Someone's been beauty shopping recently...

What can I say, in the midst of the serious amount of exam stress that I've been dealing with lately, I guess I resorted to some beauty shopping to cheer me up (although knowing me, no excuses were necessary)!

And what have I been buying, you may ask..? Well, a little of this and a little of that, a few items that were sitting on my wishlist for too long and a couple of purchases of a more...spontaneous nature!

To be more specific:

1. Bourjois Rose Lounge (no 28) nail polish. Hey, if it's good for Kate Middleton on her big day (custom mixed with Essie's Allure bien sur), it's good enough for me. Plus, I'm on the hunt for my "holy grail" nude nail polish, and who knows maybe this is it.

2. Bourjois Delice De Poudre Bronzing Powder - No. 51. One that I've been dying to try for ages, but was never in stock here. So, with the help of my magic fairy, Ms LionLovingTiger, I finally got my hands on it. First impressions: yummy biscuity scent, but the pigmentation was a little underwhelming. I also fear this runs a bit on the orange side on me. We shall see how that goes.

3. Bourjois Blush in 03 Brun Cuivre. If you remember this fantabulous Lisa Eldridge video, well, that's one of the cheek products she used (now all I need are those killer cat-liner skills)!

4. Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Murano. One that has been on my wishlist ever since those were launched, and what better time to try out a cream blush than summer, right?

5. Erre Due Wet&Dry Sparkler for eyes - No. 427. Apologies to my international ladies, this is a Greek "drugstore" brand, and one that I often overlook. But this prettiful khaki with golden and pink shimmer particles and crazy pigmentation (especially since this is a mineralised item: domed look, made in Italy, etc) was way too gorgeous to pass on!

6+7. A couple of Dr.Hauschka items, purchases from an online store. Dr Hauschka is a skincare&bodycare based brand, with amazing ethos and I took the opportunity to give it a go. I haven't tested these thoroughly yet, so more details to come.

Here's some swatches of the cheek and eye products:

I mean, the Bourjois bronzer does look a bit orange, doesn't it?

So, what have you been buying lately? Skincare, bodycare or makeup?
Put it all in the comment section below! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Oh that's too bad about the Bourjois bronzer.. If you're lookin for a good bronzer and you're not on a budget, check out Dior or Korres.. Both have really amazing not so orangey bronzers..

    I've been really looking into Dr. Haushka's skincare line lately.. Got a sample of their Moisturizing mask and and bought a small tube of their Cream Cleanser.. Will try them out today.. Can't wait to know your thoughts on the clay mask ;)

  2. fantastic colors are here...shades made me love them

  3. The Bourjois bronzer i have it as well but in a different tone ... It does look orange but when you apply it , it looks like very natural bronze color. Maybe you picked the wrong tone for your skin :S Anyway its a really good product which last ages !!!

  4. Very nice haul! Enjoy your goodies. I really ♥ Hauschka products.


  5. oraio to erre due kai perimenoume review gia dr hauscka. pos ta vrikes? emena mou prokalese evesthisia mia krema pou eixa parei...

  6. Enjoy your new goodies huni!!And cant wait for your Dr hauska review on skin care!!The bronzer kinda look orange but the blush is definitely a hit!!sooo gorgeous!!Going to check for this one doll!!Thanks for the gorgeous swatches!!!


  7. I've been getting Simple skincare with SPF and new Sleek palettes! :)

  8. I can comment, yay! :)
    Nice products you've got there ;) I am the same, just buying things here and there, but I've promised myself I will be more careful with my purchases, haha. The last thing I've bought was Elemis body scrub. x

  9. Hmmm eixa k egw mia erre due skia k itan poly wraia. Twra den kserw pou einai :/
    Gia to bronzer tis bourjois pragmatika oloi sto internet lene ta kalitera, elpizw na mas kaneis ena ligo pio leptomeres review otan to dokimaseis!

