Rouge Bunny Rouge Swatch-Special!

As perhaps some of you may already remember from older posts on here, my love for Rouge Bunny Rouge cosmetics is not a new thing.
And despite the fact that those little black containers are among the most treasured items in my makeup collection, I realise that I have not shown them the love they deserve, at least not on these pages!

So, let me present you with my little RBR family of eyeshadows and blushes, along with a brief commentary:

Let's start with the "When birds are singing" Long Lasting eyeshadows:

- Alabaster Starling is a gorgeous metallic white with a slight hint of pink. It's very light-reflecting and makes for a beautiful highlighting shade.
- Solstice Halcyon is a taupe-mauve shade. It looks matte in the photo, but it's more of a satin finish in real life, perfect basic color for any neutral or taupe lover!
- Delicate Hummingbird is a beautiful cool-toned, metallic purple!
- Abyssinian Catbird is a bronzey gold with olive green tones, superbly complex and utterly stunning! One of my favourite colors in my whole makeup collection!
- Bejewelled Skylark is a dark brown with copper reflections. Again, another beautiful shade, and along with Abyssinian Catbird, the two most pigmented of the bunch (btw here's an older post with a look of those two combined)!

The two eyeshadow duos on the RBR line are:
- A Major/fis minor, a very basic duo of two grown-up shimmery neutrals, and
- C Major/a minor, a seemingly unorthodox pairing of two cool toned shades, that somehow works in the end! Both shades are wonderful, but my personal favourite is the green one: half the times I see gold in it and others...teal, another brilliant execution!

And lastly, my two "For Love of Roses" Original Skin Blushes:

- Delicata, a beautiful neutral toned blush that I always rely on for special occassions, and
- Orpheline, a bright warm pink, that may look scary in the pot, but one that gives a lovely flush to the cheeks! By the way, don't let it scare you if you're pale - it does work on us too with a lighter hand!

And, in case I haven't sung the praises of their quality high enough, let me give you an idea of what to expect: very finely milled products, smooth and buttery, not at all powdery, long lasting, all in all a pleasure to apply and wear! The only downside that has obstructed me from purchasing some more (and yes, these were all bought by me) is the pricemark, but knowing their quality, to me it means that I'll just have to be a little more patient! ;)

I hope that this has been somewhat helpful, whether you've only just heard about the brand, or you're long acquainted with it!

So, have you tried anything RBR yet? Any particular shades of eyeshadows and blushes that you would recommend? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Hi Tina! Wow great swatches Hun. I can see how "Abyssinian Catbird" is one of your favourite in your whole entire makeup collection - it really stands out in all of your eyeshadow swatches. Such a unique colour and it looks like foiled gold with a slight green tinge.
    I remember the look you did previously with the two skylark pigmented colours ;)
    I think for me, probably in addition to the price, the lack of availability would be an issue for me in getting Rouge Bunny Rouge cosmetics. It seems that I'd have to order it online as the only stores are in certain parts of Europe only? So I haven't tried any of their products although you certainly describe the quality well. Do you find the eyeshadows on par with the Hourglass quality eyeshadows? I really thought Hourglass had it down right for quality. Urban Decay is not far away either in terms of quality especially their deluxe shadows and it's more affordable and more available.

  2. Tina, everytime I come on your blog you impress me...You do these reviews sooo well...Like u were a born blogger :) Great post, I wannna try these <3 xoxo

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! I've fallen head over heals for Rouge Bunny Rouge thanks in part to your older posts! I love them so much I decided that I wanted to give away Rouge Bunny Rouge products for the giveaway I'm hosting right now. I'm so happy I've discovered Zuneta and Rouge Bunny Rouge LOVE!

  4. Great review hun once again!And those swatches put me in the mood to try RBR which btw I havent try yet!!
    I'm tempted!!!


