NARS "I Want You" lipgloss set!

That's right, here I am again! :)

No eyeshadow talk for a change, as this post is all dedicated to lipgloss, NARS lipgloss to be a little more specific! :)

NARS came out with the "I Want You" lipgloss set a little before Christmas if I 'm not mistaken and that was surely an excellent marketing idea, since this would make an amazing Christmas/New Year's present (and I 'm speaking from my own experience, lol).
It's basically a little set of NARS most popular lipgloss shades - a good opportunity to try them all out without having to buy them separately.

The lipglosses included in this set are: Turkish Delight, Striptease, Orgasm, Dolce Vita and Greek Holiday (and my swatches are in that exact order).

Let's check them out one by one (all of them are swatched on completely bare lips):

Turkish Delight. You 're probably well aware of this shade, NARS describes this as "pink sorbet", which is pretty accurate. It's one of those milky, pale pink shades, without any shimmer. My complaint regarding this, is that, from what you can see, it settles into the natural lines of the lips almost immediately, so it might not be the best idea to wear it completely on its own. I would have also liked it to be less thin in terms of consistency.

NARS Striptease. A beige/nude lipgloss, infused with extremely subtle light golden shimmer, which succeeds in achieving the full - on nude effect without creating the dreaded concealer/corpsey effect, which most of us usually wish to avoid. It's quite pigmented and can be definitely worn on its own.

NARS Orgasm. I 'm gonna bore you all once again with the known description of all "Orgasm" products (by the way, I wonder what kind of traffic will end up on this site with names such as Striptease and Orgasm, lol): Peachy pink, shot through with generous amounts of gold shimmer, so depending on where the light hits you, it might look more like gold frost on your lips instead of a peachy toned pink lipgloss. Goes on quite opaque, like Striptease and for most skintones it would compliment a great variety of looks.

NARS Dolce Vita. I must admit, this shade is not easy to describe, but I 'm going with dusty, brick rose. I fear that my camera makes it look more coral than it really is, so the swatch on my hand is more accurate. Shimmer-free and very well pigmented, it's definitely the one of the bunch that I 'd pick if I was aiming for a look that would draw more attention to my lips. I love how it applies, very even, without a lot of effort.

NARS Greek Holiday. Very sheer, very shimmery, or shall I say glittery. In fact, there's just a tiny hint of a beige colour in there, the rest is multicoloured, pastel toned, small to medium sized glitter. Now, it's surely not something I would pick on a daily basis, but it would make a great lipgloss for summer. I can't help but wonder if it would look better with a tan (can you tell I miss summer?). It probably would.

Overall, I must say that there's a great selection of shades and finishes in this set, there is something for almost every look or occasion. Not perhaps a set that would compliment the darkest skintones though. My personal favourites are Striptease and Orgasm, they 're the ones that I go for the most and I almost always wear them without a lipstick.
They 're not scented (they could have been), and if they start to go off they get the unpleasant plastic-y smell, perhaps a little sooner than other brands, but I could be wrong about that last part.
They are a bit sticky, so be aware if you hate sticky lipgloss, but I find them to be less sticky than MAC (my ultimate sticky nightmare), so, I can definitely put up with it.
In terms of wear, they seem to stay on for a fair amount of time, but it's virtually impossible for me to test that, as I 'm the kind of person that drinks or eats sth every few hours. I would say, however, that right up to that point, it's still there.

What's your take on NARS lipglosses? Have you tried any of those shades mentioned?
I 'd also love to try Chihuahua and Harlow, has any of you tried those? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. I have turkish delight and orgasm, and I like them both but I completely agree that they go off quick! They smell too plastic-y for me to wear anymore. Sad that they have such a short shelf life :( I actually love dolce vita on you! It's a gorgeous red :) I haven't tried chihuahua but I've always wanted to.

    You do great reviews, love! And good job at blogging two days in a row! I should try that daily posting thing sometime myself :) xoxox

  2. Wow, dolce vita is gorgeous!!!
    I have turkish delight, but i just never wear lipgloss! xx

  3. I must admit that (to my shame) I don't own any Nars products. They are expensive and I can't invest so much in something I haven't even seen up close! But I do have a wishlist and these lipglosses are in it! Especially Dolce Vita!

