The tools of beauty...

Nope, this little selection of steel instruments does not belong in an OR!

If you look a little more closely, I'm sure you'll recognise some very popular beauty tools, which are almost essential to any beauty routine that wishes to be complete (by the way, don't they resemble weird torture devices at first glance, or is it just me?)!

So, as presented to you from left to right and as I'm sure you've figured it out by now, we have: a blemish extractor, slanted tweezers, pointed tweezers and an eyelash curler.

The blemish extractor is something that I refused to purchase for a long time, even though my nose suffers from whiteheads on a regular basis (that oily t-zone we've talked about is to blame) - the reason being that it looked extremely painful to use. However I picked it up on a random Sephora trip and haven't looked back since: it's the only thing that helps me remove those nasty whiteheads effectively (no scrub has ever made a difference on me in that department)!

The best way is to use it after a shower, when your pores are already dilated, but me wanting to be super thorough, I wash my nose with warm water in addition to the shower. As instructed, I use the wider tip first, pressing it on the area of choice to "mark" it and begin the removal, and then I follow with the finer tip to completely remove the yucky sebaceous content of the selected pore, aka a whitehead. Yes, my nose is all red and swollen afterwards, but once it calms down, I can actually feel the skin less congested!

A couple of things you should know about this method:
1. It will exctract whiteheads, as well as blackheads, but the latter will be a tad more difficult to remove, since the material inside the pore has been there for a lot longer (blackheads began as whiteheads, but the material has oxidised over time, giving it a darker appearance).
2. Always make sure that your pores are open before you start the "procedure", and
3. Be gentle and don't push too hard. If the extraction isn't happening, don't be too hard on your skin or you'll end up breaking tiny blood vessels (and who wants to deal with those)!

The Tweezerman tweezers have, too, been a fairly recent addition to my collection. I was using the generic type of tweezers that you can find at your local drugstore and thought to myself, "these work, why is everyone raving about the Tweezerman ones, what's so special about them" until... I tried them! I was immediately impressed by their precision and sharpness! Now, I can't really imagine plucking my brows without these babies!

I use the regular slanted ones for all the heavy duty stuff and the pointed ones whenever I'm faced with the unfortunate condition of in-grown hairs in various places, or simply when the hair is super fine and tiny, and even then, it will work its charm guaranteed (even when my brows are glued to the mirror and there's still very fine blonde hair that my eyes may question if its there, well, the pointed tweezers won't - that's the level of precision we're talking about)!

And finally, the eyelash curler, namely the infamous Shu Uemura one! I cannot say that much about it, despite the obvious: that it gives my lashes a nice curl before mascara application. But since my eyelashes are not really flat to begin with, I can't say that I see a major difference. I like these though, because they're gentle to my lashes and they don't pinch them, and also because their shape follows the natural shape of my eyes.

Personally, I don't travel anywhere without my tweezers and the blemish extractor; the curler wouldn't really upset me if it stayed home, but that's just me rating a whitehead-free nose way higher than super curled lashes, I'm sure that your preferences may vary!

So, have you tried any of these and what are your thoughts?
And what are your essential beauty tools (nope, brushes don't count, the more odd-looking they are the better)?

What's your opinion?

  1. Ooooh, we have the same eyelash curler! Hmmm now you've got me interested in these tweezers. I use some from boots for ages but I've noticed they keep getting less effective overtime.

  2. I agree, I used to think, "what's the big deal about tweezerman?" and now I know..! They're the best. And I'm SO glad you have the Sephora extractor too! I've had mine for 5+ years and I've never looked back..and you're is addictive. I have definitely pushed too hard one too many times, ha! And I love my Shu curler, but since they've stopped selling Shu here in the US, I've switched to the Shiseido curler and I love it too :)

  3. Oh I cannot live without tweezerman tweezers... They are best of all, and so easy and painless to use! ABsolute love! However dont use much of a lash curler, definitely need to use it more now ;) ;) xoxo

  4. Δεν εχω δοκιμασει τιποτα απο αυτα αλλα με βαζεις σε πειρασμο!
    Ειδικα με τα 2 πρωτα..

