Glitter Topcoats for NYE!

I don't know about you, but it's almost New Year's Eve (where did 2011 go?) and all I can think about beauty-wise is glitter. Lots and lots of glitter!

Glitter for the eyes (still undecided if I'm going for Sephora or Chanel eyeshadows tomorrow night) and glitter for the nails, naturally. And because a little glitter top coat inspiration might come in handy before we ring in 2012, I thought I'd share with you my small contribution to the matter:

From left to right, we have:
1. Shu Uemura Glitter, the most "Gaga" of the bunch, thanks to its mega- and micro- holographic glitter particles,
2. OPI Glitter Bit of Music, a subtle gold microglitter top coat,
3. Nubar 2010, which despite its name is so not last years' news and adds a gorgeous multidimensional layer of red, gold and green iridescent flakes to your nails (dupes include Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure and the more recent Essie Shine of the Times), and
4. Maybelline Flash Cosmic, a blue/teal iridescent duochrome flakie in a clear base (kind thanks to LionLovingTiger for this one).

The swatches are in the same order:

Sadly, I could not get these to photograph as crisp and true-to-life as I'd like (perhaps I should add "get yourself a DSLR" to my resolutions for the new year), but hopefully you got a rough idea. I'd strongly recommend anyone interested in the two flakie ones to look for a few more images of them online.
PS: The base I used is Essie Material Girl, probably not the most fortunate of choices.

So, did I whet your appetite for some glittery nails for tomorrow night? :)

What manicure will you be sporting on New Year's Eve? 

What's your opinion?

  1. Πολυ ωραιο ειναι το χρωμα της Essie! Και μου αρεσει περισσοτερο με τα δυο μεσαια top coats! Ειδικα με το Nubar 2010 μου θυμιζει Χριστουγεννιατικη μπαλα! ^_^
    Προς το παρον, γκρι το δικο μου νυχι λογω γκρι φορεματος αυριο!

  2. I like the Nubar one, I have the one from GOSH with the similar effect and plan to wear it tomorrow for the party :)

  3. Love glitter this time of year! I absolutely love the looks of the Nubar top coat. And I must get serious with my nails and start experimenting with different colours and top coats, hmmm maybe I'll add it to my 2012 resolutions ;)


  4. Great post, I love glitter topcoats, if only they weren't a nightmare to remove! The first one is absolutely gorgeous <3
    Happy NY!

  5. @ElenaKat: Eχεις δικιο, ειχε κατι απο Χριστουγεννα ο συνδυασμος, αν και με το Essie χανοταν ο ιριδισμος του Nubar 2012! Λατρευω γκρι νυχια btw!!! Καλη χρονια κουκλα!!! Πολλα φιλια!!! xxx

    @Marina (Makeup4all): Yes, I know which one you're referring to, that one is lovely as well!!! :) Hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve Marina! All the best for 2012! xoxo

    @cbsg5861: I'm a bit of a..closeted nail freak here, so rest assured that if any fancy nail trends come up, I'll probably test, try and blog about them! ;)
    Btw love your relaxed approach to your resolutions this year, kinda made me second guess myself and whether I set me up to fail, hahaha! xxxx

    @Summer: Thank you dear! Yes, glittery topcoats can be a bit of a pain to remove, but patience is key! Small price to pay to look good! Thanx for commenting and happy 2012 to you as well! xx

  6. Great swatches Tina! I of course love the Shu Uemura multi shaped glitter :) I actually thought of asking for the Nubar 2010 nail polish as a Christmas gift from one of my sisters, but I'm not use to spending more than $8 on a nail polish...and I think the Nubar one was coming between $15-$20 if I had to get it online/shipped. It looks gorgeous though! And I didn't know Maybelline had a similar top coat with blue ish flakes. It looks gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much girl!!!
      Instead of Nubar 2010, perhaps you can try Essie Shine of the Times, I hear its a dupe for 2010 and although I don't know how much Essie regularly costs there, I assume it's less than $20! ;) Hope you have better luck finding that!! :) Kisses hun! xxx

  7. Great post and we all know how annoying it is to get them off, but here is the solution , remove glitter nail polish in a second check out my post and video tutorial

    1. Thank you sweetie! Yes, the tin foil method always comes in handy! ;)


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