May Favourites & Summer Beauty Wishlist!

It's been a while since I've shared with you my "current favourites", aka the products I've reached for the most over the past few weeks!

So, for the month of May, my go-to products have been:

1. NARS Orgasm blush.
Yes, yet again. NARS Orgasm is a frequent pick of mine for these monthly lists and with good reason: it adds a lovely peachy pink glow to my cheeks with a few swipes. The fact that it's infused with a golden sheen also means that I don't have to bother with a separate highlighter - score! In fact, Orgasm has been my daily blush for a good 2-3 months now and I can easily see myself sticking to it for a while (or a lot) longer (btw I can barely see a dent after all this time)!

2. MAC Dalliance eyeshadow.
This shade was a part of the Peacocky collection that MAC released a few months back and that consisted of a rather large selection of eyeshadows in the "Mega Metal" formula. Dalliance is a light golden shade with a unique greenish/grey undertone to it. It can photograph anywhere from a gold to a platinum shade to a greyish/greenish champagne if that makes sense. I use it as a wash of colour all over the lid, along with some black eye kohl smudged on the upper lashline - that was pretty much my simple eye look for the month of May.

3. MAC Viva Glam VI Special Edition lipglass.
I should probably toss this already, but since there's not much left in it anyways, and in the name of Glossout 2011, I figured why not try and finish it instead (I'm developing a thing which puts me off wasting things). Very flattering pale pink shade, not quite nude, but a touch more pink, it's perfect for every occasion. Shades like these should be a part of any collection in my opinion!

4. Shu Uemura Pale Blue nail polish.
Don't ask me if Shu Uemura still makes this or what is the number equivalent or where can you get it, because I have no idea (so much for a beauty blogger huh)! I've purchased it ages ago as part of a trio of mini Shu polishes. Pale Blue is basically a pale baby blue shade that has the most subtle silver shimmer I've ever seen in a nail polish! It appears to be a creme, but it's not! Sadly though it's a three coater, the only flaw in my eyes!

5. Vichy Eau Thermale Thermal Spa Water.
It's basically water in a bottle, enriched with mineral salts and trace elements, or so the brand says. All I know is that it's a nice product, it's cooling, refreshing and very soothing! Beware though, because with a product like this, you might end up spritzing your face every 30 minutes (yes, that feeling of fresh skin can get quite addictive)!

But that was all part of May (as in last month of spring or..fall if you take into account what the weather's been like here)!
And since there's a new season upon us, I naturally need to add some new makeup to my collection!

A couple of blushes wouldn't be bad, especially if one of them is Benefit Bella Bamba which I've been dreaming about for too long now! I'm also looking forward to the new MUFE Aqua Liner, that's been raved about by many! And since you're probably already familiar with my predictable neutral eyes and nude lips, I've added a neutral palette (Physicians Formula Baked Sands) and Viva Glam Gaga 2!

What else do I need?

What's on your summer lists? And what have you been loving lately? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Ha ha, I probably won't be straying away from the neutral eyes/nude lips combo this summer, too!

    My summer wishlist includes the gorgeous shimmering dry oil from TBS summer collection, Impassioned lipstick (I can't believe I don't own it yet!) and a few other goodies from Elf- notably the studio warm bronzer and sth from their mineral line ;)


  2. Love this e/s ! Looks like you put some serious effort when looking at this eye look! Very classy..loved it!
    My wishlist for the summer : bourjois chocolat bronzer and urban decau all nighter setting spray


  3. my wishlist is Naked Palette by Urban Decay (hope my brother will find and buy it in Spain.. fingers crossed! :) )and Mac ccb in pearl. i had been going to mac's store very single time they had 25% for the last 3 months and it is always a sold out! arghhh!

    i'm also in search of a tinted moisturiser. any suggestion or advice is welcomed.

