All Leathered Up!

So, no need for me to point out how big the leather jacket is.
You already know that it is. And has been. And will be, as it's a staple piece in anyone's wardrobe.
Yes, that's right, anyone can find a way to wear a leather jacket, it 's not just for the rocker/biker chicks!

Allow me to present you with a few more styling options (all pics via google image):

1. Leatherina in boots:

Aka "worn with leggings". Now, I 'm not sure what I think of Lindsay's outfit, but I love Ashley's. And with wool leggings (and maybe thigh high boots?) it would have worked just as nicely.

2. "Jeans and a top" kinda gal:

The easiest, safest way. Works every time. By the way, how pretty is that grey Audrina is wearing?

3. Jacket & Hide:

As in "it looks comfortable, but can cover what's been going on underneath too". Just kidding. Although I do love the contrast between a super casual top/sweater and a slightly more dressed up jacket.

4. The battle of the seasons:

Ie: Fall from the waist up, summer from the waist down. It confuses me, but I quite like Blake's take on it. Vanessa on the other hand...would have looked better shoe-less.

5. Leatherus Maximus:

It looks weird at first, but it somehow works. Definitely not for a black tie event though.

6. Tough Lady:

As in "hard on the outside, sweet on the inside". Who can resist that?

7. School leather:

The most casual way possible. Love Kristen's outfit, it's a classic take in my opinion and can easily be worn by a young woman that's past her teen years as well.

8. "I love my funky leather":

It's bold and funky and a little crazy too. Maybe you wouldn't go for it, but it surely makes a statement and that's what matters.

So, ladies, tell me, what's your take on the leather jacket?
How do you wear yours if you already have one (or more)? And, after this, would you consider getting one, if you don't? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Oh i love leather jackets! i really like thwm on top of like little tea dresses, i love the contrast between sugar and spice. xx

  2. i have 2 beige leather jackets one very short and one classic !
    one black and one brown -red
    i prefer the black one but i am not into that style lately !
    on these pics i prefer the school and the funky style!
    goodmorning sweety !!!

  3. I love the look of leather jackets! I like all the ways they can be worn as well, they're very versatile! I actually bought a leather jacket last week, but returned it cause the fit wasn't quite right. The search continues :) Love this post! x

  4. This post almost makes me want the cooler weather back so I can pull my leather jacket out of hiding!

    I think the Olsens (especially Ashley) wear a leather jacket the best!!

  5. I nominated you for an award on my blog! :)

  6. I love this casual jacket look, and nice blog layout =)

  7. Loooove leather jackets! If I had the money I would buy every single one available :) great post!!

    and btw, how do you get the pictures to pop up like that??

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  9. Awesome post! Lots of inspiration.

  10. I really like leather jackets! They look cool and can be styled
    in so many different ways!

  11. @Tabitha Sheridan: I know, completely agree! Adds a little twist to a feminine dress! ;) xoxoxo

    @Mairyliscious: Lol, you busted me blogging on such a late hour, haha! :D
    Beige? I can't stop dreaming about that now...imagine all that luscious beige leather gorgeousness! :))) What's your choice of outerwear lately dear? :)
    Makia!!! xxx

    @ellamarie84: Oooh, trust me, once you find that perfect one for you, you 'll end up loving and treasuring it! Hope my post gave you some ideas dear and keep on looking ;) xxxxx

    @Sarah: Exactly: almost! Cos, I 'd trade my leather jacket season for your summer anytime!!! :) You 're so right about Ashley, she wears them so freaking well! ;) xxxx

  12. @Cheryl♥: Awww, you 're a sweetie, you know? Thanx so much, I promise I will do it as soon as possible! ;) Mwah! xoxo

    @L.T.: Great style, the casual look is one of my favourites too! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! :) xx

    @Ashley: I 'm flushing after that comment of yours, thank you sooo soo much! <33333 xxxxx

    @natalie: Yes, definitely, and I 'm sure there's more options that I didn't cover! Thanx for stopping by! :) xx

  13. Such a great post!The leather jacket is essential, all the mixes are awsome, I'd wear all of them.


  14. the jacket and hide style is perfect! i love that brown shade to look :)

    oh, and i like leather anything--right down to leggings. waiting on a pair to arrive that have the perfect paneling in front..perfect with those over the knee boots! xxx

  15. Such a GREAT POST! I can not even tell you how much I love leather jackets, trousers, boots! Great great post!

    PS show me your new bag!! =]

  16. I like they way Alexa wears it!

  17. @O'Style: Thanx so much dear!!! ;) Good taste, I 'd probably wear every single style as well! ;) :))) xxxxx

    @fantastic: I couldn't agree more with everything you said, I love Ashley's slightly sloppy but carefully executed look! ;) Hope you find a tan jacket like that!
    Looove leather too! Leather-like leggings are so freaking hot and with thigh hight boots, even better! ;))
    (Although I miiight be getting a sequin pair of leggings too - random thought, lol)!
    Hope you get yours soon! ;) xoxoxo

    @COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE... WE HAVE CANDY: Lol, no need to tell me, I was drooling at every single leather jacket post you made recently!!! ;)))
    Re the bag, gonna make a fashion haul post later this month, it's black/white/beige gold out of this boucle fabric, not quite my usual taste, but loved it, you know how these things are! ;) xxxxx

    @meraldia: Isn't she so classy in this outfit? I almost always LOVE what she's wearing! ;) xoxo

  18. So much style in this post, love it!!

  19. I really wnt a leather jacket, but I don't have enough money! I haven't been good at saving lately!

  20. I love leather but I've never found a leather jacket that I can pull off - really liked the Warehouse wrapover one that Come Over to the Dark Side has so might try that on.

    Have tagged you for an award over on my page.


  21. I love leather jackets!! Cool post ;)

  22. @deep_in_vogue: Awww, thanx so much for your sweet comment dear! ;) xoxoxo

    @Meg: I 've been sooo bad lately too, but on the other hand I 'm pretty much done with my winter shopping! :) Hope that you find a truly gorgeous and not expensive leather jacket! ;) xxx

    @LionLovingTiger: Having seen a few outfit posts from you, I really think that you 'd be able to pull off a classic leather jacket beautifully! ;)
    Many thanx for the award girl, you 're so sweet and love your taste too as you know! ;) xxxxx

    @lydi: Who doesn't? Lol! Many many thanks girl! Love your blog by the way! :) xxx

  23. heart leather jackets! wellthe form fitting ones :P

  24. @Mona: Lol, got it! ;) I could totally imagine you rocking one over a cute dress!!! ;)


  25. wow, i shy away from leather usually but have spotted all those chic ways of wearing it, especially now that i've spotted alexa cheung wearing that smexy biker, i must follow, i absolutely must! :D

  26. @su-pah: Isn't she so chic in that outfit? :) You must definitely show your leather some love, there's so many different ways you can "own" it! ;)


  27. I recently purchased a leather jacket. Biker style and I love it. You're right, it's a staple :).

  28. @I'MTHATCHIQ: Those kinds of purchases are the best, you know you got sth you 'll love for a long time! ;) Enjoy your jacket dear (and make outfit posts with it too)! :))) xxxx


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