  5. I love this post!!! I haven't tried these specific ones! Often, these are the things that are so essential and make a difference, yet we overlook them and we don't even post about them haha! :))

    I think tweezers are VERY essential to a woman (and for me, they're the best choice for removing the stray eyebrow hairs, BUT we shouldn't overdo it, how tempting) and eyelash curler is not very essential but a great addition, I love mine, it's a random lash curler from Hondos, I think it's from CVS brand (?). Great one!!
    My tweezers are regular gold-ish tweezers, they do the job but I want better ones one day, mine are too sharp. Another essential for me is a pair of small scissors, I use it to trim my eyebrow hairs and also *ehm* for those pesky nose hairs LOL.
    One more essential is a face brush or a face sponge, it cleans very well!

  6. omg I am terrified of the blemish extractor... my nose suffers too from all these nasty blackheads (scrubs are useless) and I am trying with q tips to extract them :p
    Are you positive on the blemish extractor ? It looks strange :p How does it extract ?


  7. Oh my, at fist glance I thought these were dental instruments!
    *shrieks in horror*

    I've never tried any of he above tools but you're tempting me! If this blemish extractor ensures less infectious bacteria from spreading around my face, then I'm all for it!The Tweezerman tweezers are on my wishlist for ages, who stocks them in Greece anyway? As for the eyelash curlers, I'm currently dealing with accepting this device (a cheap one from HC) on my eyeballs...


  8. blemish extractor sounds cool just a tad like a torture...blackheads are my anathema (there is a gadget the bloss pore-fector. have u ever tried it?)

    my essentials are tweezers of course...eyelash curlers: i used to have a good one yet i find that you need to change the little rubber they have as it gets black from the mascara...

  9. Afto gia ta mavra stigmata einai kalo? Exw k egw provlima, eidika sti miti!

  10. new follower here!! :))

    i refuse to buy that extractor too. I once used extractor for everything and it leaves scar, girl.

  11. Why dont I still havent got the Shu uemera curler???And I consider myself as a beautry blogger?(φτου μου!lol)Ok need to get it asap!Thanks dol for this post!!


  12. @Cel: Well, I only have the Tweezermans for a relatively short period of time, so cannot comment on their durability as of yet... they're very sharp and precise though! I've never used my older ones once after I got these!!! xxx

    @ellamarie84: Hehe, why am I not surprised that we share the same...quality beauty tool craze? :) Lol, I know what you mean about pushing too hard with the extractor thingie, been there done that!!! But it's so effective!!! Now, I don't even think that my routine is done without using it! I may be going nuts, lol! :D xx

    @Tamara: Yep, tweezerman tweezers are amazing! I would urge all women to get a pair!!!! ;) Thanks for commenting sweetie, much appreciated! ;) xxx

    @Artemi: Tα Sephora βαζουν εκπτωσεις συχνα, οποτε το blemish extractor Θα το βρεις σε πολυ καλη τιμη, το ιδιο και τα τσιμπιδακια, βαζουν συχνα προσφορες σε ξενα site!!! Eιδικα τα τσιμπιδακια τα συνιστω ανεπιφυλακτα!!! xoxo

  13. @denise ❤: Yes, I agree with you!!! We can easily overlook some items that end up being essential! Not to mention that the better quality the tool has, the easier it will make your life and the longer it will last in the end!!!
    Oh a face brush - I have an old unused one from Clinique sitting in my bathroom cabinet, I need to pull it out! Thanx hun! xx

    @Anastasia: Pesonally, I swear by that extractor tool!!! You press the wide tip right around the pore you wish to "clean" and then you follow with the finer tip: you press it into your skin right around the pore! If the pore is open enough from before (this is why warm water or steam is crucial) with a bit of pressure the nasty head will come out!!! It will be gross but if you think that the material was inside your skin!!! Yuck!!! xx

    @cbsg5861: Ahahahahaha, finally someone appreciated my failed attempt to add some humor to this post!! Lol!
    The blemish extractor doesn't spread bacteria, at least not the way I use it: I disinfect it with alcohol before and after the extraction and I only use it after I've cleaned my skin!
    As for the Tweezerman tweezers I have no idea who stocks them here, I got mine online! And since then, my old HC ones are dying a slow death (I'm only gonna use them for..foot splinters from now on lol)! xxx

    @λειντι ντι: Believe me, the extractor is a...satisfying mini torture, I'm officially an addict!!! But no, I haven't tried the bloss pore-fector (does it work?)!
    As for the eyelash curler, the Shu Uemura comes with a spare rubber pad for when the first one stops working... (although I'm sure mascara can be wiped out anyways?)!

