General randomness and award post!

Still true to my daily posting challenge (which will probably end on Saturday), this will be a much more casual post than what I usually do...

First of all, I 'm going to disappoint you, by saying that there will be no "monthly favourites" post from me this month! :(
I 've noticed that most of you enjoy my "monthly favourites" posts, as they 're among the most frequently read ones of this blog, and I will definitely keep making them, but unfortunately February was a bad month for makeup!

I did, however, rely on two products the whole month:
- my Warm&Cozy eyeshadow quad and
- the saviour that Fascinating eye kohl is,
both of which are fully covered on this older post, so not much else to talk about I 'm afraid!
The rest was probably a repetition of already talked about favourites, although I didn't use anything consistently enough to call it a monthly favourite... Makeup rut, yes, you could call it that!

Some of you may know this already, but I haven't mentioned it properly yet: I have a formspring account:
What this basically is (well, for those that aren't familiar with it), it's an open questionnaire addressed to me, and anyone can ask me anything (well, I do reserve the right to skip extremely nosey or rude questions of course)!
There's even the option to ask anonymously, so, do take advantage and go ahead! Well, assuming that you 're the least bit curious that is (but why wouldn't you be?)!

Last part of this random, pointless blog will be an award!

This award has been passed on to me, by not one, but three (!) wonderful bloggers: Cheryl @ Cheryl's Beauty Blog, LionLovingTiger, and Athina @ Life is one big playground.
Huge "Thank You" 's ladies, that was so sweet of you!!!

Now, I 'm a bit unsure about the rules to this award tag, I did some digging and apparently they include listing 6 things that made me happy today, before I pass on this award to fellow bloggers (again, not sure of the number).

So, here's my 6 things:
  • I played some Guitar Hero and succeeded in making a couple of 5 star performances in medium (yay!)!
  • I finished a complete exercise routine ("project beach body" here I come, feel free to join in girls)!
  • Had a very healthy, home cooked dinner (and some Coke, but let's focus on the healthy dinner part).
  • Depotted MAC Copperplate and thus completed my second MAC palette!
  • Gave myself a much needed pedicure and manicure.
  • The shade used for the latter is a new one in my collection and will be my next post (you can guess it, right? Right? :) )!
Now, I know that almost everyone has done it already, so I 'll leave it open to all of you reading this!
If you 'd like to do it, then consider YOURSELF tagged and drop a comment below letting me know that you did! :)

Randomness, over and out, normal posting to be continued tomorrow!
Have a great Friday everyone! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. I love your blog hun! Congratulations on another blog award :) Yay!
    I really envy girls who can pull off the flesh tone/white liner to make their eyes more bright. I tried it a couple of times and it looks terrible on me LOL. I have to stick to my black liner :)

  2. @Karen: Thank you sweetie! You 're the only one who probably read this post, lol!
    I had never tried white liner before either, but it really makes the eye crazy awake! I think that flesh toned shades would be the way to go if you think it would look weird on you...Are you sure it's not because you 're not used to it? It took me a couple of times to adjust to the bigger eye effect in the! :)


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