December favourites!

Yep, that's right, this will be a (reaaally) late post on my December '09 favourites.
I know it's probably the most belated "monthly favourites" post in the blogging history, but I 've been really busy lately, preparing for exams and everything...

Well, better late than never, right? :)

So, on the products then:

1. Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion. I 've been using this as a body lotion recently instead of my usual body butters, and what can I say, I love it. It keeps my skin moisturized in the cold winter weather, it sinks in quite nicely without feeling tacky and I adore the fact that it isn't scented, although that is completely unlike me! Now I suspect that for all those reasons it would make an even greater lotion in the warmer months, has anyone tried this in the summer?

2. Sleek Storm palette. Now it might be just me or this particular palette that I have, but I 'm really not feeling this product...I guess that puts me in the minority, but the consistency of the shimmery colours is slightly gritty, making them difficult to apply and achieve an even finish. This wasn't the case with the matte colours, they were quite nice to work with. So, you might be wondering why this made my "favourites" list? Simply because it's a nice compact palette with pigmented eyeshadows that covers any basic neutral and basic smokey eye looks you would want to do. I took it with me while traveling during the holidays and I didn't find myself needing any other colours. But (and this is a big "but"), if I 'd built a MAC palette with similar shades to the Storm one, this would probably be heading towards the...bin.

3. Barry M Glossy Tubes Lipgloss in No.4. No. 4 is also called "Matt Pink" I believe, and that's pretty much what it is: a non-shimmery, non-sticky, light pink lipgloss. It's an extremely flattering shade and I believe that it would work wonderfully for those that have enough pigmentation on their natural lips, as well as for those ones with paler lips. My lips fall more into the more pigmented category, so this lipgloss gives a subtle milky pink effect, which I just love.

4. NARS Orgasm blush. Not much to say about this blush, you either love it or hate it. Personally I love the gold sheen (I tried to make that show on my swatch below), I think it pairs quite nicely with its peachy-pink colour. If you love MSF's and have a fair/medium skintone, you 're probably gonna like this one too!

5. Benefit Erase Paste in No.1 Fair. Seeing that my MAC Select Cover Up in NW 20 was a little dark for me lately, I thought I 'd give Erase Paste a try. It claims to be a brightening product as well as a concealing one, and if I 'm honest, I do think that it provides a slight brightening effect. You certainly don't need a lot of product, and unfortunately it's quite easy to go overboard, since the spatula (that's included in the packaging) method isn't the most easy to get control of. Now, as Sarah pointed out, a little too much of this will end up in your fine lines, but then again in this case unless you have very dark circles, you 'd better try something in a more liquid form. Swatch below showing that it pretty much erased my prominent green little vein.

So, have you tried any of these products and what did you think of them?

And, what are the products that you 've been swearing by lately that I need to try? :)

What's your opinion?

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  2. I use the Cetaphil face wash:) Its so good! I have sensitive skin, and oily aswell, its like combo, but it doesnt make my skin any oilier, and it makes it less red! love it! :) I think the moisturizers would be a tad too thick for me though....

    I love orgasm blush!!

  3. I have the Barry M glossy tube, tastes yummy too :)

  4. I'm using Erase Paste just now in Medium and I like it, I think it does have a brightening effect but I find that it wears off quite quickly. And it definitely settles into lines if you put too much on!

    I'm also with you on the Storm palette - I've been using it quite a lot recently - I find the light pinks takes a lot of work to build the intensity but I really like the mattes and the gold/beige that's two in. Can't go wrong for under a fiver!


  5. Ahhh I hardly ever use my Orgasm, not that I don't like it, I just don't reach for it!? I should make an effort! I really like the storm palette, it is a bit difficult to blend but for the price and for beginners it's the ultimate kit! X

  6. I have Erase Paste and I use it under my eyes underneath my foundation. It's really great. I originally bought it hoping it would be a good concealer for any breakouts here and there, but it's a too drying for my cheeks or chin. Great for undereye darkness though. :)

  7. i loveee cetaphil!
    and nars orgasm was my go-to blush throughout summer, although for winter im preferring mac well dressed! xx

  8. Great post, I'd really love to try the Erase Paste, but Benefit product have dissapointed me in the past so I was a bit reluctant to try it, but I might take the plunge once I've finished P10P! xx

  9. I feel the same about the storm palette! It's true the matte shades are nice, but the shimmery ones are hard to work with.

