Skincare Update!

So, autumn is officially here, and what better excuse than a new season to turn the focus to skincare, right? :)

Now, I'm sure that I'm not alone in this: I bet many of you are exploring your options and making adjustments to your skincare routines in an effort to prep your skin for the colder months! Well, if that's the case, we can do so together - the upcoming 2-3 weeks on here will be mostly skincare based, so if you're a skincare junkie, tune in for my reviews and ramblings!

Yes, from what you can tell, things have become a little more complicated since my last skincare post, partly due to my curiosity for new products and partly due to some neccessary changes that had to be made.

But, before I get on with the breakdown, let me just remind you that my skintype is combination meets acne prone meets slightly sensitive and that this is what works for me for the time being.

Like last time, I'll start off with cleansing:

- I still rely on MAC Cleanse Off Oil to remove my makeup for the day. It works wonders and removes the slap without a lot of effort. It's truly an amazing product that I rarely go without (I part with it only when I'm traveling, in which case makeup remover wipes take its place).
- I also still use the Garnier Essentials Eye Makeup Remover for my eyes, but I feel it's not cutting for me no more: I do appreciate that it's gentle to my eyes and that it doesn't leave an oily film afterwards, but I wish it did a better job at actually removing those persistent mascara layers! I'll definitely be looking into other eye makeup removers from now on!
- After most of the makeup has been removed, I'll complete the cleansing phase with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil Free Cleanser. This is fairly new to my routine and an extremely pleasant surprise! It really removes the remaining impurities and oiliness, without being too harsh or too drying! Expect a review soon, as it deserves an entry of its own!
- Whenever I feel that my skin needs an extra polish and while being inbetween scrubbing sessions, I'll use this Clinique face brush combined with my cleanser and dare I say, I think it works just as well, if not better! Probably something to do with the fact that it stimulates my skin, on top of gently removing the dead cells! I found this as a part of an old GWP bag that my mum had completely forgotten and decided to put it to good use.

As for my daytime routine, it's quite simple:

- I prep my skin with the Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir serum first. I only use 3 small pumps for my whole face, since it's very liquidy. I know I was initially let down by it, but that's because I was probably using it for the wrong reasons: while it doesn't really remove any fine lines (and if it does, it's only minimal and takes numerous weeks to do so), it helps quite a lot with blemishes and uneveness (in conjuction to the Effaclar Duo I use at nighttime). I mostly use this as an extra protective layer against the daily damage from the atmosphere.
- My moisturiser follows: the Malin + Goetz Vitamin E Face Moisturizer. Extremely happy with this one! I know it's not my trusted YSL Hydra Feel, but it's pretty darn close - minus the plumping abilities. It still moisturises effectively for a long period of time, it absorbs quickly and it doesn't interfere with foundation application. In fact, it's probably superior to the YSL one, in that it's over double the amount for half the money!!!
- Sunscreen always follows these 2 steps, but that goes without saying, right? ;)

For nighttime, things haven't changed that much:

- The Effaclar Duo Anti Imperfection treatment is a staple. I apply it on current breakouts or fading ones, depending on my needs. I need to say though, that it's the combination of this product with the Lancaster serum that I find tackles the breakouts quickly and effectively. On its own, I wasn't all that wowed!
- Then, I use the Korres Quercetin & Oak Night Cream. I love this product and it actually delivers its anti-wrinkling claims. I don't use it every single night though, for fear of it being too heavy on my skin. It's more of an every 2 nights thing, or whenever I feel I need sth more than my Malin+Goetz moisturiser.
- As for the eyes, I'm about to finish the Garnier Eye Roll On. The only thing I'm convinced it does, is battle the puffiness and that alone. However, I need sth for my dark circles too and this is definitely not it! Yet another aspect of my skincare that needs looking into!

As far as weekly treatments go, such as masks, scrubs etc, I'll explore them on a future post. I wanted to focus on the core of my skincare on this one. As you can see, I've made a few changes since a few months ago, and while it seems more complicated, I feel it's more of a well-rounded routine right now, something not so easy for someone like me that has to deal with acne issues, as well as protective and anti-ageing aspects!

But if I've understood a couple of things so far, it's that you have to:
a. look for products that you can layer on top of each other (allowing each layer to absorb in order to get the most of its ingredients each time of course), and
b. adjust quickly to your skin's needs: you don't have to follow the same exact routine every day and every night. Maybe you need to skip a step if you're too oily or add a step if you're too dry or you're breaking out more! Don't be afraid to mix things up!