  4. Hi Tina! i hope all is well with you :)
    OMG that Shu Uemura (tough name to spell!) pale blue nail polish is such a pretty colour. It's like the perfect Robin Egg blue turquoise colour! I'm usually a fan of pinks or corals for my toenail colour but a couple of weeks ago I painted it a light blue and popped some glitter on top and I'm loving it! Great colour to add to any collection.
    I have the MAC Viva Glam VI SE lipgloss and it's nice! It's very neutral and can probably match any skin tone. I use every last bit of my MAC lip products before I return them for the Back2MAC ;)
    And your lashes are super long Hun! You don't need to consider false lashes at all!
    I rarely play around with my blush colours and have been stuck using my MAC sunbasque blush for the past couple of months now - it's quite flattering on my slightly tanner skintone. The NARS Orgasm Blush looks really nice and I can see how it would be ideal for those that don't want the extra work of an added highlighter as you said.
    Hmmm my makeup seems to be the same lately so nothing new there - but I have been in love with headbands lately! I'm not sure how or where the obsession kicked in but it did just about a month ago :)

  5. This is pretty much the look I also wear in the summer. Fresh and simple, I like it.
    You make me jealous with all this Orgasm talk, I want one myself. The blush too. (hahah, please excuse the silly joke :p )

  6. I loved your favorites!

    Υπεροχο το Orgasm και το nail polish!

    Η wish list μου ειναι τεραστια οποτε δεν μπαινω στον κοπο να την γραψω!


  7. ok girl you make ne want more!your favorites awww goreous and the swatches!Need the Nars blush,the Mac and the Shu umera!!Do I have to mention that u made me searching for the Physicians formoula blush also???


  8. Oooo I am loving the look of that eyeshadow! I've been way out of the loop with mac collections and now I'm regretting it. And that blue polish!! OMG I really am in love..I may have to go on a quest for that one, it's the exact color I've been looking for!

    I too have been itching to try the new MUFE liners ;) I also really have been wanting to buy a BB cream but I'm overwhelmed by the selection!

  9. Love your favorites and the list of course!!!Mine is way too long as well and I am trying to narrow it down. You do know you can now get Benefit in Sephora(in Greece I mean). I don't know about all of the branches but you can definately get at the branch in Mall. ;)
    Just a heads up :P

  10. ti teleia pragmatakia !!!!!!! <3 eidika nars orgasm fantastiko!! to bella bamba na mpei st epomeno haul pou tha kaneis gt einai FANTASTIKOOOO ! kisses

  11. i haven;t thought about summer lists but I love really gives ooomph to the usual pink glosses lipsticks. really beautiful as a swatch...

    probably i will try to restrain myself...let;s see if i achieve that.

  12. Hi Tina! The blush with the hearts looks so good, I would definitely also get that! For now I am looking forward to the MAC Mineralize Collection that is soon coming out, there are so many Skinfinishes that I want to get! :-)

  13. Ohmygosh, Dalliance looks so beautiful <3 I also really want to get Bella Bamba and that Physicians formula powder, sooo cute <3

  14. @cbsg5861: Lol, we like what we like and no1 can makes us change that, hahaha! ;)
    Your wishlist makes me think I should probably pop inside my TBS and have a look at the honey powder bronzer from that collection! Although I have the Bourjois chocolate bronzer waiting for me, lol!
    Oh btw, go asap to look for Impassioned, my MAC counter was all sold out a few days ago (apparently ppl r going crazy about this one)! Good luck!!! xxx

    @Anastasia: Aw thank you girlie, but trust me, the look was much better in person!!! I can never get eye makeup looks to look good with artificial light!
    Excellent choices btw! ;)

    @evi: Oh dear, I hope you're luckier next time around! And I hope your brother can get you the Naked palette (and then u can tell me if I need it too, lol)!
    As for tinted moisturisers I can't say all that much, since I always need a little more coverage, however pixi2woo did a video not too long ago, crash testing a few tinted moisturisers! Perhaps you can find it helpful! ;) xx

    @Karen Law: Yes, those blues look super cute too and if you find the shade that works for you most, I think they have the same effect like some corals do: they make your skin look more tanned! ;)
    Thank you re my lashes! They are ok I guess, but you cant beat a little faux va va voom, huh? See, I'm addicted, hahaha!
    And I noticed the headbands on your blog! ;) They do give you a little cute preppy edge! ;)
    PS: I need to get Sunbasque!!!


