Smile Award!

Two lovely ladies and awesome beauty bloggers have tagged me for this super cute and thoughtful award, Tali@The Gloss Goss and Fantastic@Suka And Spice!!!

Thank you so so much for this award girls, it was the sweetest thing receiving this from you! :)

The rules to this award tag are to post a song that makes you happy and to pass on this award to other bloggers that make you smile, writing a few words about why their blog makes you happy when reading it!

Tali 's posts never fail to put a smile on my face! She always blogs beautifully, has an eye for detail and an excellent taste in, well, pretty much everything! She's passionate about her makeup choices, and that's more than enough to make me smile!

Fantastic is a gorgeous woman that lives too far away from me damnit! She's such a fun person with a beautiful personality and that shows through each and every one of her blog posts! Needless to say anything about the products she blogs about: rest assured that if she's mentioned it, it's HG material!

Marietta is a sweet girl, whose posts I can never have enough of! Be it beauty related or fashion related or just an update on her daily life, she has a way of making every post pretty and unique! She's never afraid to try something new and is inspired by anything beautiful around her, you gotta love that!

Lydia has a classic approach to beauty and by that I mean that anything that gets her attention is surely timeless! We share such a similar taste in makeup and she's among a few people that can get so excited over highlighted blonde locks as me!

Su-Pah 's posts make me smile as often as they make my jaw drop, i.e., pretty much every time! I can't help but wonder what her entire beauty collection would look like - pretty stunning, I 'm sure! She loves a good neutral eye, but doesn't shy away from a bit of colour either and is never afraid of a bold pattern - hello animal print!

Now for the song that makes me smile part:

It's Cobrastyle by the Teddybears, such a catchy tune that makes me wanna get up and dance every time, from a hip sway to a full on silly dance! Get up and dance with me! :)

So, that was it for now guys, see you very soon! ;)

Have a great Monday and don't forget: "My style is di bom digi bom di deng di deng digi digi..."! :D

What's your opinion?

  1. oh tina...thank you :) uh, i've never heard this song before (i'm probably the last on earth, right?!) but it's catchy...and i like the rocker teddy bears..hehehe

  2. water baby is still being sold at sephora ;)

  3. aw, thanks hun! yea, i love zebra print! ;)

    i love the song btw!

  4. Gosh , you make me blush! :D I can't thank you enough!

  5. I've tagged you hun, check out my blog! :) x

  6. Catchy song! :D

  7. @fantastic: Nah, don't mention it! ;) Doesn't the song make you wanna get up and dance? Lol! :) Or is it me? Haha! xxx

    @Mona: I must must must look into those shades!!! There's a Chanel n/p by the way, new release for the Holidays, that's in the same colour family! ;)))

    @su-pah: You 're very welcome my dear, I love any girl that can appreciate a good animal print! Lol! :) xxxx

    @Marietta: No need to thank me hunni, telling it like it is! Mwah! xxxx

  8. @tackyblueeyeshadow: Thanx for the tag girl, although I 'm sooo bad at hitting pan on anything! Lol! ;) Must catch up with all the tags and awards, so might get me a while, but I 'm definitely doing it! xoxoxoxo

    @Asami: It's one my favourite tunes! ;)

  9. New layout? I love.

    Agreed. GG has been watered down lately, but I did enjoy cotillion and all the pretty dresses this week. <3

    90210 is still my favorite show-- I'm so behindddd though. Off to iTunes to start downloading the episodes... ;)


  10. @Fashion Chalet: Hey hun! Actually, I 've reuploaded the one I had, imageshack hates me these days! Lol!

    Yeah, the last couple of episodes were good, reminded me of the other seasons! ;)
    And I couldn't agree more about 90210, you HAVE TO download the latest episodes, it gets even more interesting!


  11. This didnt come up in my blogger news feed... thank god i was cyber stalking you :P

    It deffinately made me smile- thanks hon!


  12. @Tali: Oh, no... are you using reader? That can have a few issues I think...
    Hehe, cyber stalking is fun, lol! ;)
    And no need to thank me, just telling it like it is! ;)


  13. @The Stiletto Effect: Thank you so much! :) xxx


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