  4. Lovely set - they all look great on you! My fave is Frisky Summer - a lovely coral-red shade

  5. I've never tried a Nars gloss before but those swatches look so pretty, what a great set!

  6. They look really good on you.. contrasting your skin none of them look bad. I LOOOVE striptease! Looks so stunning!! xxx

  7. they all look lovely on you, i didn't like striptease for some reason, my fav is turkish delight! great photos! X

  8. really nice set of lipglosses! i love dolce vita, and i think it looks lovely on you.

    on another note, where do you get nars from? i can't find any nars products here in greece :)

  9. All these colors are so pretty,...Dolce vita looks kool..
    Strip tease does not works on me...

  10. I haven't tried Nars Lipglosses, I have only used their blushes! Where do you buy them from????

  11. @ellamarie84: I have a small older sample of Orgasm and Striptease and yes, it has a noticeable plastic-y scent, definitely not the most pleasant thing to have under your nose!!!
    Dolce Vita I don't wear so much, if I go intense, it will more likely be a true or dark red (lol, I do nudes, light pinks and dark reds, not much inbetween)!
    Thank you so much for your kind words, I try! :)
    And you should definitely try it out soon as well! xxxxx

    @Tabitha Sheridan: Dolce Vita definitely has the most "wow" effect of all of them!!! I love how it applies, should probably wear it more often!
    I know what you mean about lipgloss, I 'm only recently wearing it again (after almost a year of lipstick)! :) xoxo

    @Pasiphae: Agreed, not to mention they 're a bit hard to find here.. they should just be like MUFE, every Sephora should stock them, just like in other countries! I only own a small amount of NARS myself, but I love almost every single thing!
    Dolce Vita would look hot on you, no doubt!!! :)
    Filia! xxx

    @Stefanie: Thank you Stefanie! Now off to check out your recommendation, I 'd love a pretty coral for summer! :) xxxx

  12. @Gemma: They 're nice to have, personally I like them more than MAC lipglosses...! This was a great set, pretty convenient to try out 5 at one go! xoxo

    @Tali: Thank you hunni, I guess it's probably cos I 'm tan free, I mean, I 'm so pale, that even Striptease looks like a light pink on me! And yeah, I love it, hopefully I can get it to work with a tan as well! :) xxx

    @Muhsine: Thank you! I 'm sure it all has something to do with skintone and undertones... is exactly why I thought that this set would probably be a little "meh" on medium and darker skintones and Striptease was the one I had in mind..! xoxo

    @fashion written with a lipstick: Thanx sweetie! Wish I had access to NARS (well, maybe if I lived in Athens all year)... unfortunately for my NARS I have to go online...
    I do know that ships to Greece and that Body 'n' Soul carries NARS in Athens (kolwnaki, glyfada k n.psyxiko)!
    We should all petition that they bring it to Sephora!!! :) xoxo

  13. @resham: It's all a matter of what matches each skintone best... I 'm just as pale as they come (even the lightest MAC foundations are dark for me in the winter), so I spose there's one good thing about being so fair! xxx

    @Katie: Ah, yes, their blushes, probably their best products!
    If you live in Athens, Body 'n' Soul has them, but you could also order from their european website.
    If all else fails, there's swaps, amazon and ebay, lol! xxx

  14. Turkish Delight and Striptease look so pretty on your swatches. I'm really into milky pink glosses and lipsticks more so than nude ones right now...and I find that all my pigmented lipglosses sink into the fine lines of my lips like how you said Turkish Delight did for you. So I always have to pair lipgloss with lipstick. It's a big more legwork but it gives a nice colour/shine finish :)

  15. @Karen: Milky pink shades are always a great choice! Turkish Delight and Smashbox Pout are great milky pinks!
    I do understand the fine line issue, but I 'm always in a hurry getting ready (lipgloss or lipstick is a kind of "on the go" application for me), so, I rarely layer lip products...!
    Note to self: should make more effort! Lol! :) xoxo

  16. What an awesome set! I guess I'll have to wait until next Christmas, and then I'll drop heavy hints!

    Great blog, just started following you. :)

  17. @Ashwini: Lol, they always bring out a couple of "holiday" sets around that time of year!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! xx


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