Fashion fearlessness...

If you have flipped through the pages of last month's Elle UK, then this editorial is certainly no news to you...

"I only met her today but I feel this", shot by Thomas Nutzl and featured in the October '09 issue of Elle UK, is a lesson on fashion fearlessness in my eyes...about a woman that doesn't care about any rules, but dresses as she pleases.

And even though I could probably never pull off those boots, I can surely experiment with my style a bit more (and what better time to do so than on the weekend, right?)!

Have a good remaining weekend guys! :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Dang! Those pics are hot!!! Makes me wanna be fierce! ;)

  2. You need to post more!!!.
    Great selection of images hon.. loving the stuff in them. Makes me want to go shopping! heheheh xxoxoxx

  3. @Charlene: Me too!!! Ah, I love this editorial, it's so inspirational! xxxx

    @Tali: You are true about blogging, I shamefully admit that! Lol!
    Hehe Tali mou, I bet that few people enjoy shopping as much as you do! But, hey, with clothes like these, I don't blame you!!! :D xoxo

  4. I could say the same about myself! I seriously need to vamp up my style/fashion sense quite a bit LOL. Love the mag pictures - great inspiration for sure ;)

  5. love this spread--i hadn't seen it before :) thanks for always adding in fashion things as well as beauty! xx

  6. @Karen: I feel exactly the same! Hope this post helped a bit! Thanks so much for your sweet comments! :) xxx

    @fantastic: It's a little "anything goes, but well styled" kind of editorial, lol! Glad you like the fashion related posts love! Only beauty posts can be boring (for me to make anyways), so I like to add other things too! :) xxxxx

    @COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE... WE HAVE CANDY: :) Great taste there dear! :) But then again, I 'm not surprised! ;)
    By the way you were SO cute and natural on your video interview, I loved it! xoxoxo


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