And the winner is...

Apologies for the late announcement guys, but things are truly insane around here these days! Although I'll stop with that right now, since I'm sure that's not what you came here to read..., without further ado, the lucky winner of the "Jewels by Peggy" necklace is...


Congratulations dear!!! Please drop me an email with your info, so I can send it to you as soon as possible!!!

And for the rest of you guys, who didn't win this time around, don't worry: there's a few giveaways coming up soon, so, who knows, you might have better luck next time! ;)

What's your opinion?

  1. αχ ειναι τοσο υπεροχο ! δεν ηξερα καν οτι κανεις giveaway εχω χαθει απο τα μπλογκς και δεν το πηρα χαμπαρι ! κριμα !

  2. Ooo that's a really pretty necklace :) Congratulations to Sabrielle!


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