January Favourites!

Seems that those...extremely late "monthly favourites" are becoming quite a habit of mine, aren't they?
Hmm, that's definitely something to work on in the future!

So, that aside, let me make a quick post about my January favourites:

1. MAC Photo Realism quad. I 'm a hardcore fan of the neutral look, that probably goes without saying. But after the Sleek Storm palette (and before the "Warm&Cozy" eyeshadows), I felt the need to add some colour and this quad is perfect for that, as it creates the most gorgeous smokey green looks. I can't say that I wore it much in the past fall, but it's a pretty palette, that definitely deserves some love!

2. MAC 219 brush. A great brush for placing the darker shade on the outer V, before blending with a 217 or 224. If I were to only use my 217, it would take me several minutes to build up the colour, so I find that the combination of 219 and 217 makes my shadow application a lot faster. Also great for smudging eyeliner (especially when the "perfect line" ends up being less that perfect), but I 'm sure that this is no news to you.

3. Benefit Coralista blush. Fairly similar to NARS Orgasm in shade (Coralista has that golden-peachy sheen, whereas Orgasm has golden glitter), it does give a healthy peachy pink glow. And, yes, I 'll agree that the packaging is pretty crappy (not to mention hard to store/put inside a makeup bag), but it's a beautiful colour that compliments virtually any look, and it also has a lovely subtle scent.

4. MAC Redhead MSF. I rarely use any highlighting products, but since I 'm completely tan free these past few weeks, I felt the need to give the illusion of...cheekbones (since mine are pretty non-existent) as much as possible. So, a little Laguna underneath and this lovely msf on top helped me achieve that. Redhead and Blonde are the only msf's I own, but I find Redhead to be the prettiest of the two. (On the photo below, all four shades swirled together at the far right edge of my hand).

5. MAC Creme d' Nude lipstick. Not going to say a lot about this lipstick, as I 'm sure everyone knows what I 'm talking about: an easily wearable nude with a slight sheen to it (it is a cremesheen after all), ideal to carry with you 24/7.

Another "monthly favourites" post has come to an end...

And since it's too late to ask you what your January favourites were, I 'll just ask what you think of the products mentioned if you 've tried them and what kind of looks do you create with them? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Love all of these products! I don't have Creme de Nude though but have always wanted to try it.


  2. Creme de nude and the 219 are the only ones of the bunch that I own :) Love the 219, but I can't seem to make that lipstick work for me for some odd reason..I probably haven't given it enough of a chance! It looks FAB on you!

    I was at my CCO the other day, and they had the blonde msf there! I've been thinking about it ever since. No redhead, though. I've been kicking myself that I didn't buy all 3 of those msf's when that collection first came out!

    I Always love your monthly favorites! I don't even notice if they're late or not, haha :) Procrastinators unite! xoxox

  3. OMG! i just cant believe i found a person whos raving about the photo realism quad! I absolutely fell in love with it last summer when i got it and was sad to see that pretty much nobody raved about it!
    it's really nice, especially for me and my non existent collection of green e/s!!love it!
    on another note, thats a lovely collection you got there!
    love love creme d'nude!

  4. I love, love, love redhead. I've had loads of msgs which I've eventually swapped or sold but redhead remains my fav along with sunny by nature.

    Like a bit of Coralista too :)


  5. Redhead and Blonde are the ones I own too! Best purchase of my life! After they both fall and became pieces , I managed to press them back. They are a hot mess but the colours are still pretty, and I just love the glow they give!
    I love almost everything from benefit but I just cant find the courage to spend all this money :( In christmas I wanted the High Beam Highlighter sooo much, but I settled with one from Body Shop, boo.
    Do you own Hue by any chance?If so, how similar is it to Creme d'Nude?


  6. Great post. I still have my redhead and aside form the warm and cosy ones.. it was one of the best msf they ever released!!!
    Creme d'nude really suits you by the way!! xxxx

  7. You have such lovely lips, Creme d'nude looks stunning on you! I have the brush (which is one of my favourites, for some reason, but then I'm not a huge brush collector, so that might explain it!) and Coralista, the best of Benefit's boxed blushes along with Dallas...the scent is so moorish, I could sit there sniffing it for hours!! Love your favourites, even if they're late, they're still interesting and fun to read! xx

  8. lovely selection...I love coralista so very much...
    The photorealism quad works wth a black base beneath...or some kind of a dark base.