  15. @thehouseofy: Thank you dear! Yes, you can't beat simple and fresh looks, especially when you're pressed for time!
    And lol in regards to the blush - you need it in your collection! Lol! :) x

    @ArtemiBlushingloves Irene Greece: Omg, I'm a bad influence to your bank balance then, huh? If you plan on getting anything from this post, I'd vote for Orgasm blush, the rest is probably dupable-ish (altho I haven't seen anything like Dalliance tbh)! Kisses! xx

    @ellamarie84: I'm not much different from you when it comes to MAC collection, certainly nth like I used to be last year, being able to name every single shade from any collection! I just look at the collection swatches online on sites like karlasugar or temptalia and decide from there! ;)
    Oh, BB creams, I know I would like to try those as well! But I have no idea where to begin, like you!

  16. @Athina: Thank you girl! Yes, I know that we have Benefit now too, but I haven't checked my Sephora since a couple weeks ago and have no idea abt availability or... pricing (which I assume would be off-putting)! Still though, nice that we have the option (altho I'll prob keep buying online lol)! xx

    @FashionSugarBubbles: Thankies gorgeous! :) Yes, I ordered the blush today, couldn't wait any longer! ;) xxx

    @λειντι ντι: MAC is only good for those rarer shades nowadays. I mean, whatever's left if you manage to make your way through the same creme/golden highlighters and nude and purple lipsticks they make with every collection! ;)
    I'm trying to restrain myself too.. it's a first that my wishlist has things like Max Factor and Physicians Formula instead of NARS and Chanel, lol! xx

    @Blusherine: I saw some photos of those mineralise blushes today, they surely do look cute! I'll let you know how I feel abt the PF blush when I get it! xxx

  17. I love Orgasm and the Vichy thermal water spray! I got Bella Bamba some time ago and it's my all time fav blush! It's the perfect pink, deffo go get it :)) xx

  18. your eyes look amazing and your nails are so well groomed - show them off, hon xx

  19. @Urban Mermaid: ;) I've only recently ordered it, hope it arrives soon! Excited to see if I like it as much as everyone else! :) xx

    @Sam: Awwww, you're super sweet Sam! I will try to in the future, lol! Thank you! :) xxx

  20. We love few exactly the same things, like that Shu Uemura nail polish and Vichy termal water :)))
    Love these favourites...Inspiring! I need to try Nars Orgasm FINALLY!!! xoxo

  21. The MAC lipgloss is such a pretty color!! I want the Physicians Formula blushes too, don't they look super cute?

  22. @Tamara: :))) Thank you doll! Yes, I'm trying to pick my products based on a more...summery mood!!! ;)
    Let me know if you get Orgasm! :) xxx

    @NatalieDouka: The MAC lipgloss is very pretty and photographs even better, but it's not sth extremely unique, I'm sure every brand makes a similar shade! Still though, a nice color to have!
    The PF blushes (and bronzers) have an amazingly cute design!!! I need one if only for the design alone, lol! x

  23. which maxFactor product is that? I have that heart blush by Physicians Formula and it's fun! They also do a bronzer/glow product that is similar...but in browns.

    Summer lists...oh it never ends. I've been looking at some of those Armani Eyes to Kill shadows..and also a couple pieces by Guerlain. I've been really into powders/bases lately--which is strange, since it is summer and I should be backing away from those things!

  24. I really like your blog, I'm a follower, and a new blogger too, come check it

  25. A bit late on commenting on this lovely post but better late than never e?! ;) I wanna get my hands on Physicians Formula bronzer and blush as well! I have heard so many good things that I can't wait to use them and see myself!=) Did I tell you? I love listssssss!!!! :P

  26. @fantastic: The Max Factor blush is a cream one, Miracle Touch cream blush I think or sth like that!
    I'm like you this year, I just buy whatever catches my attention, regardless of the product's consistency!
    I haven't looked at those Armani eyeshadows tbh... Armani is practically unavailable here, so I'd rather not add a(nother) hard-to-find product to my wishlist...! xxx

    @Cica: Thank you dear! And welcome! :)

    @Argyro: Yes, I've heard good things too about that line and the design of those blushers and bronzers is too cute to pass!!! ;) xx

  27. Aww thanks Tina! I'm totally in love with my headbands now as it takes off oh, like 3-4 years off my age LOL
    Gosh darnit I was wrong! You only had one new post up not a few....I think it was the new layout you have that threw me off for a second? I like the clean grey/white background! I hope all is well with you Tina :)


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