Flirtatious EOTN using Hourglass Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo in Prism!

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favourite items in my makeup collection: this lovely eyeshadow duo by Hourglass.

Now, I have to admit, I'm not really that well acquainted with this brand (something that I aim to change in the future), but so far I'm pretty blown away by the quality of what (little) I have tested and tried!

A case in point would by this Visionaire Eyeshadow Duo in the shade Prism:

Like all of the Hourglass Visionaire eyeshadow duos, Prism comes in this very elegant and sleek magnetic packaging, fully equipped with a mirror and a small bristle brush. Now, I wouldn't really talk about packaging that much, but the design in this particular case gets a 5 star rating from me - beats the likes of Chanel and YSL hands down, as it is very compact and modern, not to mention that the brush is actually useful!

It consists of two beautiful shades: a silvery blue eyeshadow and a sparkly black one. The lighter shade, even though it's moderately pigmented, has a gorgeous sheen to it, which translates as denim coloured silk on the eyes - sadly my photos don't do it justice. The black shade is extremely pigmented and infused with a hefty amount of silver glitter particles (what's not to love about that?)!
But enough with the chatter, let me show you my look with it:

I went for a bold, almost feline-type eye look, with a moderate use of the black shade. Of course, that's just a matter of personal preference, but since I'm not making a themed look here (or a beauty editorial), I skipped the deeper and blacker crease/wing - this was pretty intense as it is!

Now, there were some fall-out issues with the black shade, I'm not gonna lie (it is a glitter based shadow after all), but I'm willing to overlook that fact in favour of the lovely pigmented colours and stellar packaging!

Have you tried any eyeshadows by Hourglass?
And which brand offers the best packaging for eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes in your opinion? I'm curious to know!!!

What's your opinion?

  1. Awesome look doll!
    I haven't even heard of Hourglass, but I'll check them out asap!
    I think Sleek has some great palettes.Other than that I'm useless with eyeshadows!
    Happy day!x

  2. Wauw! Looks so fantastic on your eyes! I want to try it too :D Never heard of Hourglass before, but it looks fab <3

  3. I haven't tried any of their products. I did hear that they are pretty pricey though...!looks great btw...

  4. The Prism duo looks great, the eye look you've done is stunning! I agree about the brush. It's definitely worth having this one. I have a duo in Exhibition and I love it.

    I have liked everything I've tried from Hourglass so far. My next mission is to try their cheek tint. I think they're out on Zuneta this Friday :D
    Jane x

  5. Omg!!Doll you look stunning!!Your blue eyes look gorgeous smokey!And havent try Hourglass!I guess now I'm curious to try cs this one looks super pigmented!!!
    ps.your blending technique..awesome!!

  6. @Ria: Thank you Ria! :) Yes, Hourglass is not talked about that often (maybe due to the price mark and availability), but it should, there's some great products from this brand!!! Sleek do some nice palettes too and they've stepped up their game recently, but some of their palette shades can be a little powdery...
    I just believe in trying out many brands to see which ones offer great quality products for their price! ;) x

    @Delance Fashion: Thank you Emilie!!! :) Do check Hourglass out! ;) xoxo

    @Athina: Yes, they're definitely on the pricey side, but the quality seems to be great on pretty much everything they make! I'm waiting for another duo, hopefully the consistency will be up to par! xxx

    @ModestyBrown: Well, why can't Chanel for example take note and offer similar brushes? Heck, even MAC do bristle brushes with their LE holiday palettes, how hard can it be???
    I've just ordered Dune duo from Zuneta, can't wait to play with it, as well as Fable (the nude lipstick)!!!
    The cheek tint sounds exciting too, can't wait to see swatches and posts!!! xxx

  7. @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Wow, thank you love for that sweet comment, you really made me smile when I read it! :) Nothing like blue and black for some smokey goodness, huh? Lol!
    And thank you, I guess after all this time I'm finally starting to do it right, lol! ;) Makia! xxx