  14. @PeggyRinz: Welcome dear! :)
    It left a scar on you? May I ask how you used it and where?
    Personally I only use this one on whiteheads and the occassional blackhead and what I like about it is that its tips are rounded so when I press it into my skin, they never leave a scar!!

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Lol, κι εγω το παθαινω αυτο μη νομιζεις! Ε, μετα απο κανα 2 χρονακια, το πηρα το Shu!!! Glad you liked it doll! Mwah! xxx

  15. I really need to invest in good tweezers and eyelash curlers! I've heard soo much about the Shu Uemura ones, I just gotta try them xx

  16. In the first pic they do look like horrible torture devices!! lol! I've never tried a blemish extractor and I think I should!

  17. oh yes..that first little tool has been a favorite for some time! it's so useful and you're right...if you get too worked up, you can end up with rudolph nose. either way, by morning it's usually all better!

  18. I love the exctractor - when I first started it was intimidating but its a staple in my drawer now :)

    I also love peel off masques - they work really well for blackheads when I can't find time to do a full cleansing

  19. Hey, you have the "creme de la creme" of tools here! I don't own a shu uemoura lash curler, although I suppose I should, being a pro and all. I use a vintage lash curler that I inherited from my Mom that I find to be very gentle and efficient. No tweeserman tweesers either (just a random, but very good pair), although I'd like to get me one of those. I have the blemish tool, but I can't bring myself to use it, even though I've tried. It feels very painful in the nose are, who knows maybe my nose is extra sensitive. As for other weird tools, I use a set of carving tools, but only for Special effects projects, so I guess that doesn't count, does it?! xxx

  20. Blemish extractor? I hadn't ever heard of such a tool! I'm all in for a tweezerman tweezer though! And oh where did u get the Shu curler? I want to get one myself but haven't fount one "around"! Great post btw! ;)

  21. I really need to buy a new eyelash curler. Thanks for sharing!
    Also, I was wondering if you could help me with this:

  22. @UrbanMermaid: The Shu curlers are of very good quality, I'm sure they'll last me forever (even though it's not my go-to product)! xx

    @NatalieDouka: they're addicitve little things! There is some pain involved, but no pain, no gain, right? :) x

    @fantastic: LOL, Rudolph nose, that's exactly what happens when I use it!!! Still though, it feels so nice to rid my nose of all that gunk! :DD xxx

    @ladyb: Hehe, yet another fan of the odd looking blemish extractor, love it!
    Since you mentioned peel-off masks, I have a question: do you find they remove all of the material? Or just..the upper layer of the blackhead if that makes sense? xx

  23. @Arietta: Oh, a vintage curler??? Now you got me intrigued! Bet it must be good, since you say it's efficient despite its age (but then again the older stuff are more likely to stay intact for much longer than newer things, goes for everything)!
    The blemish tool can be a little bit painful to use, yes, especially near the tip of my nose, not so much on the sides! But it's all worth it in the end, removing the yucky sebum and all!
    And... you know, now I have to see the carving tools!!! Post please? ;)
    Hope all is well with you sweetie! xox

    @Argyro: Glad you enjoyed this doll! I asked a friend from the us to get the Shu curlers for me, I couldn't trust the sea of fakes on ebay, and no uk sites that carry these ship to greece! I also believe Galerie de Beaute used to carry Shu, but not sure if they still do! xx

    @Madeline: You're welcome! :)

  24. I have 3/4 & would call them essential too, but I've never tried an extractor either! I always think it looks quite medical, but now that I've read how easy it is I'll be picking one up! Exfoliators never do the job fully for me either.

  25. I would happily own all of these. I don't need a blemish extractor as much as I require a blackhead extractor (used to have them at work). I tend to do it myself but I have a feeling the tools are more efficient pressure wise.

    I really do need to invest in some lash curlers. I feel even more inspired after reading this. Bring on getting paid!