So, how do you figure out your skincare routine?
What products do you use for your specific needs?
Also, do you have any requests for future skincare posts?

What's your opinion?

  1. I've been absolutely loving my Effaclar Duo its been clearing up my skin and i've tried every lotion and potion possible. I must check out the MAC cleanse off oil x

  2. I love Korres products.. Their Wild Rose moisturizer is amazing! Feels so velvety and hydrating!

  3. Πολυ μ'αρεσουν τετοια ποστ!
    Η αληθεια ειναι πως μετα το καλοκαιρι παντα ασχολουμαστε λιγο παραπανω με την επιδερμιδα μας..
    Πολυ καλα φαινονται ολα τα προιοντα,θα τα εχω υποψιν μου..
    Τωρα αν σου πω το δικο μου skincare..Πολυ minimal!

  4. This is very useful post. Thank you. It´s timely for me given that I´ve just moved to Europe and I am now faced with dry-skin plight. :)

  5. Weeeeee!!! Skincare post, yay!!!

    I must get me a facial brush like the one you're using- I had a bad experience with those yellow face sponges and I'd like to try something different to use with my daily cleanser. Yeah, maybe I should blog about it, those buggers dried up my skin so bad! I had to google Malin+Goetz brand- easy skincare in a gorgeous packaging, I'm all for it!

    Can't wait for the Kiehl's cleanser review! Lovely post, hun xx

  6. I love the Garnier roller it has worked fantastic for me and its such a lazy option ! I really need to get one of those facial brushes !! xo

  7. I love scin care products doll!!And your post inspiring indeed!!Havent try the night cream from Korres,it looks interesting and I have to get Kiehl's oil free range asap!!!


  8. I am actually trying to find a perfect skin care for my skin right now. Not sure what to choose yet.

    Thanks for sharing your favourites x

  9. The MAC cleansing oil is next on the list for me when I've finished off my NUDE one. I'm intrigued by the Korres night cream xo

  10. @LAURA*LOVES*MAKEUP: Yes, the Effaclar Duo does seem to help a bit more with spots than other products - it still does take some for me to see a difference though!
    Do try the Cleanse Off Oil, it's very effective and doesn't interfere with oil production whatsoever! x

    @Delyteful Speaks: To be honest I've not tried the Wild Rose line! But still, I'm quite a big fan of the brand! ;)

    @Artemi: Πραγματι, λιγο η εξτρα ενυδατωση που ειναι απαραιτητη μετα τις ζεστες, λιγο η προσπαθεια να διατηρηθει το μαυρισμα κ να αποφευχθει το...ξεφλουδισμα...ε, μετα ερχονται τα κρυα κ οι βροχες, οπως κ να το κανεις, χρειαζεται την περιποιηση του!!!
    Χαιρομαι που σου αρεσε το post! :) xx

    @creativefashionglee: Well, I'm happy if I've helped at all! :)

  11. @cbsg5861: Thank you for the feedback doll! :)
    Try and look for clinique sets on ebay (could be a 3 step gift with purchase, but I'm not sure), you might come across one that has the brush (and those go for dirt-cheap usually)! Just make sure that it's sealed ofc!!!
    Yeah, I think that the sponge was way too harsh for your skin! We need milder tools, that's for sure!
    As for the moisturizer, I cannot recommend it enough, the consistency is almost like the YSL Hydra Feel, perhaps more creamy, but not thick or greasy - honestly the results are pretty much the same!!! I cannot wait to try some more of this brand, love the simple packaging too (at least u dont pay for stuff that you'll throw out in the end)! Lol! xxx

    @glittermeup: Did u find that the Garnier roll did improve the dark circles (assuming you have dark circles of cource, haha)? Because I don't think it does anything for me on that department...

    @Blushingloves Irene Greece: Well I know u don't have any lines, but if you're at the pharmacy next time, ask for a Korres Quercetin&Oak sample, that thing bloody works!!!

