Dark Lips for Fall...

Nothing groundbreaking: dark and intense lips are one of the biggest beauty trends for this fall.
You 've probably already seen that on the runway, or looked at promo pics of almost any fall collection from the majority of the beauty brands: YSL, Chanel, MAC, NARS - they all included a few dark lipstick options for their fall collections.

Now, I don't know how many of you would agree, but up until a few months ago, before this trend went "mainstream" so to speak, I found dark lipsticks to be slightly indimidating.
I 'm a sworn nude lipstick fan and not exactly the person that would get out of their comfort zone that easily, so it took a bit of time until this trend grew on me!

The turning point was all of those Style Black hauls and the gorgeous bold lipstick looks that all of the beauty bloggers went for - all of your looks ladies were so "high fashion", goes to show that a dark lip is not just a goth culture signature!

Clearly, a black lip is too much for me, I 'd most likely end up looking...weird to say the least, but I 've explored a couple of other options:

- MAC Amorous. It's a satin finish (my favorite), and it's a gorgeous deep berry/plum shade, that would probably work for most complexions. It looks quite darker in real life and it's one of these vampy shades that will surely get you noticed (sexy & seductive: check)! ;)

- Sephora Splendid Violet from their Lip Attitude Chic range. A real deep violet shade. It reminds me of the promo pic from NARS fall '09, it's the same shade of purple, only this one is even darker! Great dark lipstick, if you want to add a bit of colour to the...darkness, then this one will do the trick for you! (P.S.: If you have any good lipliner recommendations for this one, do let me know)!

So, have you been into the "dark lip" trend this fall?

And if you have, what lipsticks/lipglosses did you go for? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Those are both gorgeous colors! I haven't gone to the dark side myself yet, I play it very safe with lip colors :)

  2. these look so nice on you!

    i haven't been following the dark lips trend =X still obsessed with the nudes haha

  3. Not really!!!
    I think they make women look older and I'm old enough for just want to look younger, lol
    But... I love them in fashion shots, very dark and chic.

  4. I start changing my mind too on lipsticks! Some months ago I would never wear sth other than nude!As you can see I started exploring new girly options and wil buy a true red shade soon!I have a couple of dark lipsticks from Estee Lauder I can start using, I think the problem was, this is the exact same shade my mum wears for years now so I was being negative to do that too! But will definitely try it, it's a true fall colour!
    Did you use the Mac discount last week in the end?

  5. Love these lippies!
    I have been wearing the darker lips but I still gravitate to my go-to nudes and light pinks most of the time.

  6. I like the first one best! Must admit i havent been that brave as to dabble with the dark lip. They do look fab though in all the images i see in magazines etc though.

  7. That looks great! Love the MAC lipstick too :)
    I still haven't tried the dark lip yet, but I'm getting there ;)

  8. @ellamarie84: I was like that too! I did step out of my comfort zone eventually just to try it out - and ended up liking it actually! ;) Maybe you could give it a try at first! ;) xoxo

    @Mona: Thank you girl! :) Oh, the love for nudes, that will never go away, but some bold colour is needed to mix things up from time to time! Bet you could pull off most dark shades! ;) xxxx

    @Gabriela: I understand your point of view...maybe that can happen with a classic berry/brown toned lipstick, but a deep purple for example spices up things! The NARS fall look looked so young and fresh! xxxx

    @Marietta: Yes, I know what you mean, and by the way, that Dolly Pink on you was pretty stunning! ;) Estee made a couple of gorgeous reds this season, I need a true intense red myself, must go check it out! Sadly, no MAC shopping for me last week, as I 've been too naughty on the spending field...! :) xoxoxo

  9. @Lipstick Rules: Yes, I 'm like that too! I wear my nudes and pinks during the day, but on a special night out I 'll wear a darker l/s...! ;) xoxoxo

    @thedicegirl: They are not so intimidating as they seem, trust me! It's just a matter of finding the shades that best work for you...! ;) xxxx

    @Georgie-Dreams That Glitter: It's a gorgeous shade! And it feels so good wearing it! Lol! Or maybe I 'm too attached with my makeup! Haha! :) xxx

    @Michélle: I could definitely see you with a darker lip and a beautiful grey toned smokey eye of yours...classic look! ;) Will be looking forward to when you get there! Heehee! :) xoxoxo

  10. these shades both look great on you, but i especially like sephora's splendid violet! is the formula very moisturizing?

  11. I def. want a dark lip for fall..these look great!


  12. Yeah I have never been able to perceive myself with much colour on my lips, let alone a dark shade. It always looked sort of theatrical, on me I mean, some lucky girls pull the look off brilliantly.

  13. I'm totally stuck on pink lipsticks still even with the weather cooling down the trend is towards a darker lip! I think it's because I always wear a lot of eye makeup so it just looks too much for a dark eye look and a dark lip look....need to tone down my eye makeup first LOL.
    I really like the Sephora Splendid Violet on you - it's a very sexy colour ;)

  14. That Sephora shade is stunning, love the violet duochrome off it, very funky :) xx

  15. Love the violet one!
    X, fashion-nerdic.

  16. @fantastic: Hehe, it's a funky dark lip! ;) I wouldn't say it's particularly moisturizing, but not drying either. Clearly nothing like YSL Rouge Volupte creamy loveliness... It feels light when you have it on, but then again, it's more on the sheer side...Hope I helped a bit...! ;) xoxoxo

    @Ashley: Dark lips are a must this fall! You should try it out! ;) xxxxx

    @deep_in_vogue: I must say I used to be completely like that, but a try convinced me! In fact these look gorgeous with a more "muted" outfit, say a grey for example and a simple black liner for the eyes...! ;) I could totally see you in that! ;) xxxx

    @Karen: Thanx dear! :) Yes, I know what you mean about the eye makeup, if I wanna go all out on the eye makeup myself, I 'll pick a nude lipstick...But these are great with a subtle neutral or subtle smokey eye, or just some black eye liner & mascara...classic! ;) xoxo

  17. @dressjunkie: Hehe, we never shy away from a bit of colour - the way it should be! Lol! In fact I was plesantly surprised that they make a shade like this! ;) xxxx

    @Nerdic..: Dark & colourful is definitely a hot combination! ;) xxx

  18. You just made my WHOLE NIGHT with that comment, you don't even know!!! :)


    PS: I'm so jealous you're in Greece. My great-Aunt is there, her hubby is a Restaurateur I should ask the name to see if you know it!? ;)


  19. i like the dark lipstick trend, but I probably couldn't pull it off. i love nude lipsticks though.

  20. loving the dark lips also! just wanted to pop over and say hello!! xx belle

  21. @Fashion Chalet: I truly believe what I said, it reminded me that look and the: "I 'm off to a casting job" feel!

    It's ok here, can't complain, but the grass is always greener etc...
    Sure, let me know about the restaurant in case I know it! xoxo

    @Jess: Nudes wil always have a special place in my heart! Lol! :) But it's good trying out different things! ;) xxx

    @Belle Du Jour: Well, hello! ;) Dark, bold lips were huge this season, it was inevitable that I 'd be trying them out sooner or later!
    Thanx for stopping by! xxx

  22. @audrey: Thanx dear! Definitely give shades like these a try if you haven't! xxx


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