Black French Manicure & an unexpected source of inspiration!

So, what better time to make this post than a few days before the New Moon release? I am however, afraid that I 'm gonna let all of you Twilight fans out there down, as this isn't really relevant to the book/movie saga - just a nail related post inspired by a photo of Kristen Stewart.

Now, at this point, I have to admit that I 'm not really a fan of Kristen Stewart (quite the opposite actually), but I did *love* an old Elle photo shoot she was featured in. The clothes, the hair & makeup, but most importantly the nails.

Beautiful and simple: just a french manicure with black tips, that I 've been wanting to recreate ever since. So, here it is:

Obviously, the nude nail polish on Kristen Stewart's nails is more opaque, I just used one coat. Here's the full list of what I used:

  • Maybelline's Salon Manicure Protecting Base
  • Seventeen's (Greek "drugstore" brand) No. 95 (just one coat, obviously you can add another one of the nude n/p that you choose). Once this dried completely, I used the
  • Nailene French Manicure Tip Guides and painted the tips with the
  • Nailene French Tip Pen in Black. A few minutes later, I removed the tips and finished with
  • Seventeen's Colorless nail polish, that I use as a top coat.
Easy peasy! Nailene's guides and pens are a saviour when it comes to a french manicure, I suggest you definitely give them a try!

How do you think this looks?
Have you ever tried a french manicure with black tips or are you a fan of the classic white tip? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. I'm a fan of the classic white tip, but this is nice for a change! I'll have to give it a try

  2. This looks FANTASTIC!! I am not really a fan of the classic white tip, especially not on long nails but I think this on shorter nails looks so good.

    I have never heard of Nailene - obviously another brand we don't have here.

    Kristen Stewart even looks good in that photo for a change!

  3. I think that it looks beautiful! I might have to try this myself, thanks!

  4. I wouldn't have thought of that but I like it! And Kristen Stewart looks great in the photo shoot.
    I was actually really disappointed with her acting and the whole Twilight crew that was casted to be honest - I just had a very different character look in my mind when I read the books. I love the books so much more than the movie - the Twilight movie was terrible in my opinion.

  5. Love it, its definatly something i would want to recreate!! Ive never heard of this Nailene brand, will have to have a look out for them!

  6. I haven't tried yet but you did an amazing job! I dont like Kirsten but some of her photoshoots look pretty :P
    Aaah I cant wait for New Moon, I'll probably watch it Thursday instead of Wednesday and I'm angry!!
    Ioannina meneis i Athina?Se 8imi8ika giati 8a er8o afto to s/k gia ena seminario sta Giannena! :)

  7. I love the look! Its actually very subtle.. but different. Ok.. now i want it!!

  8. i find her so ugly and weirddd, cant stand her lol

  9. i agree with tali, except i'm really lackadaisical about nails, don't borther letting them grow, they're always trimmed short and polish-free. the rare occasions i do wear polish i can't stop peeling it off. haha!
    but this look is so priddy, i must admit!

    haha@ above comment. i'm not a twilight fan but watched the first film and found her kind of annoying. but yeah, nice nails! hehe!

  10. @Cheryl♥: The white tip french is always lovely, but think of this as: "classic french gone to the other side"! :DDD
    Do blog if you try this out! ;) xxxx

    @Sarah: Thank youuuu! :)
    Personally I like both french, not on toooo long nails either, but a bit longer than mine for sure...
    Nailene is probably available on ebay, although I bet you have similar products there...?
    And yep, K-Stew looked pretty amazing in that whole photoshoot! Never looked better since though! Lol! xxxxx

    @ellamarie84: You 're very welcome girl! :) The concept is not really new or anything, just a way to add a little bit of interest to a french mani! :) xoxo

    @Karen: Thanx girl!
    I haven't read the books myself, but wasn't really impressed with the movie, so I guess it's why I 'm not much of a Twilight fan... Her acting was so unbelievably bad...
    Might catch New Moon, but not sure...maybe on dvd! Lol! xxxx

  11. @Mairyliscious: Thanx love! xxx

    @thedicegirl: Thank you girl, definitely give this a try! ;)
    Um, I think you have Nailene, although I could be mistaken. I 'm sure you probably have many other options too when it comes too nail guides and pens etc! Hope you have fun with this! xxx

    And, definitely, it's my (um, only) favourite picture of her, she looked stunning there (aaand perhaps a bit photoshopped too)! :)

    @lydi: Thank you! Filia! xxx

  12. I LOVE black french tips!!! That's my next mani!

  13. I have tried purple french tips too....!I love black french tips even though I am a huge fan of the classic french tip.