    I think I might be the only person in the world that hasn't tried orgasm, haha! I have a dupe of it though, and it's really pretty :)

    I got erase paste for christmas, and I actually quite like it as well! I really like the tone of it, it does a great job of brightening.

    Great faves, girl! Always love seeing a post from you! xoxoxox

  10. Your review on the nars blush was very educational.I'm certainly going to try it.

  11. It doesn't matter if this is a little late, still love retading it! I think I will do "2009 favorites tomorrow! lol

  12. wow, i had the opposite experience with the storm palette - to me it was the shimmery shades that were nice and smooth and pigmented, and the matte shades that suckd.

    and i also had the opposite experience with erase paste - in a word, i hated it :X but its good to hear your thoughts, and im glad it works for you!

  13. Benefit erase is sumthing I really want to try..but in stores nothing seem to color match me...

  14. Kalimera glikia mou! Exasa 2 post sou, pos egine afto?? Anyway, nice products (8elo para poli tin Orgasm!) kai fisika 8a kano ena post ski-related! Na pas na pas einai teleio!
    Oso gia tin Sleek, ego vrisko oti ta xromata aplonontai mia xara, to mono meion oti peftei i skia kato apo ta matia, alla vazo ena xartomantilo kai eimai ok. Simfono pantos gia to an paro ta idia xromata MAC 8a perasei stin afania, lol! Gia 5 lires den paraponiemai omos!
    Filakia polla!

  15. Hey have a Sleek palette, Graphite.
    There is so much love for this one too...
    But I have a very diferent opinion, well is hard when you have nice eye shadows understand the the thing about Sleek. At least for me is...
    Anyway, do you have one Graphite?
    Would you like to have it?
    I send it for you, just email your adress to

  16. Love the blush it has a great color!
    X, fashionnerdic

  17. I think thats the only Sleek palette I don't own, I just don't think I'd be able to do anything with it...apart from create a look like I'd been given two black eyes...


  18. @Lorien BeautyLove: Oh, I LOVE the Cetaphil cleanser, it's so gentle for my skin and it does the job nicely without any drying/tight feeling afterwards! It's a staple!
    You 're right about the moisturizer, it can be a bit thick on the face for my skin type as well, but it's amazing when used as a body lotion!!!
    Hope you 're heeling nicely dear!

    @thedicegirl: What can I say, when Barry M gets it right, they surely make great products!!! ;) xxx

    @LionLovingTiger: Yes, I think you may have a point about the Erase Paste, I get that feeling too, but I compared it to my MAC concealer and couldn't get the "evidence" that it wore off!
    Yes, that pink doesn't really show and I find that the gold/beiges don't apply evenly on my lid...It's a good palette for it's price, but nth spectacular!

    @Muhsine: Orgasm is so pretty, bet it looks a million times better on you too, the peachy sheen would make you glow! You should definitely wear it more often!
    And yep, 100% agreed about Storm, I thought there was sth wrong with the palette that I have, since I 've only read rave reviews about it! Kept thinking "it must be me", lol! :)))

  19. @Asami: Yes, it really works for those undereye circles! But I can see that it could be a bit drying for any imperfactions on the face! ;) xxxx

    @Tabitha Sheridan: Hehe, excellent choices! And you 're right: anything that gives a golden/bronze sheen would be great for summer, but also in the winter to jazz up things in the cold! Lol! :) xoxo

    @Jo: Yes, well, it's certainly one of these products that you either like or dislike, there's no inbetween! No need to rush out to get it for sure, especially if you don't have a problem with noticeably dark undereye circles! :) xxxx

    @ellamarie84: Aww, thank you sweetie! :)
    Glad I 'm not the only one with the same feelings regarding the Storm palette! ;)
    Lol @Orgasm... but then again, there's always gonna be a million products out there to try!!! So many products, so little time, haha!
    I'm curious, what is the dupe? I 've heard Milani Luminous is a good dupe! <3 xoxo

  20. @lovelyviolet5: Well, thank you!!! :) Hope you like it as much as I did! xx

    @Michélle: Go for it dear! Never too late to talk about products we love or review the ones we don't! :) xxxx

    @Musicalhouses: Well, makeup and anything beauty related for that matter is always subjective and what works for one doesn't necessarily mean that it would work the same for someone else! :) That's part of the beauty of it though, isn't it? :)