  10. I heard that Bourjois bronzer is good...It looks a tiny bit orange,but I dont think thats a big problem, like it has to be a bit orange :D Plus i prefer it to go on that kinda side, than to look pink...I think looking pink all over face (due to make up) is worse than looking orange :D xoxo

  11. the next time i'm up in Canada, I'll be picking up the Rose Lounge polish--what are your thoughts?

    I've been looking for the "perfect nude for me" and I think I'm getting pretty close!

  12. ...mind you, with a shade that i've just found has been discontinued. Isn't that how it always works?!

  13. very pretty makeup colors!

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  14. Cor, you sure when shopping! Let us know how the Dr. Hauschka prods go.

  15. Me geia ola!!
    H skia ths Erre Due fainetai poly omorfh!
    To bronzer portokalizei ligo ontws,alla tha mas peis mia oloklhrwmenh apopsh afou to dokimaseis..

  16. Lovely haul!

    Many years ago I really enjoyed the Dr H line. Some of my favorites were the: cleansing cream, the spray toner and the ampules(man, were those expensive and a little dangerous- I almost always cut myself trying to break them- lol).
    That Bourjois polish looks really soft and pretty. Enjoy all your lovelies!

  17. The ignorant little me thought this chocolate bronzer was sold in our greek stores too- so whenever I saw it on blogs and Youtube videos I was like "eeeh, I can make it my own any time- just pop into Hondos and I'm good to go"! Shoot :(

    I heard about Dr.Hauschka through Lisa Eldridge's Youtube channel, it's a brand I'd love to explore a little more too- though dare I say that the prices are a little steep?

    I so want to get my hands on these baked eyeshadows by Erre Due, they really seem to be of a nice quality... Anticipating your reviews!


  18. I am very much into organic skincare and dr. hautschka is one of the most advanced! I have their concealer, it's perfect for the sensitive eye-area.

  19. Max Factor's Blush looks amazing!!! How do you apply it? With your fingers or a brush!!! And please let us know of your thoughts on the skincare items! I wanna try a dr.hauschka mask for some tim enow... Με΄γεια!!! =))

  20. @Delyteful Speaks: Thank you for the recommendations! I already own the Korres bronzer, which was heaps better than this shade-wise, but I was wondering what all this chocolate hype was about!!!
    And, I'll definitely be making a post on those Dr Hauschka products shortly, stay tuned, lol! :) xx

    @Maverick: Thank you! :)

    @glittermeup: I don't know, it's a huge fail on me.. I looked like an orange Lindsay Lohan when I wore it!!! And I chose 51, because from swatches online, 52 seemed more orange/red!!!
    Guess this wasn't for me alltogether!!! xx

    @maya: Thank you dear! I'm already enjoying one of the Hauschka items and have the other one to try still (but will update on both soon anyways)! :) xx

  21. @λειντι ντι: Thank you D! Μεχρι στιγμης το λαδι πολυ καλο, για την μασκα δεν μπορω να πω ακομα... παντως θα ειναι γεματο post αυτο με τα Dr Hauschka, θα συμπεριλαβω κ review για το online store (και εχετε να διαβασετε...)! x

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Hey sweetie! Thank you and glad you liked it! Yes, the bronzer is way too orange on me, I cannot wear it and go out like that. Huge fail! At least the blush is lovely indeed! ;) xxx

    @Lyuba-chan: Ah those Sleek palettes that everyone seems to be going crazy about! I need to look for swatches online, I've only seen the Mediterranean/Monaco one so far! x

    @Marina (Makeup4all): Yep, fixed it, all good now! ;) And I know the feeling, I need to be more careful too with my spending, but it's SO easy to go "sod it, I need sth to cheer me up now", isn't it? :))) xx

  22. @Y: Πραγματικα η Erre Due με εξεπληξε, φοβερη ενταση χρωματος! Οσο για το Bourjois bronzer, πολυ φοβαμαι οτι θα σε απογοητευσω, ειναι τραγικο πανω μου (Think Lindsay Lohan)!! Δεν εχω και πολλα αλλα να πω πραγματικα!!! x