  14. black tips looks nice, i need to try it but my revlon black nail polish is not pigmented at all.... *on the hunt for a proper one* X

  15. @Marietta: Thanx Mariettaki! Yep, Kristen is definitely NOT my favourite either, but on this particular shoot she looked stunning! :)))
    Giannena eimai twra! Paketarise mpoufanakia kai....omprela opwsdhpote(an k tis teleytaies meres eixe kalo kairo, an piasei vroxh edw, ksexnaei na stamathsei)! An tha exeis xrono gia kafedaki, pes mou k epikoinwnoume gia ta peraiterw! Kalo New Moon girl! xxxx

    @Tali mou!: Thank you!!! Lol, so, that comment of yours makes me an...enabler, huh? Heehe, who knew! Trust me , you 'll love this look on your nails! ;) xoxo

    @Cristina BarbieLuvsMac: She's definitely weird and annoying on interviews etc! But when she 's got makeup on, she doesn't appear entirely unfortunate! Lol! xxxx

    @su-pah: Thanx dear! :) Yeah, totally agree about K-Stew, that's why it's such an unexpected source of inspiration for me! Lol!
    As far as nails go, I 'm sort of used to having sth on them nowadays, ever since they were peeling badly for a long long time. Now if I get a small peeling situation, I just put some nail polish on and wait for them to grow and cut off the destroyed part!
    Plus, hey, they look so much better with some nail polish on! Lol! :)))

  16. @♥Aubrey: Thank you!!! ;) xxx

    @Ashleigh: Thanx! It's a lovely way to spice things up! :) xoxo

    @Ashley: :))) That's great to hear! :) Now I can't help thinking what shoes and bag you 'd "style" it with! Lol! :) xxx

    @Athina: Some things are classic, no doubt about that! The white french looks polished ALL the time! But this is pretty hot in my opinion as well! ;) Think of it as very very dark purple! :) xoxo

  17. @bubblegarm: Oooh that's bad, I thought that Revlon were pretty great in the pigmentation department! Apparently OPI "Black Onyx" has good pigmentation, but I 've never tried it - thankfully the cheapie black creme I have works so far! xxxx

  18. I love this mani on you!Simple and Clean!Kristen is so beautiful but it is something on her "star" attidude that pisses me off, she talks like she's telling you get the (*^&^& out of here!I'm a huge fan of the Twilight Saga though, I'm going to see the movie tonight!!

  19. Black french?? HOTNESS! Once I did a red one... looked super cool and sexy :)


  20. @Katie: Thank you sweetie! Oh, hell yeah about K-Stew, it's like she always looks pissed off about sth when she's giving an interview! The "attitude" is just annoying! New Moon sounds fun, and I 'll probably watch it soon myself, it's just that a packed movie theater is not really my scene! Lol! :) xoxoxo

    @Farrah @ Distrikmode: Thanx girl! A Red tip French?? Wow, now that sounds very interesting! Bet it was sexy for sure! ;) xxx

  21. I love Kristen Stewart in that picture--HER HAIR! :)

    Great idea with the nails.

    Any other ideas on how to wear my booties!? Want your opinions.


  22. @Fashion Chalet: I know, right? K-Stew 's hair was so beautiful on that shoot!!! :)
    Glad you liked my post, and regarding the Zoes, how about some jeans and a cropped jacket? Or black skinny's with an oversized knit or sth?
    Seeing you 've done great outfits with them paired with dresses/skirts, I thought that jeans/pants would be a good idea...I dunno... you could probably do better than my opinions anyways...! Lol!




  24. I think all sorts of colors are fun as long as they go well together. great nails!

  25. @CHICMUSE: Thanx so much! :) xxx

    @Mona: Exactly, when it comes to nails, there are no real rules! ;) Thanx girlie, although I love your nails, mine are a mess when not painted! Lol! xoxoxo

  26. I tried to to this today but i was shaking so much i made SUCH a mess! But will deffinately take it to the salon next time. I lve it!!!!! I was also thinking about glitter tips... hmmmmmm xxxx

  27. @Tali: It takes just a tiny bit of practice, but the guides and pen make it practically mess-proof! ;)
    Glitter tips sound lovely too...or how about a glitter line right between the black tip and the rest of the nail (just me giving ideas here!)? :) xoxoxo

  28. i don't know why my comment never posted on this?! but i LOVE this look. i think a colored tip is so much more exciting than a white french tip..not really a fan of the white tip, to be honest.

    it looks great on your hands! xxox

  29. @fantastic: I know that blogger is being an ass lately for many people...Lol! Lol, knew you 'd like this,you never shy away from anything slightly edgy, right? ;))) Have you tried any other colours for tips?


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