  8. Your eyes look amazing, I love this look on you! I'm the last person to talk about this kind of products because they're not of much use to me. I invest in pro products and duos are not suitable for a pro kit. I do buy stuff for personal use but mostly from brands like Elf and Korres or Sleek for a simple everyday use. So, I can't recommend anything really, sorry doll! xxx

  9. @Argyro: It is really lovely! ;) x

    @Arietta: Thank you sweetie! :) Yes, I know, this isn't really sth a mua would go for, unless it was more for their own personal collection! ;) Totally understandable!!! xxx

  10. Ooo the smokey eye on you looks gorgeous Hun! I like how you blended out the silvery blue shadow.
    I've tried Hourglass eyeshadows at Sephora and I agree with you 100%. They are the best textured/quality eyeshadows I've tried and for me, it places Urban Decay deluxe shadows a far second (which I also love the textures of). I'm not crazy for MAC shadows as much as they are raved out.
    Hmmm, I really can't recall a brand of eyeshadow that has great packaging. The Hourglass shadows I tried were in a larger palette or either 6 or 8 shadows. Too bad I couldn't find any Hourglass singles at the time or any duos for that matter....

  11. I have never tried Hourglass, I have never seen it anywhere, but I think that silver shade looks fantastic!

  12. nice. how would u wear that look? i mean which lipstick/blush u would use?

  13. Exw na pw oti einai yperoxo! Sou paei teleia ayto to look!

  14. wow really gorgeous look!!

    I am your 700 follower!! congrats :D:D

  15. These are SO good, aren't, they? So far I've tried 4 products by Hourglass which is not that much, too. But I would love to try more in the future as everything has amazing quality!
    Especially I want to try the lip gloss, and the aura lip and cheek stains :)
    Marina (Makeup4all)

  16. Wowza!!! You did a gorgeous eye make-up, doll! I can detect this velvety finish you write about and I can't imagine how prettier it must look in real life! I should probably check out Zuneta and the brands they offer ;)


  17. love this post!!!
    great blog!!!=P
    follow u

  18. @Karen: Thank you doll!
    I gotta say those Hourglass palettes sound AMAZING!!! And yes, I know what you mean abt MAC eyeshadows, they are good for their money, huge variety of colours and all that, but they can't really compare with Hourglass (or RBR for that matter)! I mean, the eyeshadows from those brands feel so smooth and buttery, makes swatching a joy!
    You made me look into those palettes, not sure how that's gonna affect my bank balance, lol! :DD xxx

    @Blusherine: It really is and looks even better in real life! Shame that my camera and photographing skills cannot do it justice!!! x

    @λειντι ντι: Thank you. I'd probably pair this with a neutral/nude lipstick for an overall elegant effect, or a truer nude. Lilacs, pale purples and barbie pinks don't sound such a great idea with this eye, but then again, that's just a matter of preference!!! :)

    @Froso M.: Σ'ευχαριστω πολυ πολυ! :) xx

  19. @Steph xox: Thank you SO much Steph! :) And welcome, hope u enjoy my ramblings! :) x

    @Marina: I know, I'm very impressed myself!!! Just tried a lipstick for the first time a few days ago, really liked it as well! And a lipgloss from the regular line is on my wishlist too (love the formula of the Prodigy ones, but hate the packaging with a passion)!
    Hourglass seems like a brand we're gonna be talking about a lot in the future! ;) xxx

    @cbsg5861: Thank you doll! Practice makes... well not perfect but at least presentable, haha! ;) Yes, do check out zuneta, but I warn you, it can be a little addictive!!! xxx

    @silvia Navarro: Thank you so much for that sweet comment dear! :)

  20. Awesome look! I sure love a smokey eye, jealous of those that can create them perfect!

  21. @Kenzie: Thank you dear!!! :) Trust me, I'm surely far from being an expert, just practice and you'll get where you want! ;) x


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