The eyeshadows...the glitter... and a dupe!!!

In other words, some of my favourite makeup topics on this blog!

This time, I'll be doing an overview of my little Sephora eyeshadow collection (glitter heavy, so consider yourself warned).

Now, Sephora's own brand of makeup doesn't get talked about on blogs or YT videos that often, and, to some extent that is understandable. Surely, some of their products aren't the best out there (lipsticks for example), but that doesn't mean that they're all useless pieces of makeup trash either!
Case in point, their glittery eyeshadows:

Before we go any further, I should say that there is a bit of a history between me and these eyeshadows: I picked the very first about a year ago (read more here), while the latest addition isn't more than a month old! And despite them not being high end or anything like that, they do reserve a special place in my collection, as cheesy as that sounds! :)

And with good reason, as they perform really well: they're quite intensely pigmented and pleasantly not powdery. The (silver) glitter in them does vary between fine and chunky - I know that won't suit everyone's taste, but it is exactly the reason I like them so much!
My main use for them is to add a sparkly accent to a (day-to-)nighttime look and for that reason I have a small variety of shades that would cover most looks:

- Starry Sky is a dark grey with fine multicoloured shimmer
- Fairy Princess is a purple with silver glitter
- Choco Excess is a red toned brown with silver glitter
- Python Bag is a light khaki green with silver glitter, and
- So Elegant is a bronze mid-tone brown with silver glitter.

Note that the glitter in Starry Sky is different than the rest, much finer, and not just silver like the others. In fact, it immediately reminded me of this:

Yep, MAC Cinderfella mineralize eyeshadow from the Style Black collection. Only better, since the Sephora one is a lot more pigmented, even though it doesn't look it in the pot!!! In fact the only difference is that the MAC one looks a bit more 3 dimensional when applied (more glitter in it), but honestly, I prefer the more pigmented of the two! ;)

As for application, a brush and some Fix+ are the best way to go - water is the next best thing. As for the brush that Sephora sells with these (discussed on my old post), I still doubt if it would do anything special.

So, what do you think of glittery eyeshadows? How do you apply them?
Would it be something you would try if you haven't?

What's your opinion?

  1. Glittery but these look so pretty!!I'd apply them mostly with water I guess and I've try glittery ones and look stunning on the eyelid!So yeah why not??I love glittery eyeshadows sometimes more than matte ones!!

  2. I am seriously in love with those shadows...they are stunning! x

  3. I love sparkly eyshadow, and am a fan of the MAC ones, but it's good to keep my options open - thanks for sharing this as i would never have known from the pot that it's got good pigmentation - looks glittery for sure!


  4. not bad for sephora...!they look really nice actually!I always a little hesitant with sephora eyeshadows because of my history with them. How is the fallout btw?

  5. Wow, I've never given a good looksie at the Sephora make-up line, it seems I'm missing out a lot of good stuff! The swatches are beautiful, especially the dark grey colour. You've given me inspiration for some colourful make-up looks ;)


  6. I love the look of these. They are gorgeous. I haven't really had a chance to look at Sephora's shadows. I have a few glitter shadows and really like them but none of them have a great colour payoff. I may check these out. Using them with a wet brush is a great idea.

  7. @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Yes, definitely, much more fun than matte or satin eyeshadows! It's makeup after all, no harm in trying sth a little sparklier! ;) xxx

    @tackyblueeyeshadow: Well, I guess now that you know what I'm talking about...! Pity you don't have a Sephora near you to swatch these!!! xx

    @A BRIT GREEK: Oooh, yes, definitely not for the faint hearted!!! But they're really nice on! ;) xx

    @Athina: Oh, not bad at all, in fact the one I got most recently, they dark grey one is finer in texture, maybe they're reformulating them?? Yes, there is some fallout, but not massive discoball cheeks and undereyes, just the odd glitter particle here and there (after a decent time of wear too)! ;) xx

  8. @cbsg5861: Well, that's really nice to hear! Do swatch next time you're in a Sephora, in some cases you'll be pleasantly surprised! ;) xxx

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: I know what you mean, usually the deal with glittery eyeshadows is just glitter and no colour pay off! These however are a pleasant exception!!! Even MAC Cinderfella wasn't as pigmented, I was wowed by that! :) xxx

  9. Glittery eye shadows are not really my thing, but I love the khaki version, and the black one as well!

  10. wow!!! Although I've seen those I have never swatch them! They seem magical!!! Fairy Princess... wowww!!!

