Chanel Lotus Rouge

Hello my lovely readers, older and new ones! :)

I 'm back from my little blogging break, (after the end of the exam season, I just felt the need to relax and do nothing) and have lots of ideas for upcoming posts, so stay tuned!

When I did my "8 most worn" post, I had a request to show what one of my favourite nail polishes looks like on my nails.

The nail polish was none other than Chanel Lotus Rouge and it happens to be my most favourite red nail polish, ever! It's an older release, from their Fall '07 makeup collection, but might still be available (it surely seems so on the Chanel website).
I generally suck at describing nail polish formulas, but I 'd say this is a slightly sheer creme, that requires 2 to 3 coats for an even, opaque finish. 2 coats are usually enough for me, but depending on the application, there may still be some uneveness, so another coat would be required for the perfect finish.
It may be a hassle, but the colour speaks for itself: Chanel describes it as a pink plum, however I 'd say that it's a deep raspberry colour, that's neither too orange or too blue, although it's definitely more to the blue side of the red spectrum.
It isn't a dark red, but it's definitely intense, and it balances nicely between chic and slightly vampy!

Hope this was a helpful post! :)

Do let me know, which is your favourite red nail polish of all time?
I 'd love to read your suggestions!

What's your opinion?

  1. This colour is so gorgeous, I love it! Not too dark, not too bright- perfect.

    Wish I could afford Chanel nail polishes, I'm compromising with much cheaper stuff for the time being...

  2. such a pretty colour! i will have to look out for it in case my counter still has it :)

  3. Thats a gorgeous shade! I usually favour blackend or darker shades of red polish like 'Midnight In Moscow' by OPI or Barry M's 'Raspberry' but im just about to test a new one i picked by Barry M in 'Bright Red' which is a bit of a change for me!

  4. Oooh its gorgeous, i think i need it!! xx

  5. That is a FABULOUS red! I can see why it's your most worn! I would say my favorite red is probably the good 'ol OPI's I'm Not Really a Waitress or Sephora for OPI's I'm with Brad, although it's a really dark maroon red brown. So pretty though!

  6. Red varnish is so glamorous and sexy. I love the Chanel one you have. I think my favourite red nail polish to date is MAC Shirelle :)
    And the lipstick I was wearing in my blog picture is MAC Creme Cup lipstick. I love it! It's my favourite lipstick colour so far from MAC - it really suits my skin/hair colour ;)

  7. Beautiful shade. Chanel makes the perfect red shades, wheather it's for nail varnishes or for lipsticks!

  8. that's the perfect red on you! for some reason, i was expecting to see a lipstick..clearly, i'm not up to par on my products right now! xx

  9. That is OMG the perfect blood red. I want it! :)

    Thanks for the sweet comment and compliments re: Dior's ad!


  10. Oooh! Foxy Chanel nails! ;)

  11. @cbsg5861: Yes, exactly, it's that perfect inbetween colour! :)
    Chanel nail polishes are quite a treat for me as well, they have to be very special for me to purchase...!
    But usually their darker shades are worth it! :)

    @Sandra: I hope that you will be lucky...! On their website it looks as if it's permanent, but one can never be too! xxx

    @thedicegirl: I know what you mean, I 'm more likely to wear a dark red/dark purple/dark anything really as well! And anything slightly brighter is always a nice change! :)Gonna look up the Barry M one! xxx

    @Tabitha Sheridan: Lol, yes, you may, haha! I mean, you did spot it immediately! ;) xoxo

  12. @ellamarie84: Oooh, I really wanna try "I 'm with Brad"!!! It's been on my wishlist for absolute aaages! Hehe, no surprise that we like similar things (or the exact same ones, hehe)! ;)
    Glad you liked this post!

    @Karen: I had to look that up, the MAC one, seems like a brighter, true red, hot shade! ;)
    Ah, Creme Cup, it's one of these things that you constantly see other people mention as their favourites and you make a note to buy, but never do! Lol! It does look amazing on you! ;) xxxx

    @Pasiphae: Thank you kopela mou! And what a brilliant observation! They do master the red, don't they? Lol! xxxx

    @fantastic: Thank you my sweetie! :) Hehe, it's all the Rouge Coco talk lately, I blame that for the lipstick expectation! I just think that you 're fed up with the project whatever pan, and your mind is starting to play tricks on you! Hahaha! Kiddiiiing! <3 xoxoxo

  13. @Fashion Chalet: You 're most welcome! :)
    And, yeah, you 'd rock this shade, no doubt about it! ;)

    @su-pah: Lol, yep! Cos that's how we like our reds! Teehee! :D xxx

  14. I'm not usually a red nailpolish lover but I do love this! pretty

  15. i've been looking for the perfect red for a long time, and this one looks awesome, will have to give it a try!

    My Delusional Mind

  16. This is soo pretty. I'm loving OPI's Thanks So Muchness from the Alice In Wonderland collection at the moment x

  17. @I'MTHATCHIQ: It's a great classic red shade, you can't go wrong with that! :) xxx

    @Jessie77: Ooooh, a great hot red to match those awesome outfits and red lips? :)))
    Hehe, then, I 'm glad I could be of some assistance dear! ;)
    Do check if it's still available at your Chanel counter, it's definitely worth the try! xoxo

    @Princesa Livia: Ah, yes, the red part of that collection... Lol, dunno why, maybe it's because of this Chanel one and the couple of reds I had from the spanish collection, that I didn't give those reds a second look... I headed straight for the glitters...! :) Although...hmm.. the reds would have been much more wearable come to think of it... :) xxxx

  18. Oh cool. Can't wait to see you rock green nails ;)


  19. @Fashion Chalet: Noted! ;) Will make an extended post about it (once again, lol)! :)
    Thanx for the support!


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