  5. Great collection, it would seem we have similar tastes as I have all but one of those, I do really like the look of Orpheline, I think I might have to get that x

  6. wonderful entry, thank you so much for this great read! As you know I am a total RBR addict myself and it's so much fun to get to know other blogger's opinions!
    You got lovely colours in your collection, well done!!
    Hugs, Sam xx

  7. What a beautiful collection. I've really enjoyed your pictures. You know I love RBR and I always have my eye on expanding my collection. I think my next lust is one of the lighter shimmery eyeshadows. One of these days I'll have wild moment and order one of the stunning liquid highlighters too!
    Jane xx

  8. what a lovely post honey! love all the colour but i am especially keen on the A Major/fis minor eye duo and the Orpheline blush! let me ask, do you think the brown colour in the eye duo is similar to mac's sable or mac's mulch? also, where did you get these? :) xx

  9. Oh wow, these look fantastic! How come I never heard of this brand before??? Do you get them locally or online?

  10. @Karen Law: Well, come to think of it, yes, I'd say that they're definitely comparable to the Hourglass ones, in terms of smoothness, blendability etc! As far as eyeshadows go, I rate those two brands (plus NARS) the highest among anything else I've tried (better than Chanel imo). Have not tried any Urban Decay items though (besides the UDPP - shock horror I know). And you're right regarding RBR availability - if I'm not mistaken there's only a few stores in Germany and Russia that sell them?
    Omg, I wouldn't be able to imagine going into a RBR store though... too pretty for words!!! xxx

    @Tamara: Your comment has made my week quite possibly! Thank you, it means a lot! xxx

    @PerilouslyPale: Thank you so much dear! And I know what you mean, once you discover this brand, it's hard to look away! :) xx

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Thank you doll!!! Yes, I'm sure you'll love these when you try them! It's a luxury purchase, but worth it! :) xxx

  11. @Replica: Yes, I think we have pretty similar tastes too, I mean half the times I see sth on your blog, it's sth that I've debated purchasing myself!!! :) Thanx for the comment dear! :) xx

    @Sam: Thanks Sam! Already contemplating a couple more shades, but it's SO hard to narrow it down!!!
    Glad you enjoyed this! xxx

    @ModestyBrown: Haha, you and me both! I've been dreaming of some...Seas of Illmuniation myself!!! ;) Btw, as fars as eyeshadows go, I think that their lighter shades, as well as their darker ones are especially well done! xxx

    @fashion written with a lipstick: Nope, it's not similar to none of those two you mentioned: Sable is way too red, almost copper compared to the brown RBR one, and Mulch has a distinct bronze note (and it's darker too). The RBR brown is more of a muted greyish brown, almost ashy and taupey compared to the two mac ones (I should really take a pic but this should do, *lazy lol*)! I purchased them on, so far it's the only site that stocks these that I know of. xxx

  12. @Cel: Lol! I've bought all of my RBR stuff online, through You might get addicted really easily on there (I always have a wishlist saved on that site)! xxx

  13. Gorgeous collection! I have the Delicate Hummingbird and Abyssinian Catbird and I really want to get both the Solstice Halcyon and Bejewelled Skylark next. I really like their blushes and I love the look of Delicata although I'm afraid that it might be too light for me. Oh, and their lipsticks are one of my favourites! x Klara

  14. Wow Abyssinian Catbird looks amazing!!
    Den exw tpt apo RBR yet,pou tha mou paei omws??

  15. Such a gorgeous collection! I *love* RBR eye shadows- the textures of their products are TDF! x jeanie

  16. The first set of colors look really pretty!

  17. to this day, i've tried to remind myself to pick up abyssinian catbird--whenever i think of the brand, i think of that color! i'm glad it's still one of your favorites :)

  18. @Klara: I think you'd love Bejewelled Skylark!!! You've made excellent choices so far imo!!! And yes, their lipsticks are quite nice too (from my tiny previous experience)! x

    @Artemi: Hehe, soon I guess then!!! ;) xx

    @makeup merriment: Agreed, I think they've done an excellent job with their formulas!!! Absolutely one of my 2-3 most favourite brands for eyeshadows!!! x

    @Sarah: Yes, the variety in colors and finishes make for really interesting eyeshadows! :)

  19. @fantastic: Oh, absolutely, I've never managed to find anything similar with THAT amount of pigmentation!!!
    Lesson learned: do not overlook your choices (I didn't have much of anything back then, so I guess I was picking up the shades with a...clearer head)! :) xxx


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