  11. love the mac cinderfella!have it and is amazing!!i also have a goldish one from sephora!great post!

  12. WOW!!!! I never knew their glittery eye shadows were THIS pigmented! I only have 2 Sephora e/s, which I like, but I just never branched out more for some reason, after reading your post I just may though :D I also use Fix+ for super chunky glittery eye shadows because I just haven't found another way to deal with them lol This works, so I'll stick to it :) Thank you for the lovely swatches lady! xoxo

  13. Wow, I'm impressed. These look so nice, pigmented and all. I like glittery eyeshadows, they give a nice effect reflecting the light. I use them wet with Fix+ like you, or just apply them on top of another e/s to make it more interesting. xxx

  14. Omg I am in love! Anything with glitter in it is A+ in my book! I never really checked the Sephora brand make up but these look amazing indeed! I think I will be picking up the black and purple ones for sure!

  15. @Froso M.: Yes, I know, glittery eyeshadows are not for everyone, but they work wonders for a nighttime look! ;) The black especially is really nice! xx

    @Argyro: Do take a closer look next time you're in a Sephora, they're worth checking out for sure! ;) xoxo

    @Nells: Cinderfella is pretty, in fact all of the Style Black mineralize eyeshadows were lovely, but I just wish the black was more intense on its own.. If I had spotted the Sephora one then, I woulnd't have bothered with Cinderfella to be honest!
    Glad you liked this post! :) xx

    @Ebru: I always find it impressive that we overlook SO many brands and nice products only because they're not that popular (I'm guilty as well), we surely need to branch out more!!! And yes, Fix+ probably works the best! ;) xxx

  16. @Arietta: Turns out that even more generic brands have something to offer!!! Nothing like a pleasant makeup "discovery"! ;) xxx

    @Cel: :) Lol, I'm like you, glitter particles always put a huge smile on my face! :) Glad you enjoyed this post dear! xx

  17. Great post! I actually have one Sephora glitter eyeshadow (it's stashed away somewhere so I can't recall which one it is unfortunately) but the Sephora Starry Sky looks really nice! I have MAC Cinderfella and wow, I can't believe how much more pigmented the Starry Sky is even though like you said, it looks a lot lighter in the pot.
    I actually do not wet (foil) any of my eyeshadows even if they are glitter heavy. The only time I wet something is the MAC Glitters because they're simply glitter and there's nothing to adhere it to skin - so I use Fix + with it. I love love glitter especially if I'm out at night - if it's not glitter all over my lids, it's a ton of glitter line along the lower lashline :)

  18. @Karen: Hehe, I'm loving a noticeable dose of glitter myself for more nighttime appropriate looks! ;) Isn't it the best way to add a little pizazz to your look? I think so anyways!!!
    And you're right abt Fix+, it's definitely preferable to water, but then again, I frequently forget to take it with me when traveling etc (my glittery eyeshadows tho do make it in the makeup case regardless, haha), so it's the only available medium to use!!!
    Btw, I'd love to see which of the Sephora glittery e/s you have! ;)
    Thank for commenting love and glad you're back! ;) xoxo

  19. Love this post! I've seen those in Sephora before but I never brought myself to buying them.. I am considering it now though.. is the glitter in them fine or is more on the chunky side? :)
    xxx Rafaella

  20. @Rafaella: Aw, thank you dear! Yes, the glitter in most of them tends to be on the chunkier side, except for the black one, which is much finer! Hope this helps! :) x

  21. These colors looking amazing1 perfect for a night look! Thanks for sharing !

    1. @Cherry Berry ~~: They do make for lovely going-out shades, absolutely! :) x


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