  9. love the nude, I think I need the orgasm :p

  10. Great selection! Creme de nude is my favorite lipstick too. I like Coralista but it doesn't look so good on my skin unfortunately. But I must be the only one that likes the packaging!!!

  11. I have the MSF Redhead as well and I love it! It was the only one I bought from that collection, however, I think that the blonde one is pretty, too!

  12. Great choice!
    I didn't actually get any of the three quads that came out with that collection... hm.. maybe I should have. The greens look so beautiful :)

  13. @Lipstick Rules: Creme d Nude is much more wearable than Myth, and the Cremesheen formula is among my favourites!
    Happy you liked the post!

    @ellamarie84: Hmmm, I 'm quite the opposite when it comes to Creme d Nude, I think it's easily wearable anytime, anywhere with pretty much any look... Of course, it may have sth to do with the fact that my lips are quite pigmented to begin with, so it doesn't wash me out that much...
    The BBR msf's are probably among the best they 've released (from my tiny experience), if there's a chance you can get your hands on any, do it!!!
    Haha, thx for the support, but I fear if I keep up this pace, I 'll be talking about March favourites in October!!! Lol! xxxxx

    @fashion written with a lipstick: It could not NOT have caught my eye, I 'm all for the smokey eyes, and I had no greens before, so... it was inevitable!
    Love your taste in makeup, seems that if we were to go to a MAC store, we 'd be like: "dyo ap'ayto, ayto ki ayto"! Haha! Filia! xx

    @LionLovingTiger: Agreed 100%! They should only make msf's in that exact consistency, no chunky glitter!!! ;) xoxo

  14. @Marietta: Oooh, sucks that they broke, but at least you managed to salvage them, they 're TOO pretty to go to the bin!
    I don't own Hue sadly, so can't be much help there...!
    Yes, Benefit is slightly expensive for what it is, I have so many products I want to try, I fear that that I can only purchase one product at any given time...
    Ah, there's too much makeup out there...!
    Hope you 're well and pernas kala!

    @Tali: They should make that type of msf consistency permanent imo,none of that disco glitter... I mean, why bother make a product that's so hard to go through, if you can only use it for evenings out, at best?
    I 'm quite the nude lip girl, lol, but slowly trying to change that! I do try to balance between wearable nude and corpsy though, I think it's going well so far, LOL! :) xxxx

    @Anna: Thank you sweetie! Dallas is the darker one, right? I 'm thinking of trying Hoola once I finish my Laguna! Benefit makes a LOT of stuff I want to try...oh well, someday! :)
    The 219 is an excellent makeup tool, makes things so much easier!
    Thank you for your sweet comment! xx

    @resham: Yes, or a white base as well! Have yet to try those options, but I 'm sure that they would make the green stand out even more! :) xxx

  15. @I'MTHATCHIQ: Haha, your comment made me LOL! But, yeah, you might need it after all, it's a gorgeous shade! :) xxx

    @Pasiphae: Sad that Coralista doesn't work for you... I do like the leopard print of the box, I 'll give it that, but its cube-like shape is so hard to fit inside a makeup bag or my blusher box... Now I 've started putting the cube/jar blushes one on top of the other, I 'm starting to build a mini blush tower! lol! xxx

    @Blusherine: Well, you shopped well imo!
    Yes, Blonde is lovely as well, but Redhead stands out between the two, well, at least in my eyes! :) xo

    @Michélle: The green was the only one that I liked, the other ones felt a bit dupable/blah!
    But I haven't checked if they have similar permanent greens to be honest (the quad was a convenient solution, as I had no greens before), but chances are that you can find very similar eyeshadows! xoxo

  16. @Marietta: Thanks again Mariettaki! ;) Filia! xoxoxo

    @Fashion Nicotine: Thank you dear! :) xx

  17. Redhead and Coralista, both are wonderful cheek products, so glowy! :)

  18. i've wanted to try coralista for so long, didn't know it was so similar to NARS orgasm - makes me want it even more, kill two birds with one stone!
    i'm new to your blog but I love it loads, can't wait to read more :) xox

  19. @su-pah: They 're lovely! It's no surprise that they're probably among my most-worn cheek products...! ;)
    A neutral eye and flushed glowy cheeks is a great look! ;)

    @Zoe: Yes, they 're very similar... If I had to repurchase only one of the two, I 'd pick Coralista, it's sheen is really flattering and lacks the glitter parts of the Orgasm blush that can settle into pores! :)
    Thank you for your sweet comment, and, welcome! :)


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