    @Marina(Makeup4all): I know how it is, believe me it felt like a puzzle at times before I ended up with this...knowing what works or which ingredients and how long each product is active before you can layer sth else on top... it can be a pain!
    In the end though I just tried to narrow it down to the least possible amount of products that my skin needs... that's what helped me decide what to get, I think that's a good rule for most! Good luck with your search! :) xx

  12. @Halima: How do u get on with the NUDE one? Usually I don't look into brands that are not readily available here, so I tend to miss out on new products! xx

  13. Great post! I also have kept up with the MAC Cleanse Off Oil in the past year or so and I've grown more fond of it over time. I just avoid using it to remove eye makeup since it leaves that weird blurry eye feeling right after :S I know you said you don't travel with it, but I actually find it really good to travel with. What wipes do you use in replace of the MAC Cleanse Off Oil when you travel?
    For eye makeup remover, I love my MAC eye and lip makeup remover (pink bottle). It doesn't leave an oily residue at all similar to your Garnier one. But you'll love the MAC one since it removes ALL traces of eye makeup. Let me know if you try it Hun ;)
    My skincare routine for the most part is the same as it was years ago. I still stick with Cetaphil as a gentle face cleanser in the mornings and the Classic Oil of Olay Lotion has been a staple for me too. Lately I've been using a lot of Estee Lauder night time skincare products and so far so good. For me, as long as I see redness gone (I have some redness around my nose), it doesn't break me out or give me a rash, then it's good to go. I have sensitive skin so the biggest worry for me is to not experiment too much with different face skincare since I'm prone to rashes if I do and the rashes take 1.5-2 weeks to go away :(

  14. lovely post honey!
    1) THANK GOD there's actually ONE other person on earth whos crazy about skincare
    2)your post has inspired me very much honey!

    :) xx

  15. You got me interested for the Kiehls face cleanser. I definitely want to try some of their products and since I'm out of face cleanser at the mo it seems like a good start. This summer I got from Sephora a face moisturizer and an eye cream by Rexaline (the Hydra dose series) and I'm very satisfied. They are sufficiently moisturizing and not making me super oily, because most anti-ageing products tend to do so. At night I use a Yellow Rose serum (anti-ageing drops). I have to say though that I'm not as meticulus as you are, maybe I should do more, I'm much older than you after all, lol! xxx

  16. That's a great post!!! I really need a change in my skincare regime as something is giving me pimples in that age! pfff..

  17. @Karen Law: No, you're right, it is a great and fuss free product to travel with, but I want to avoid any possible messy leaking, which is why I opt for makeup wipes! I use Johnson&Johnson ones or some other affordable brand (would never buy anyth as expensive as MAC for example)!
    Thank you for the recommendation, I love the sound of that eye makeup remover!!! I've been experimenting a bit and so far the only other ones I've tried (sephora and MUFE) do leave an oily film (which might b ok for nighttime but not when you want a quick makeup f*ck up fixed)!
    Sounds like you've found a routine that works for you! And believe me, I know what a pain it is to have..tamperamental skin like ours!!!
    Btw since u mentioned Estee Lauder, have u tried any of their serums? I'd love your thoughts if you have!!! xxx

    @ fashion written with a lipstick: Trust me, this skincare craze ain't going nowhere!!! And I doubt it will the..older I get, lol!!! Glad you enjoyed the post sweetie! xx

    @Arietta: As far as I'm concerned, you're one of the most "iconic" of the real ppl, so that makes you timeless!!! No age talk pls (and its my bday in 3 days, so u get what I'm trying to say, haha)!!!
    That eye cream sounds great, I need to check that out! It's always hard to find a good eye cream, they're either too light and they wont do anything, or too thick and heavy!!!
    Btw, keep your eyes peeled for the Kiehls cleanser review, should be up soon! ;) xxx

    @Argyrousa: Ah..the pimple war... sounds too familiar!!! Hope you clear out soon! :) xx

  18. Hi Tina! Yes I have been using two of the Estee Lauder serums before bedtime for a few months now - the Advanced Night Serum and the Idealist Skin Illuminator serum. I haven't been getting as many hormonal zits since I've started using them (I only get maybe 3-4 a month). I can't say it's worked miracles yet...but I do like the texture and I truly want to believe it works as well as the reviews says it does LOL Dale has started using Estee Lauder serums too after my persuasion! We've both seen some good results in his skin since he's quite a bit older than me....but I'll let you know for sure how it goes Hun :)

  19. @Karen Law: Thank you for the update. I've never tried either of them, and I feel like I should, since they're two of the most well known ones..! I'd love a crash test/comparison in a future post by you and to hear what qualities each has (when you get the chance)... I find serums to be quite tough to review, so all information is helpful!!! ;) xxx


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