    @Tamara: Oh, yes, I know what you mean, when a bronzer is too pink, it ends up looking like mud mixed with brick dust on your face! I hate that too! But this.. I cant work with this either, I think it's only suitable for those with more yellow undertones on their skin! Cos on my neutral bordering pinkish skin it looks ugly!!! xx

    @fantastic: No thoughts yet, I'm desperately trying to finish Essie Van D Go (and I did good on my first exam wearing it, so being the superstitious me, I haven't taken it off all June)! Will update though, I mean I have to, right? Nude nail polish IS sth to blog about!!! ;) xx
    PS: You discover the discontinued shades and me the...reformulated ones, we are doomed my friend!!!

    @valncami: Thank you for letting me know, I'll make sure to double-check my feed! ;) xx

  23. @A BRIT GREEK: Lol, well... Haha! :) And will do very soon! xx

    @Artemi: Sorry, αλλα το Bourjois παει για ξεφορτωμα με καποιον τροπο, ειναι αθλιο πανω μου! Η lindsay lohan θα με ζηλευε, και ναι, υπερβαλλω, αλλα αυτο το χρωματακι μου δινει!!!! :///// xxx

    @makeup merriment: Thank you dear! :) I've been wanting to try some Dr Hauschka for ages now, and I'll surely be exploring this brand some more in the future! I really like their take on skincare and I wish more brands would do the same! x

    @cbsg5861: Well, half the employees said that it was sold out, and the other half that it was discontinued here (typical stupid Hondos saleswomen)!
    The Erre Due eyeshadow was amazingly pigmented, I was so surprised!
    As for the Dr Hauschka products, they're a luxury brand in my eyes, but not among the super expensive ones (we've seen worse things)! I 'd love it if it was more readily available though.. (another typical greek complaint, haha)! xxx

  24. @Sam: Yes, I've heard some things about their makeup line too and I'd love to try that in the future as well!
    The only sad thing about Dr Hauschka products is that they're super hard to find here (and I'm only talking about skincare, not makeup, that is positively non-existent)!!! xxx

    @Argyro: Thank you girl! The cream blush I use mostly with a stipling brush, but I do use my fingers when in a hurry as well!
    Will let you know what I think about the Dr Hauschka mask, still testing it out! xx

  25. If you're still in the midst of your finals, good luck to you Hun! :)
    Yes, the Bourjois bronzing powder does look orange in your swatch. I guess if worse comes to worse you could use it as an eyeshadow of if you're into the orange-y lip glosses, you can mix some of it with vaseline for a sheer lip tint?
    I LOVE the olive green with gold specks swatch of Erre Sparkler.
    LOL - I just noticed the lowest picture in your left hand sidebar about the young girl wanting to be a stripper. Haha, too funny :P
    Omigosh, I have gotten a number of things lately from Dale including perfumes, clothes and accessories. Not much makeup though since I have so much already but some skincare for sure - especially moisturizers!

  26. Oh lovely! Soft Murano is on my list too. I'm feeling the urge to buy things to cheer myself up. I think I shall pay the Max Factor stand a visit!

  27. @Karen Law: Thanks for the suggestions hun, I ended up putting the Bourjois bronzer in my "to be swapped/given away" pile, it's too orange and poorly pigmented for me to bother with it some more!!!
    Yes, the khaki sparkly shadow was a huge hit, I can't wait to take it with me for a summer vacation!
    As for the pics on the left sidebar...well, they do sum me up quite accurately I'd say, lol! :P
    Can't wait to read some more posts on your blog about your new items (slowly catching up)! <3 xxxx

    @ModestyBrown: Hehe, seems like we enable each other, doesn't it? I'm sure you'll like Soft Murano, in my eyes it's the most wearable of that Miracle Touch range! xxx


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