H&M Haul!

So, this will be a short and sweet little post, that will allow me to share with you my new H&M acquisitions!

Let me first just say that I love H&M and that sadly, there is none in my town, so as I was away during the holidays, I simply could not NOT take the opportunity to stop by the big 3 story store in the big city and have a looksie!

Nothing major, pretty basic stuff:

A grey knit cowl neck sweater, that is long enough to double as a dress, and the most gorgeous black&silver brocade skirt! The skirt is high waisted and at first gave me a problem: the upper waist part in my size was way too loose fitting, so I had to go a size down, meaning that the skirt now is...well, quite form-fitting! I don't complain though, as it was too pretty to pass on!

And because a haul is not a complete haul, unless there's accessories involved, I present you with my new love:

Hey, if that ring doesn't scream "statement", then I don't know what does! It's basically a giant gold pyramid stud, on a shiny black plastic band, super affordable, but guaranteed to be the centre of attention!

So, that was it... next shopping spree will probably be sometime during the sales, and if I 'm lucky, that is...

What about you my lovely readers?
Did you shop anything during the holiday season? And if you haven't, is there something in particular that you 've been eyeing lately? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. that skirt is gorgeous, id love to see an outfit of the day with it! xx

  2. thats a pretty ring!!

  3. We dont have H&M either in Chania(among many many other) :( Kai arxizei na mou tin dinei sta neura!!Nice haul,i like the nail polish too :))

  4. I have that ring, I bought in a H&M store, in NY last Spring. I've not even worn it yet, I'm terrible!

  5. Love the skirt! I had the same problem with a high waisted one from French Connection, wish I'd been as savvy as you and gone down a size! Silly me. :) xx

  6. Oooh the ring and the skirt--I love! High waisted things are so comfortable, I can imagine this skirt will be too. And statement rings--the bigger the better :) I love the fact that it has that pyramid/stud in the middle. It's probably better that the H&M's are far from you...less temptation as they don't have online shopping!


  7. The top looks like its really soft and comfy and the looseness of it would contrast great against the tighter skirt (which is so pretty i cant believe its h&m!!)
    Finally you are posting I was getting worried about you!! haha
    And like our Tongan princess says. thank god h&m has no online shop!!

  8. Love that skirt!!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  9. very cute stuff, love the ring :)

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  10. Nice haul you did there and I love the ring, it does make a statement!By the way what colour do you have on your nails?It looks lovely!


  11. @Tabitha Sheridan: Thank you sweetie! Will try to make one at some point, I need to start making some outfit posts this year! :) xoxoxo

    @Greer: It 's really unique (and huge too, lol)! :) xx

    @Krystallia: Oh, I know... mou ti dinei ki emena... I mean, I 'm past the Bershka stage, and just before the Zara one (although, don't get me wrong, I shop at both of these)...see, this is why H&M would have been perfect, lol! Oh well, we can hope I suppose!
    The nail polish is OPI "Manicurist in Seville"! ;) Filia! xxxx

    @VexintheCity: Lol, why? It's a gooorgeous ring, I bet it's calling for your attention somewhere! Hehe! :) xxxx

  12. @Jo: Thanks hun! Those high waisted skirts can be so tricky, I was lucky that my hip area could fit into the smaller size, otherwise I think that me and the skirt would have parted ways right there and then! Lol!
    Hope that you can find another skirt in the future that will be 10x better than the FC one! :) xxxxx

    @fantastic: Haha, I knew I could count on you to look on the bright side of things...Yeah, I suppose that it can be a good thing after all, or I 'd be broke (that said, I 've already planned what I 'm getting from the spring collection, how sad is that)!!!
    The skirt is very comfortable especially around the waist, I just need to be careful when I sit down, as it's a hip-hugging mini one! Definitely a night time piece!
    Hehe, KNEW you 'd like the ring, I can imagine you getting it of only to scare unwanted ppl away! Lol! :)