    Jane x

  26. Hey Hun! I'm glad to see a few posts up from you :)
    Haha yes they do look like torture/OR instruments at first glance. I remember one movie I saw (can't remember which), this guy slept with an eyelash curler under his pillow and he whipped it out when someone broke into his place in the middle of the night as a weapon LOL of course it's a joke but you get my point :P
    I haven't used a blemish extractor before but you know what? You've just convinced me to add it onto my shopping list at Sephora next. You also did an amazing job at explaining how to use it. I'm sure I have a ton of clogged pores in my nose area :( I'll give it a shot after a hot shower. Thanks for letting us know Tina!
    As for tweezers I'm the same as you prior to your purchase of these ones - what's so superior to Tweezerman Tweezers?! The few tweezers I have are slant and sharp tip like yours but they are Revlon branded. Revlon has this one slanted tweezer that's marketed as "diamond" tip and basically the grabber part is really done in such a way that it's easy to grab hairs and pull them out when other tweezers the hair follicle would just slip out otherwise. It has great grip basically on the hairs. So that's my favourite one...
    I know Shu does a various types of eyelash curlers and whichever one my sisters bought for me years ago I actually did not like it. The curvature did not fit my eye well and I ended up pinching my eyelid or not getting all my lashes in or it was perhaps a combination of both :S The eyelash curler I use is by La Cross which is generic but my false lashes are what gives me that finished look ;)
    AND the essential beauty tool I cannot go without that's not on your list here is the Tweezerman lash comb. Okay, so I do LOVE something from Tweezerman but not their hyped tweezers (yet). It's just the best lash comb on the market by far in terms of the teeth, the number of the teeth, the way it was designed as a fold out, how sharp the teeth are's amazing! I should do a post on it. I use every single time I use any mascara and can't go without it.

  27. i am a huge fan of tweezerman !i have the zebra ones <3

  28. ohh i need that sephora extractor now! i have both the slanted tweezerman and shu uemura eyelash curler too. they're THE best! :D

  29. Some of the masks are stronger than others, the boscia aluminizing one is a personal favorite

  30. @25fLONDON: Oh, I was even more hesitant than you in regards to the extractor tool, for a very long time, but what can I say..? I'm one of its biggest fans now, lol!
    Thank you for your comment! x

    @ModestyBrown: I think you've confused me now. This is marketed as a blemish extractor, but on the little leaflet it says that its used for blackhead and whitehead removal.. I'm curious now, what does the blackhead extractor you mentioned look like?
    Hope pay day comes very very soon for you! ;) xxx

    @KarenLaw: Ahahahaha, seeeee? They would totally fall into the weapon/torture device category with just the tiniest imagination!!! Lol! :P
    Well, the Revlon tweezers ones from what you just described sound they work a treat, my older ones didn't grab the hair as they should.. however now that I've gone the Tweezerman way, I wouldn't really go back!
    As for the Shu curlers, I've heard of a few stories similar to yours... I think that if some ppl's eyeshapw is very round, that they'd probably need a different brand!
    And do spill the details on that lash comb!!!! I've always been curious about it, but have never tried one!!!

    @glittermeup: Oh, I was tempted to buy one of their cute designs too, but this was probably the most travel-friendly and affordable way to go! But... I wouldn't say no to one of their printed ones as a present, lol! x

  31. @SmolderPhloof: I think investing in higher end beauty tools is worth it in the long run, isn't it? PS Congrats on your pregnancy! :))) x

    @ladyb: Hmm, so some do work then! Will try to keep your recommendation in mind! Especially since finding the right mask for one's skintype can be a lengthy and difficult task! Thanks sweetie! xxx

  32. The blackhead extractors we had at work were full circles with a hole in the centre. Maybe yours is the updated, gentler version? It's certainly better than a bobby bin that someone mentioned in a recent confessions post!
    Jane x

  33. I couldnt live without my extractor! I bought mine in korea for only a couple bucks, sephora literally robs you!

  34. @ModestyBrown: Bobby pins. And placenta facials. Oh boy, you have scarred me, LOL!!! XX

    @Alma: Luckily their line of beauty tools/brushes etc were on sale when I got mine, so it wasn't that bad! Although I didn't research it that much to be honest!


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