OPI ALICE IN WONDERLAND pt.2: Absolutely Alice

As promised, this is the second part of my "OPI Alice In Wonderland Collection" mini swatch series (pt. 1, i.e. Mad As A Hatter can be found here) and is, naturally, none other than "Absolutely Alice"!

Can you tell I 'm developing a thing for glitter lately? :)

"Absolutely Alice" is the most gorgeous blue glitter in a bottle. The base, just like "Mad As A Hatter" is clear, so the effect is all thanks to the beautiful sparkly bits in it: medium blue (think teal blue) and gold (in fewer quantities, but still noticeable) glitter!
The glitter particles are rather small and fine, but thanks to the dense consistency, they completely cover the nail in 2 coats. This is the only difference I could spot between these two glitters of this collection: "Mad As A Hatter" needed a good 3 coats to cover the white tips of my nails, whereas "Absolutely Alice" did the job in two.

Here's a closer photo of my nails, I 'm hoping that there's a slightly better depiction of the gold particles here:

I must admit, I 'm almost mesmerized by this one, I can happily just look at my nails, and that's something I don't usually do! It has a strange soothing effect, despite it being a very reflective glitter! It reminds me of summer, the deep blue of the sea and the sun (and, yes, I do miss it already, can we please fast forward to mid-July?)!

However, despite it being an amazing shade, it does chip rather easily, I saw minor chipping on the first day, so I added a second layer of top coat, hoping it will do the trick (I have a feeling it won't). Win some, lose some I suppose!

And that concludes my Alice in Wonderland related blogging! Now, all I have to do is actually go see the movie (sadly my multiplex didn't get this in the 3D version, oh well) and with nails to match!

Which nail polishes did you pick from this collection?

And what did you think of the movie? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. What a beautiful nail polish. I love these glittered ones although I haven't tried any so far. I'm guessing you got that from Sephora. I got a few OPI from an ebay seller but unfortunately they don't have the Alice in Wonderland collection.
    I haven't seen the movie yet too. I wanna see it in 3D but I don't know where or if we actually have it in 3D in Athens. If you hear anything let me know. Filia!!!!

  2. I've been thinking about buying this one, it looks so beautiful! I reviewed a Barry M polish the other day which is similar though and no chipping, very blue and full of sparkles! x

  3. This polish looks so beautiful on you!! I can't find it in stores anywhere! I have Mad as a Hatter but I tend to only wear it over other polishes. I know a lot of people didn't like the film, but I enjoyed it! Hope you do as well! Xx

  4. Oh that is beautiful! It reminds me of the ocean too, so pretty. And I completely agree that July couldn't come soon enough!! I didn't see the film yet, but will get round to it eventually :) I want to get mad as a hatter but it seems to be sold out everywhere. I admit that the Hong Kong collection has really caught my eye, too :) xoxox

  5. I love glitter! On my eyes, lips, nails..etc..and your polish is so pretty. The colour reminds me of clubbing and twilight ;)
    I didn't get any polishes from this OPI collection. And I also haven't seen the movie yet although I really want to :\ Nobody I know wants to see it with me (all my friends like thriller /action movies I suppose)

  6. this color is sooo nice! and very alice :) btw, i love how you've formatted your pictures on this one..the backgrounds are great ;) xxx

  7. I haven't seen yet, I've gotta to go!


  8. omg looks amazing! I'm really into glitter lately! :)

    and the picture thing works! :D thanks so much hun!

  9. @Pasiphae: Thank you, it's a really pretty glitter! Nope, ebay it was for me, my Sephora is 3 years behind on OPI new releases, not to mention I 'm not exactly happy giving out 15 euros for a nail polish! Try a couple of different ebay's (co.uk, com), there must be someone willing to sell and ship! :)
    And you do make a point about the movie, although I *think* that the tv trailer said it would be in 3D...? Perhaps it's just a matter of checking out which cinema's have it! Hope you get lucky! :)

    @FivebyFive: It's really unique and I don't think you 'd regret it!
    Which one from Barry M do you have? "Blue Glitter" looks fairly similar but it doesn't have the gold particles! Good that it doesn't chip though! xx

    @CocoBella: Thank you sweetie! Looks like these polishes became a little hard to find, huh?
    Mad Hatter is gorgeous as well, and goes tremendously well over other colours!
    Have yet to check the movie (studying got in the way, lol)!

    @ellamarie84: Ah, sounds like we need a vacaaation! Lol! :)
    Still yet to go see the film too! I 'm gonna be the last person that saw it! :)
    The Hong Kong collection hasn't really caught my eye, perhaps only "Jade Is The New Black"!!

  10. @Karen: Ah, great minds think alike etc etc! Lol! ;))))
    The glitters were the two big hits in this collection imo, I haven't seen anything like them before!
    Don't worry, someone will eventually come, tell them they owe you or something, lol! :)

    @angeloknuth09633: Thank you!

    @fantastic: Yes, it definitely has that "Alice" feeling!!! Lol, we love a good old "loud" nail polish, huh? :)
    And thank you so much regarding the photos, I do try, even though these came out a bit big!

    @O'Style: Lol, makes two of us!

  11. @FELINE.: Glitter's big lately, and I love it! Lol!
    Glad you could make it work, it's a bit frustrating though if blogger decides to change sth!!!
    Hope you 're luckier than me and have no issues with the script in the future!

  12. i didn't pick up any of them and I am regreting it right about...now!Did u get them off the internet?

  13. My fave of the 4 is Mad as a Hatter. I am in love with the sparkles!



  14. @Athina: Yep, almost all of my expensive nail polish purchases like Essie and OPI are from ebay!
    Elpizw na statheis tyxerh!
    Filia! xoxo

    @Victoria: It's truly unique and the best of the two glitters from this collection when used for layering purposes! ;) Love anything sparkly too! xxx

  15. GORG.


    keep an eye on my blog next week for a giveaway ;)

  16. @The Haute Bitch: Thank you! And thx for stopping by! xx


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