October favourites!

With this post I 'm starting my own series of monthly favourites.
I 've debated whether or not to make these kinds of posts, since almost everyone does them around this time of month, but figured "why not?", after all, I do love reading (and watching) about products that were well loved and used - gives you a sense of what actually works, doesn't it?

So, here are my October '09 favourites:

1. Frédéric Fekkai Shea Butter Hair Mask. Being fed up with my dry frizzy hair in the past few months and totally inspired by the hair product twittertalk, I decided to change my haircare.
I 've been using this mask as a weekly treatment as well as a couple of products from Kerastase's Resistance range, and dare to say that I have noticed a difference: my ends aren't as dry, my hair is much less frizzy and a tiiiny bit softer. Will continue to use this product, but fairly sure it has helped my poor hair!

2. OPI "Bullish on OPI". No introduction necessary, check my OPI post and you 'll know why I love it so much!

3. MAC Assemblage quad. Yeah, the glitter is flaky and not the easiest product to work with, but that rusty orange colour in the quad is so beautiful! I 've been using that colour on the inner half of the lid and I love it - makes the eyes really stand out and it's such a pretty colour for fall!

4. Estee Lauder Tea Bisquit paired with MAC Buckwheat. EL Tea Bisquit is one colour I keep repurchasing, as it's exactly my skin tone. Every time I want to look like I 'm not wearing any eyeshadow, this is what I go for: it covers any redness or small veins without a lot of effort or need for precision. This month, I 've been pairing it with MAC Buckwheat as a crease colour. The effect is a subtle brown smokey eye, perfect for everyday wear!

5. Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Dolly Pink. A gorgeous pink shade that I wore the most this month. Guaranteed the shimmery nature of this product is not for everyone, but I love that it adds a perfect glow - no highlighter necessary! I 've been applying it with my 188 brush for an even finish.

So, that was it for my favourites this month!

Please, let me know if you 've tried these products, but most importantly,
what were your October favourites? :)

What's your opinion?

  1. Love that you are doing this as I really enjoy reading these kinds of posts.

    My October faves included MAC Naked Pigment, YSL Rouge Volupte in Ultimate Beige and Annabelle Smudgeliners (any colour!)

  2. that mousse blush is really nice on the skin--must check it out! i like reading monthly favorites--you're right..it really does give you an idea of what actually gets used :) xox

  3. That buckwheat looks interesting. It's such a nice colour! Might need to swatch it myself...

  4. I too enjoy these sorts of posts. Sometimes it makes me really excited to try something new. :)

  5. I am off to check out Tea Biscuit, if just for the name! Love the blush, it's just a pretty pink. xx

  6. I havent yet bought the dream moose, bit thanks for the post. I keep ummin and ahhing about it!
    Emma :)

  7. You should keep on posting about your months favorites!!!
    Where did u get the hair mask?Sounds interesting.

  8. I use Maybelline Dream Mousse for several years now and I love it! Great post!

  9. It's a great idea to do this type of post :) I love watching monthly favourites videos so naturally I loved this! I may have to start doing them as well.
    I need to try that Fekkai mask once my L'Oreal mask is finished..

    anyways, I'm rambling as always.. have a great day! xoxo

  10. ohhhh dolly pink is really pretty!

  11. I love that FF Shea butter, I actualy use as a leave in conditioner too, very small amount goes a long way.
    Will just sugest another one if you don't mind:
    Is the same price here, Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructurant Treatment, is just fab, my hall grail thing.
    If you can give a try to this one, I'm sure you will love it. xx

  12. Tea biscuit looks interesting. So does the nail polish. I need to make a mental note to check those out asap!

  13. Great practical faves honey keep em comin!

  14. Tea Biscuit looks so yummy (and sounds it too!) :)


  15. @Lipstick Rules: Thanx Michelle! Glad you liked this and happy I started them, they are really fun and easy posts to do! ;)
    Sounds like you were loving some great items in October and you totally have me wanting Naked pigment!!! :) xxxx

    @fantastic: Yes, exactly, it's much better talking about products that you know how they work on you imo...You see if they stand the test of "I 'm not bored with this product yet, I still love it"! :)))
    Definitely check these blushes out and let me know what you think! ;) xoxoxo

    @Rin: It's such a lovely brown shade! Nothing phenomenal or extremely unique, but a lovely basic brown, sometimes plainer colours can work great as well! ;) xxxxxx

    @Asami: Aw, glad you liked reading this! Yep, it happens to me to! Lol! :))) xoxo

  16. @Jo: Tea Bisquit is one of my fav eyeshadows of all times, not sure if it would be to everyone's taste, but it's been a savior to me in many occasions!
    Let me know if you swatched it/tried it! ;) xxxx

    @Computergirl: Yes, I 'm like that with too many products! :)))
    You can definitely just go to the store and swatch it for starters (if that's not too far away from you)! xxx

    @lydi: Thanx love, I will, and so should you (I 'm totally in love with Erika F since you posted about it btw)!!!
    The Fekkai mask is from Sephora, this size tube was about 23-25 or sth! ;) xoxoxo

    @COME OVER TO THE DARK SIDE... WE HAVE CANDY: Gorgeous blush, huh? :) Thanx so much for your support girl! Mwah! xxxx

  17. @Sandra: Definitely definitely definitely start doing these! They are surprisingly easy to make - talking about a product you love comes naturally!
    Which L'Oreal mask are you using at the moment and does it condition moisturize your hair?

    @Mona: It's lovely! Have you tried this or any of these Mousse blushes? :) xxxx

    @Gabriela: Thanx for the tips love! Need to look up this Aveda one, although I 'm pretty sure that that brand has never visited our country! Lol! Might give it a go though after the FF one runs out! ;) xxoxo

    @Athina: Def have a look at the EL counter and report back! Lol! ;)))
    Filia! xxxx

  18. @Charlene: Lol, I 'm not stopping now, haha! ;) Glad you liked this one hun! Mwah! xxx

    @Fashion Chalet: Lol, maybe the name is part of why I love it so much! ;) In love with this eyeshadow, perfect for those "I'm not wearing makeup" makeup looks, add a bit of liner, and there you have it! ;) xoxo

  19. Oh I've been looking for something to help my seriously dry hair - I'll have to keep the Fekkai Shea Butter hair mask in mind :)
    And I like the colour of the Maybelline Dolly mix blush as well as bullish on OPI

  20. @Karen: Definitely give it a try, I have the full size tube, but there's a smaller one available too! All of those products worked for me this month, hope they work for you as well!


  21. I love the shade of your red nail color! I bought one of that same shade last month and am just in loveeee with it! :)


  22. @Farrah @ Distrikmode: Sexy hot orange toned reds for the win! Lol! :)
    Which one did you get?



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