    @resham: Yeah, I can see that the total of 3 shades wouldn't work for all skintones... Don't worry, you 'll probably gonna find sth else that works in a similar way, even better! ;) xoxo

  21. @Marietta: Ax, den mporw na katalavw ti paizei, ki alloi mou eipan teleytaia oti den emfanizontai ta posts mou... Ti xrhsimopoieis, google reader?
    Anypomonw na diavasw to ski related post sou! ;)
    Oso gia thn Storm, endexomenws to oti den aplwnontai poly eykola kai prepei na tis doulepseis pio poly gia na fainontai wraies odhgei sto "fall-out"... to xw pathei ki egw me kana-dyo xrwmata ayto! Nai, gia ta lefta ths den paraponiemai, alla twra skeftomai na ftiaxw mia MAC me idia xrwmata...project Storm dupe, haha!
    Filakia Mariettaki! xxx

    @Gabriela: Well, that's kinda my point too... I mean, I 've only heard so many good things about it, I was prepared that this would be amaazing... dunno, it's good for traveling and all, but I 'm not gonna be using it over my other shadows, that's for sure! :) xoxo

    @Nerdic..: Thanks dear! You always stop by and leave sweet comments, I really apprecciate it! xoxo

    @Girl With The Golden Touch: Lol, haha! Nooo, it's not that bad, and if you only use the lighter and medium shades I think you 'd quite like it! :))) xxxx

  22. Great reviews of the products!
    Cetaphil lotion was recommended to me by my dermatologist years ago and I use it everyday. I don't think we have the Daily Advance Ultra hydrating lotion on the market here - we just have the regular lotion and moisturizer which I love. And I also use Cetaphil cleanser too!
    That's the only product I tried on your Dec list. My lips have been really drying lately so my MAC lip conditioner has been my saviour at times LOL
    Good luck with school and your upcoming exams :)

  23. Erase paste looks like something i have to go and put on my hand now! lol.. and i looove the look of the barrym gloss (i never saw that before!)

    How is the gold shoe hunt going? I saw that Aldo might have a good collection this year!!


  24. Love erase paste and i need to get my hands on a storm palette. Seems like such good value and good to have. xo

  25. I love my sleek palettes (storm and original). As for the rest of your favorites I haven't tried them but I'd like to. Where do you get your Barry M stuff? And I also would like to try the cetaphil cleanser but I don't know where to find it in Greece or online.

  26. i've seen so many people enjoy erase paste. i thought it was a little tacky, but now i'm wondering if i just need to warm it up a bit more before using?

    i'm so veiny, it could only help! xx

  27. @Karen: Oh yes, the cleanser is HG stuff for sure, perfect for the more sensitive skin types!
    I 've only heard good things about the MAC lip conditioners, but the germaphobe in me just can't handle the idea of the jar packaged lip products... Lol!
    Thanks so much for your wishes girlie!

    @Tali: You should at least swatch Erase Paste and tell me what you think, it's one of those love or hate kinda products...
    The lipgloss is lovely, non sticky, just the way I like them!
    Regarding the shoes... I just can't stop thinking about the Steve Madden's... lol!

    @jennie: The Storm palette is good value for it's money, however if you 're used to finer shadows like MAC for instance, you might find it a little harder to work with... that was my experience at least! xx

    @Pasiphae: Yes, I know, that wasn't a helpful post in that sense... lol! The Cetaphil stuff, I 've had the luck of friends traveling to the US in the summer, so can't help much there. I believe that they 've started selling it in the UK recently too though...
    But Barry M you can get directly from their website, as well as ASOS. And if all else fails, there's ebay too...! Good luck hun! xxxx

  28. @fantastic: Nope, I don't think it's you, it can be a bit tacky, but I make it work by patting it on and always being careful so as not to overapply, so I have no issues with that, if this helps..
    I 'm doomed btw, I have very dark circles and lines from...decades of squinting, so very few stuff works for me...

  29. I have the Benefit Erase Paste in Medium and it's my favorite concealer! It is definitely one of my favorite products as well!

  30. @Blusherine: It surely conceals quite nicely...! ;) Now that you mentioned the medium shade, you 've got me thinking, perhaps I should try that for the summer months...? :) xx

  31. I've been using Benefit's Erase Paste, in a daily base for the last couple of months, I'm so in love with it!

  32. @This Is Me: It's a good concealer, and the plus is that you only need a tiny amount when using this one! xxx


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