    @Tali: Well, it surely has it's pro's, although now I 'm planning a next trip when the next collection is being released...hehe (can you tell an addict when you see one?)! Lol! :)
    The skirt is really pretty, at first I couldn't believe it was H&M either! ;)
    And thank you so much for the constant motivation! <333

    @COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE... WE HAVE CANDY: Lol, I would, but see... I have parting issues, haha! :DDD Thank you dear! xxxx

  13. @Nerdic..: Well, great taste there! Hehe! :) xxx

    @AudreyAllure: Thank you dear, you 're really sweet!!! :) xoxo

    @Mairyliscious: If you 're lucky, you 'd probably be able to find it still (I got mine from the Stadiou H&M)! Good luck girlie, hope you can track that skirt down! ;) Filia! xxxxx

    @Katie: Thanks dear! :) The nail polish is OPI "Manicurist of Seville", I have swatches of it on an older post! ;) xoxoxo

  14. Great stuff you got from H&M! Love the skirt!
    I did so much shopping during the holidays - not for me though, so now I'm broke! Well, at least until tomorrow when it's payday! lol
    xo :)

  15. HI I am from Kalamata and we don't have many brands here but I went in Athens during vacations and shop at Patranoia with a discount 50% off

  16. ωραία πραγματάκια πρόσθεσες στη ζωή σου, και έφτιαξες τη δική μου γιατί είμαι ring person:P

  17. great nailpolish and cute skirt. I shopped a lot during sales it must end NOW :p

  18. H&M has some great finds. You know what?! I had the same problem with one of the high waisted skirts I got from there too - the waist was too lose in my size but the size down was very fitted. I got it anyways because it was a pretty mustard colour skirt that stands out ;) And I love the choice of skirt you bought - pretty ring as well :) And you can never have too many grey sweaters - very easy to match/wear out!

  19. @Michélle: Thank you my dear! :) Ah, shopping for presents is fun too, but shopping for yourself is just a biiit better, lol! :) Yay for payday, spend it good! ;) xxxx

    @lovelyviolet5: Hey dear! Don't you just love discount shopping? :)
    Pragmatika pisteyw oti oi ekptwseis tha eprepe na diarkoun perissotero kairo mes ston xrono! Haha! xx

    @editor: S' eyxaristw poly! Dyskola vriskw daxtylidia akrivws opws ta thelw, opote otan to mati mou pesei kapou, den to skeftomai kan! Lol! xx

    @I'MTHATCHIQ: Lol, ah, I can't imagine, more amazingness on your blog in the upcoming posts? :) :) :) I 'll stay tuned! Oh, and hey, you can shop again next...month (lol, it's a week away, haha)! ;) xoxo

  20. @Karen: Hehe, I love that you didn't leave the skirt behind, I mean, if it makes you happy, it makes you happy, end of! Lol! Figured it would be a nice change from the jeans that I practically live in, not to mention it's TOTALLY night-time appropriate! ;) Hehe!

  21. I do love h&m. Your clothes are lovely. Come check my blog our please youre such an amazing blogger. Much Love xxx

  22. Good ring-work chick! There's some absolute beauties in TopShop right now.x

  23. @DangerouslyBeauty: Thanx so much for your sweet comment dear, I 'll be sure to stop by! xxx

    @LionLovingTiger: Lol, see? I 'm taking after my ring-guru, you!!! ;) Hehe! ;) Ah, wish I was able to shop at Topshop, I 'm afraid that now the only option is... Accessorize... and ASOS! But... not complaining! ;) xoxo

  24. Love the skirt and your nail colour is gorgeous!

  25. @Lotus: Thank you so much! You can't really get it wrong with a mini skirt and a classic red shade, lol! :) xx

  26. Good haul!

    Blackberry Sherbet

  27. @Christina: Thank you Christina! :) xx

  28. @FairyFlossx: Great place to shop, always great inexpensive stuff to add to your wardrobe! ;) x


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