expensive eyshadows(Chanel, Dior) for some time but recently I became an only MAC girl!

  19. you're right..i checked straight away after reading this. it is a good reason to swap, but then you're still paying silly prices for it to be shipped to you! i tried looking all over online..and can't seem to find another place they stock it here..hmmm...

  20. Maybe £15 for one, but if it's AMAZING then could easily be swayed!

    Fab blog!!

    We'll be back!
    Come follow us at TBAG
    Sleep tight xx

  21. Pricey!!But the pigmentation is amazing! Ta xromata pane toso iperoxa me ta matia sou pou afto kai mono ta aksizoun ta lefta tous!
    Mallon giro sta 20 to poli 8a edina ki ego gia mia skia, px 8elo poli na dokimaso Nars!

  22. wow these shadows are amazing - absolutely stunning. we've seen some bits from rouge bunny rouge but not tried it yet, so we'll def give it a go.

    great blog btw with fantastic posts. we're just starting out so it's all quite new, but we've launched a big beauty giveaway - come check us out...

    love tbag xx

  23. Hi Tina! I'm a new follower and like you I have purchased some RBR items from Zuneta (I live in Italy) and, again like you, I was going to make the exact same comment about the shipping cost (I paid 10euros, I guess I'm lucky, hey?). The customer service is extremely good though, so that's one big bonus point! Anyway, I still haven't got round to writing my post, but I love what I got and I love what YOU got: that look you did is stunning! xx

  24. love the gold on your eyes!

  25. Wow, the eyeshadow looks amazing! Too bad their so expensive with shipping. The shadow looks so rich and I can't believe how long it stayed on like that. Great makeup application!


  26. Na se enimeroso pos sou edosa vraveio!

  27. They do look quite lovey on you but since I am in Canada I don't know if I would want to order from them from...but we'll see.

    You asked what's the most we'd spend on eyeshadow? My favorite brand is Make Up For Ever and it's around 20$ Cdn for one e/s...IMO it is well worth it and I don't think I would spend more than 25$.

  28. @Fashion By He: Many thanks for stopping by, will do the same! xx

    @Katie: Oh, yes, the MAC phase....I know it very well...! It's crazy, but I 'd pay that amount for a YSL/Chanel shadow too... Not so much because I think it's a superior product, but mainly because sometimes a little high end cosmetic splurge is in order, right? xoxoxo

    @fantastic: Well, yes, but it's not nearly as much as what you 'd have to pay, plus I 'd probably make an order anyways, just not the usual weekly online cosmetic purchase! So, hit me up missy! Lol! Btw, I searched it online too, wish there was another option/website... xxxx

    @The Beautiful and Glammed: Aren't we all somewhat swayed to buy this or that...? I know I 'm guilty as charged! Thank you for stopping by! xx

  29. @Marietta: I know, they are worth their money, lol! So glad I went for these shades! OMG, definitely try some NARS! ;)
    And s'eyxaristw gia to vraveio koukla! Yposxomai na to koitaxw syntoma (exw enan xamo apo posts na diavasw)! ;)


    @Anna: Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I 'm really happy with the look and how it turned out, but realistically I 'm an amateur at applying makeup, lol!
    Weird what you mentioned about the shipping costs... My guess would be that Italy is considered "western europe", whereas Greece is "central europe"....
    Will stop by to read your RBR experience!


    @bryna: Thank you dear! A bit of gold or yellow is always great in my opinion to make a regular smokey look reflect the light a bit more! ;)

    @Julia: Your sweet comment made my evening dear! The shadows are truly amazing, very deep intense shades! :) I only hope that the shipping situation changes, so I can shop some more, lol! xxxx

  30. @Zoë: I agree with you, that amount is definitely more than enough to get a product of a great quality! :) I 'm just guilty of the occassional splurge though! :)

    I hope that there will be some more shipping options in the future - and I understand, if I lived outside of Europe I wouldn't have even considered making an order...


    @Lucía: Thank you for linking me to your lovely blog dear!


  31. Beautiful colors, very fall!


  32. You make me want to hit up the makeup counter for some shadows this Fall =)

    Thanks for the comments, love your new profile picture.


  33. @O'Style: Yep, indeed, and is partly why I picked them!
    Thanks for stopping by!!!


    @Fashion Chalet: Yes! Some makeup shopping will definitely cheer you up and it's another excuse to have a fun evening out, right? :)
    Thanks so much love, you 're always super sweet! :)



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