Tips on depotting your MAC blushes!

Just a heads up you guys: this will not be a groundbreaking blog post!

The basics of depotting MAC eyeshadows and blushes have already been covered numerous times on youtube and several websites - this is just an overview based on my experience!

So, let me start by saying that I considered myself quite adept at this depotting business; you see, I had previously depotted a rather large number of MAC eyeshadows without ever encountering a problem. Before moving on to MAC blushes, that is - that proved to be somewhat tricky.

And here's the photo evidence of my flawed attempt:

The surface nicks and cracks that I managed to give to a couple of blushes.

Of course, I had to learn the hard way before I did it properly. So, here's a little how-to tutorial that might come in handy to some of you in the future (pls note that I use the dangerous "knife and lighter" method):

1. In order to separate the blush pan from the pot, place a knife at the narrow slit, but don't aim it directly at the front; move it towards a 3 o'clock position instead and the blush pan should pop out intact without much effort (I sacrificed 2 blushes to learn that).
2. Using a pair of tweezers to hold it, place the pan above a lighter or a candle. The tweezers will ensure that your fingers are far away from the heat source. Be patient and very careful, as the plastic won't melt away as quickly as it happens with eyeshadows.
3. Once the aluminum part shows through, use the knife to push the blush out of its plastic container. Be careful to not touch the metal pan, or you will burn your fingers.
4. At this stage I place the blush upside down on some tissue paper, until it cools down. Then, I use rubbing alcohol to remove the remaining bits of glue from the metal until it's clean, in order for the magnets to be attached.
5. I use two or three magnets when I depot blushes instead of just one. One magnet is not enough to keep the blush in place when the palette is upside down - this is pretty self explanatory, but you may want to count your magnets before you get too enthusiastic!
6. I remove the label from the pot (if you run a lit lighter over it, it will quickly start to stick out) and stick it over the magnets. You can stick the label first and then the magnets, if you wish, that's just a matter of preference.

At all stages, be extremely careful!
Use the knife away from your body and never look away when using a flame source. Operate on a clean and non-flammable surface (nth plastic or synthetic) and make sure that the room is well ventilated (if u can do this outside, even better). Hopefully, your depotting session will have ended in a success! :)

So, what's your favourite depotting method?
Any extra tips you wish to share? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Thank you so much for the suggestions!

    I have three palettes of MAC eyeshadows, all of which I depotted myself without issue. I thought moving to blush would be easy as pie after that.

    I'm planning to depot my blushes soon and I'll definitely be stopping back here again for pointers.

    ❤ Jessica

  2. killer question? how much is the mac palette? or any suggestions for affordable palettes for depoting mac blushes? i have so many that really i need to do that.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing those trikcs hun!!I havent try anything like that to blushes ,but for some e/s I tried was a diseaster!!haha!!Hope if I 'll do the blushes I'll manage better!!!
    ps!!Love your collection!!

  4. Very useful post, especially the part about the sticker. Silly me I never thought of doing that and I had to write down the names so I don't forget which one is which (I was still a blonde then, haha). I need to depot my blushes too and maybe shall get a Z palette or use a Mac one to place them all in. Thanks for the info doll! xxx

  5. Wow this is a great post! Especially the tip on lifting the pan out of the plastic casing by placing the knife at 3 o Clock position. I've watched a couple of youtube videos on this and they always place the knife at the front of the casing :S I actually never attempted to depot any MAC eyeshadows or blushes...but I'll certainly keep this post in mind if I do. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. i use the same technique but i've been meaning to ask someone,
    where do you get your magnets from?

  7. Awesome tips. I use a flat iron to depot mine. Im going to be doing a big post on depotting soon.

    If you haven't already have a chance to check it out, I have a makeup competition going on right now:


  8. I've never depotted any MAC eyeshadows or blushes, mostly I just go for Carbon so palettes are not really needed :)
    But I absolutely love this post, will keep it in mind in case I decide to depot Carbons ahah

  9. @Jessica: Hello Jessica! Yes, I thought I was quite the expert myself after 3 e/s palettes too!!! I was in for a surprise though, lol! Hope you have better luck than me with the blushes! ;) x

    @λειντι ντι: If I'm not too far off, I think they are around 16-17 euros. But I strongly advise to get them on sale if you can.
    As for non-MAC blush palettes, I can't suggest any alternatives.. I know there's magnetic palettes on ebay from Hong Kong, but I 've only seen the e/s versions... hope this helps! x

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Well, that's the same method I use for the eyeshadows, except I put the knife at the 6 o clock position in that case. But the rest is the same!!! It just takes patience! Oh, and thank you! :) xxxx

    @Arietta: Lol, I had seen someone on YT mention the sticker trick, so I can't claim the originality of it! Works like a charm though! ;) Hope you find it useful for your next depotting round! ;) xoxo

  10. @Karen: Yes, I tried the usual (6 o'clock) placement and I nicked two blushes and it didn't even work!!! Plus the whole process took longer (more plastic to melt etc etc)! It wasn't as smooth as depotting eyeshadows and I've never seen anyone else talk about this, so figured this post might help sm1!
    And I strongly suggest that you depot your MAC products.. it takes a lot less space and is much more travel-friendly! ;) xxxx

    @fashion written with a lipstick: I get mine on ebay, they come in sets of 50 usually. Type in "mac magnets"! ;) xxx

    @FunnyFaceBeauty: Thank you dear, glad you liked it!
    And I'll be sure to check out your page! ;) xx

    @Rita: Well, I've never depotted Carbon, since I only have it in a pre-made palette... but from what I hear many YT-ers have broken their Carbons when depotting them - Carbon apparently is notoriously tough to depot! I'd leave yours as is, haha! ;) xxx

  11. Yes I'm starting to think that I need to depot some of my MAC shadows so that it takes up less room and I make more use of them if I see them more in a palette (instead of a single stashed somewhere in my vast makeup collection). Thanks for the tip Hun!

  12. oh I love the pictures with the o' clock positions, that's so funny! :-)
    I have made quite a few dents into my blushes as well! :-/

  13. @Karen: You're welcome hunni! As for depotting eyeshadows, I strongly suggest it! You'll definitely see that it's much easier to use all of them and make different combinations that you haven't tried before! ;) xx

    @Blusherine: Oh, I hate that, those surface scratches can be so annoying! If I had known abt the correct knife placement sooner, I would have avoided it (I think so anyways, unless my clumsiness got the best of me, lol)! ;) :) xxx


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